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  1. @durangoscotsI am so very sorry about your niece's husband. Prayers for all your family.
  2. Good morning all! A bright sunny morning here with a heavy frost on the rooftops. It's starting to feel like Christmas 🙂 We plan to take advantage of the good weather and get our outdoor lights up today. I hadn't planned to decorate much this year, but then realized it just might help elevate the mood. 😉 Most years I go all out, but this year it will be a lot less. The 4th bedroom is largely storage for Christmas decorations. 😉 😄 This year will be just part of my Christmas Village (or Metropolis as my DSIL calls it), the tree and a few decorations. My parents were part of a
  3. I've decided to have my last piece of pie for lunch -- which is coming up very soon! 😄
  4. Pie is best for breakfast! Pumpkin, apple, cherry... I love pie for breakfast. 🙂
  5. Good morning all! @rafinmdthank you so much for adding me to the shout out list and the welcome home yesterday. I didn't post yesterday, it was a long day of travel, but I did read the posts. 🙂 We got home last night tired but happy with our getaway. It definitely is a spot we will visit again in the future. Here are a couple photos, Mt. Rainier on the drive home, and another view of the ocean from our hotel balcony. I too love French Toast whether on a ship or at home. 🙂 In the past I was a good letter writer, but after breaking a finger in my writing hand a few years ag
  6. Good morning and Happy US Thanksgiving. We’re enjoying our last full day at the ocean where social distancing is easy! Taken this morning from our balcony overlooking the shore.
  7. Hello all! We are enjoying our little getaway at the ocean. Our hotel balcony overlooks the sea, I can almost imagine being on a cruise ship — almost. 😄 Here are a few photos of some sights from today. 🙂 Will be picking up our Thanksgiving dinner tonight, the restaurant is doing all pick-ups tonight, which is fine, we may have left overs tomorrow! I brought pumpkin pie and wine. ☺️ @DeeniEncinitasoh my goodness I’m sorry about your cut and hope you heal quickly!
  8. Good morning all! Happy anniversary @Vict0riann! @rafinmdcongratulations on 50 years of home ownership and I do love your mask too. We are packed and ready to leave for the coast for a few days. Since we can't be with family or anyone else, we decided to be alone at the coast 🙂 I may have some photos later, depending on the weather. It could be stormy, but that's alright with me. 🙂
  9. Good morning all! Our day of sunshine yesterday was brief, but at least I got all those leaves raked. The yard waste bin is slightly less full each raking, so I can finally see the end in sight! 😂 No car ride for us today, we'll be doing that on Tuesday when we leave for a few days of social distancing and ocean therapy for a few days. 🙂 Love the Humane Society and Mother Goose. I agree, it will be a happy day indeed when we can have a parade of any kind again! Not sure what will be for dinner tonight, other than it will be low-carb because I have my D
  10. Happy birthday tomorrow! Yes it is hard to believe it's been 57 years. I remember I was home sick from school and heard it on the radio....surreal.
  11. Good afternoon all! I'm late to the party today (even later than usual). What an end to the week! Yesterday our TA was cancelled and today we learned that our favorite Italian restaurant has been sold. It was family owned for 19 years, the chef/owner comes from Milan and his food is delicious. We drove the 90-minute round trip happily, it was so worth it. So a little sad today! But the sun is shining here (yay!!) so I'm getting out to rake up more leaves. So glad the rain has stopped for the day at least 🙂 Stay healthy and positive everyone! I'm trying. 🙂
  12. Is it one booking or two? We also got the cancellation notice for the 10/30 transatlantic. We're booked on the Westerdam from Sept. 24 through the TA. If you still want the 10/6-30 segment and it was all on one booking, you can do what we did. DH spent 2 hours on the phone this afternoon getting that segment rebooked with the same cabin and perks so we can at least salvage that part -- of course who knows what may yet be cancelled, but we're leaving it this way for now.
  13. Good morning all! Yes, Dark and Stormy sure sounds like the weather we've had here lately. @durangoscotsI wish I could send you some of our rain!! But the drink sounds good too. 🙂 Not sure what we'll have for dinner, but we've had a lot of chicken lately. I do need to use up what we have on hand, as we'll be gone a few days next week over Thanksgiving (just the two of us, to the ocean for some Vitamin Sea, social distancing and ocean therapy) 🙂 I decided since we can't be with family, this would be the next best thing. @rafinmdthat's great that you're having m
  14. Not bad, and I love the deep royal blue chairs.
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