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  1. I too hope you report back on your experience. We have a 7-day cruise booked for late next year on the Apex. Not because we're unhappy with HAL, but because we take a few cruises with Celebrity too.
  2. Previously one of the rules was that if you didn’t have the last number called, it wasn’t a good Bingo, split or not. The woman who won did not have the last number called, but she did have previously called numbers that gave her a Bingo. Several people who play often questioned it but were told it’s a new rule.
  3. Since the Casino now is in charge of Bingo, the prizes have gone way down. First one is $75, then $100, $125 and cover all is $150. Last year on the VOV (before the casino took over) my winnings after the cost of playing was over $1200 in 4 wins. You have to win the jackpot now to get that much. Also they changed one of the rules, as we discovered on the NS last month and K this month. The winner no longer has to have the last number called. In other words you can call Bingo late as long as you have a winning card. It caused quite an uproar on our cruise when a winner didn’t have the last number called.
  4. Ditto. Sure glad I read all the responses before posting, I thought I’d imagined sharing the internet with DH those 26 days! We used 4 different devices with no problems as long as we used them one at a time.
  5. Mystery solved. Today we learned that it is not available for “our cruise” because we’re coming from Europe. In any case it hasn’t been discontinued.
  6. Interesting, currently on the Koningsdam and we were told this morning that “the service isn’t doing it anymore”, and many others have asked about it. Since you just used it last month....🤔
  7. We sailed the NS Sept 8-Oct 17 and dined in the Canaletto several times. It was always good with excellent service. Our favorite was the shrimp dish (Sunday special). On Gala nights they served lobster.
  8. Ok now I can’t stop laughing again! 🤣
  9. It was Very crowded the day we went because it was the first Sunday of the month when it’s free for everyone. Also there were a lot of ships in that day.
  10. Burghart’s Tom Jones imitation had us rolling in the aisles! Loved the Jack Nicholson as Captain act too.
  11. Wow he sounds even worse than the one we had. I understand about staying away from the first rows but it sounds like this one picked on anyone anywhere.
  12. We had a really good comedian recently on the Koningsdam, his last name is Burkhart (sp ?). He was so good he got standing ovations and performed again later in the week. On the the other hand there was one who picked people out from the audience and made fun of their clothing and/or hair. NOT my idea of funny.
  13. On the NS it has been in the dining room deck 3 every day.
  14. Yes it is. I’ve been on the NS for the last month and it has been offered every day from 3:00-3:45. Sorry I can’t give more details, I haven’t gone to afternoon tea on this cruise.
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