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  1. Great location for both exploring the city and accessing the port,
  2. Though you cannot get a non-refundable deposit credited back to you, you usually can have it applied to a different Itinerary.
  3. Carnival used to enforce the policy that diners would not be seated more than 15 minutes past the set time. On two nights during our recent 5 day cruise, a couple was seated a full 30 minutes late and our servers had to scramble to serve them.
  4. Early June works well too; many schools are still in session then too,
  5. Port means left when facing forward (as opposed to starboard on the right).
  6. Yes to all. You can also use it to chat with anyone on the ship who has activated the chat app {$5 for whole cruise). You will make your dining reservations with it and schedule your debarkation time. You can review your S & S account in real time as well as your casino account.
  7. We go to our muster station as soon as we board. We never waited in line since the new program was instituted. If several people get there at once, they do the demonstration for the group, scan your cards, and you are free to go.
  8. The cakes look better than they taste
  9. We are platinum this cruise and embark in 3 days, but have not received an e-mail
  10. Turning Platinum on our Elation cruise which embarks in 3 days.
  11. We had a similar experience on our recent Paradise cruise, The piano bar just became another karaoke venue,
  12. Was looking at airline bookings this week. The various rates were accompanied by an offer to "upgrade to X class for $Y". I have seen similar notice on hotel rates _"upgrade to suite for $$", I've gotten such emails with upgrade offer on rooms I've already booked. If the term "upgrade" always meant it was free, what is the need for the term "free upgrade"?
  13. It's a tradition for DH and I to split a Guy's burger and some fries for lunch after boarding, We were on Sunshine in September and Paradise in January and found the burger to begood as usual. We liked the fries, too. We'll be on Elation on Saturday and plan to continue our tradition.
  14. We are staying in Kingsland, Ga which is about 35 minutes form port,
  15. On our last cruise the piano bar just became another Karaoke venue (with live piano instead of tapes) with indivudual guests requesting and singing songs solo.
  16. I don't mind using the ship launderette when available. This cruise we are platinum on Carnival and I am looking forward to the free laundry bag perk.
  17. Yes to booking excursions through the ship. Usually do NOT do self assist.
  18. Out first cruise was in July 1999 on Imagination, the 5-night Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman itinerary. I believe it was the July 17 sailing. I agree with you that the Imagination did 5 day sailings then.
  19. If you book through the cruise line, you are guaranteed to get back in time or have the ship wait for you (as long as you stay with your group and don't wander off alone). The ship will not wait for late passengers otherwise.
  20. If you book your excursion through the ship, they will get you back in time or the ship will wait for you.
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