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  1. According to Costco in the US, masks are required in all the states. I haven't seen anyone allowed in here without one. Our state has made masks mandatory, but they always were required for doctors and dentist visits, and hair salons (when they did open up with MANY restrictions). Now they're required even outside when social distancing isn't possible. Large groups are still not allowed, not that I'd want to be in one yet.
  2. Wow, that's great your PCC got the additional FCC. Makes you wonder how many other mistakes have been made. It took 90 days exactly to get our refund and there wasn't even a mix-up.
  3. Update: Our next step was going to be the insurance commission but first DH called Allianz *one last time* yesterday. This time he got someone who was actually very helpful. None of our requests had gone through (too backed up??) so there was no claim filed with them even though DH sent it in 5 times. He was urged to try again. With no hope of it working finally after 3 months of trying, DH tried again, and lo and behold got a response in less than 24 hours that our refund of $3100 will be sent out. I'm still not happy with the way Allianz handled things (misinformation, conflicting information) but happy we'll finally see a refund eventually.
  4. Road trip in September (technically still summer before 9/22, right?) --our yearly visit to Yellowstone plus a new park for us, Rocky Mountain National Park. No RV for us, that sounds like too much work. I can cook and clean at home 😉
  5. I love longer cruises. My longest so far was 65 days in the Med/TA and I still could have stayed on. Besides all the other great advice above, I bring more things to do in my "down time" (crafts, books on Kindle, etc.). I have lists of my meds, contacts and passwords in my (locked) iphone so it's easy to find them in one place. I leave my itinerary and contact info with several friends and relatives, and let them know how to contact me in an emergency or problem with the house while we're gone.
  6. There is a long thread down the page about this with many experiences. Refunds - any received to date? 1 2 3 4 17
  7. Good news for you too Debbie! We're still in the middle of fighting Allianz for a refund of our premium, next step is a formal complaint and possibly to the Insurance Commissioner too. It seems to never end but hey, keeps life interesting. 😉
  8. The refund for taxes, port fees and air showed up on our credit card balance today, yippee! So it took another 9-10 days for our cc company to process it.
  9. Gardening, crafts, and dreaming of when I can cruise again.
  10. Do you have a travel agent or PCC (Personal Cruise Consultant) at HAL? I don't remember if we got an email notifying us, or if our PCC let us know, but ours for our early April cruise came in less than 60 days. We had a cruise ready to add it to and our PCC took care of everything.
  11. No, we just found out today that our credit card wasn't able to get our refund, and the only information we've ever gotten from Allianz has either been "yes you're due a refund" or "we'll get back to you within x # of days. Will try to find out their reasoning, if possible. We've gotten different answers from every person we've called there. Thanks for the idea, will check with any consumer protection available too.
  12. Just don't get it through Allianz 😉 We paid our premium (over $3000) for a 45-day trip/cruise that was cancelled. We paid for the insurance well before Covid had ever been heard of. We did not take the trip, but Allianz is refusing to refund the cost of the premium even though they told DH by phone it would be refunded (how I wish we'd gotten that in writing). Even our credit card company got nowhere with them. We will not be using Allianz again, that I'm sure of.
  13. Do you use the same institution for your credit card and your checking account? Just surprised it was credited to your checking acct. unless that's the case. Thanks... In the same boat, HAL says they refunded our port fees, taxes and air last Friday June 12 but still not showing on our credit card.
  14. You don't see a bar graph at the top that fills with black denoting 5-star? Mine fills with black and then says 508 credits.
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