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  1. On our most recent cruise (Westerdam Land/Sea May 26-June 2) the entertainment was the only thing I gave low marks to on the end of cruise survey. Everything else was great. But the cutbacks are so noticeable -- and I'm not that hard to please. I miss the real entertainers, and am really tired of the staple magician and comedian for main stage shows. The Billboard Onboard advertised their set one evening as "The British Invasion" and yet the first 6 songs had only ONE 60's song by the Beatles and one by the Monkees, the rest were by unknown artists in the 80's-2000's. We walked out at that point. From now on I'll be looking at only ships with BB King, at least we love all their shows!
  2. Thanks for all your work on this Rich, I enjoyed following along 🙂 See you tomorrow in Seattle!!!
  3. I'm trying to find the signature editor and can't find it either. It used to be so easy!
  4. And remember, people probably would be more likely to mention something they don't like (than say "the coffee was great!") 😄
  5. I agree about the room service coffee! Also the Lido, IMO, has good coffee. I also like the Explorations specialty coffees -- not because the regular coffee is bad, but I just like to change it up once in awhile 🙂
  6. This is like food, you'll get tons of different answers. Having sailed on almost all the HAL ships, I've never had a bad cup of coffee. And I do love my coffee, so am pretty particular. Too weak? Ugh. Bitter? Yuck. I prefer it on the strong side, I'm guessing those who say it's terrible like their coffee weak -- but who knows. I will say that it's way better than the coffee on Celebrity. I've never had a "good cup" (again, IMO) on a Celebrity cruise. HAL has real milk and cream in dispensers, I see no reason to bring your mini-moos.
  7. Interesting. I always see something else that looks better to me so in my case even GOOD lobster wouldn't be my first choice. I enjoyed my lobster roll in Bar Harbor, but it just isn't my favorite seafood.
  8. We had Surf and Turf the 2nd Gala night on the Westerdam in late May.
  9. I don't know about the Amsterdam, but we definitely had totes the first week of June on the Westerdam...
  10. I just checked our next cruises in the fall (Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam) and they have the same increased prices. Strangely (but good) the Tamarind is still $25.
  11. Don't know why you think a PCC wouldn't have the same. Ours have always had immediate back up.
  12. We have had the same experience with our PCC also. Good to hear there are other good ones!
  13. Maybe it's because I never asked our PCC, but after 24 cruises I've never known which nights the Gala nights would be until we were on board. I know the number of Gala nights can be different than what is written in our docs -- I've had that happen a few times. It was always fewer than more in those cases.
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