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  1. Ever since HAL changed their policy (you have 60 days to transfer to a TA instead of up to final payment as in the past) we book directly with our TA now. One time we did not was our most recent booking for 2021. Our PCC could help us with that booking but the TA didn't even have it on their site yet. So we just have it marked on the calendar to remember to transfer by a certain date.
  2. No kidding. I wear a 7 1/2 and they were way too big. They probably would have fit DH, but he doesn't wear slippers. Or robes. But that's another subject. 🤣 I bring my own anyway, for pre- and post-cruise hotels.
  3. Not sure you meant to post this on the Holland America board? I see your other posts are on NCL. With HAL you'll be charged immediately whether it's online or over the phone...and don't know what you mean by the comedy show...
  4. I agree. And yet shore excursions are available sooner than ever. No dining reservations yet for our Sept. 2020 cruise but the excursions for our Sept. 2021 cruise have been available for awhile!
  5. I haven't seen the 3/$20 t shirts in a long time, but once in awhile you can find a bargain. On our last cruise they had very nice, heavy children's sweatshirts for a fraction of the regular price. We grabbed a couple because they just happened to be the right sizes -- and our grandchildren love them.
  6. I've always liked the PG lunches more than dinners. But we've only had one bad PG dinner, and that was more to do with service than the food. It was on the Koningsdam a few years ago. A very officious waiter (who lost our bottle of wine!) and multiple billing mistakes. Since then we've always had very good service, I'm just not thrilled with most of the menu choices. No wonder HAL always wants to give out free PG dinners for any problem that arises. I wish we could "trade" our free 5-star PG dinners for the Tamarind, might just ask about that our next cruise. Even in 39 days, 4 PG dinners is more than we want.
  7. In the past year+ the Bingo games were taken over by the casino. In the summer of 2018 (before they took over) I cleared over $1200 playing Bingo on the VOV (4 wins). Those days are gone!
  8. We're booked for 24 days in the Med on the Zuiderdam in the spring of 2021. I'm not concerned about the ship, but (and this is just my opinion) I would much rather skip the heat of summer in the Med and go in the spring or fall. 🙂
  9. HAL has been sending that email for awhile now, and nobody has ever reported having to wait for their "assigned" boarding time. I wouldn't pay the $50/day for what you get, but that's JMO.
  10. We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary on a cruise. We did the vow renewal and got the expected cake from that. Then in the days afterward, we had dinners in the Tamarind and Canaletto. We had not told them about our anniversary so were VERY surprised when they gave us cakes too!! OMG, we gave one of them to our fabulous cabin stewards (who were so happy to get it). I'm just saying this, to let you know how wonderful the crew is, and they're always happy to help celebrate any big occasion. 🙂
  11. And you are missing the point. The photographer in question had no way of knowing what kind of excursion we were rushing to. In this case it was a private tour, but it really doesn't matter, the point is that she was pushy.
  12. Only because you asked me not to. 😁
  13. Even if she was correct (which she was not) I thought it was pushy. She didn't know what time our tour was meeting, or even if it was a ship or private excursion.
  14. If you let them know ahead of time in the main dining room they will bring a cake and sing. They do a great job and it's always a joy to hear them sing from across the room. 🙂 You also can get a cake in the specialty restaurants if you let them know ahead of time.
  15. Well I'm sure the look on my face said it all, we really were in a hurry, no time to say everything I wanted to 😉
  16. I have no problem saying "no thanks" and keep walking. There was only one time that a gangway photographer was a little pushy. We were rushing to make our tour on time and I mentioned that -- and she said "you have plenty of time" (!) I just looked at her and laughed.
  17. We lucked into one of those with Big Box. Big savings plus the OBC.
  18. Yes it is. Just wish it wasn't so expensive...even with our DIL's employee discount it will be way more than our other cruises. But since we're going with our children and grandchildren, that's all that counts.
  19. That makes sense. The last time we treated our friends was in June of 2019. And even then they asked for our guests' cabin number....we felt like something was changing.
  20. Congratulations on your 50th! We just celebrated ours in September on the Nieuw Statendam. We did a renewal of vows on that cruise, that may be something you'd be interested in too. HAL does a great job, I was very pleased and happy we did it. We also did the triple Denali (12 days) in late May. I suggest doing the land part first, because it can be go-go-go, and then you can cruise south and relax. 🙂 We sailed on the Westerdam (I see that ship will be going again this year). Also the Koningsdam is doing Alaska for the first time this year. That ship has the Tamarind restaurant and the Music Walk, which the Westerdam does not. Whatever you choose, we loved the Alaska Land and Sea. Going in May-June we had good weather and saw a lot of wildlife.
  21. We've done tours with Trip Advisor (Viator) many times, mostly in Europe. Never had a problem, always excellent service. We have several more booked for our next cruise.
  22. It was reported and discussed, I remember too. It worked for us last June when we sailed with friends who are 1-star, but I'm not holding my breath it will work the next time we sail together. 😞
  23. We had the same group with us on the Koningsdam a few years ago. It was a very large group, and when they moved from one place to another around the ship it was quite noticeable as we pretty much had to stop and wait for them to pass so we could continue on. Other than that, the Crows Nest was closed once when our roll call group wanted to get together there and sometimes the main stage was closed too. Now I check the thread mentioned earlier before booking a cruise. It didn't ruin our cruise but it did have an impact on us.
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