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  1. I really like Symphony also although I have no "problems" with Serenity. For me a lot of the like is the great trips I've taken on Symphony such as the millennium cruise and the Tokyo to San Francisco one in 2019 and lots of others.
  2. If you went back into the boards while she was still at Crystal you'd find almost no one here liked what she was doing. It was always her name on everything. If she was that good, she'd still be at Crystal or similar position at another brand.
  3. The problem might be the other way around. A Covid free ship comes to port and someone gets infected from a local and then carries it back to the ship.
  4. Certainly if you were going to retire one it would be Symphony but can you really run a cruise line with 1 ocean ship? In these times maybe but.. Wonder if the airplanes are going to be gone - certainly didn't fit in with the rest
  5. The problem is no one knows. I read an article yesterday that said vaccines are less effective for overweight people. So will there be a weight limit along with all the other possible issues before we can cruise again? Who knows and as Keith said time will tell. Also not only the direct cruise industry but many ports they serve and business are hurting I live in Maine and there are articles about how much money no cruises is costing the state. I'm sure in places such as here and Alaska, for instance, there might not be some of the businesses that currently serve cruise ships and passengers when this all ends. Hopefully soon.
  6. Almost as if cruise would have to rent an entire hotel near port and require guests to stay 10-14 days and test often then provide transport to ship etc.
  7. Unfortunately not a surprise. Too many unknowns and too much potential risk. Hoping 2021 will be a great cruising year
  8. Not that it is the greatest source of cruise news but USATODAY has an article about potential cruise refund regulations: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/07/29/cruise-refund-challenges-abound-fmc-report-recommends-changes/5528121002/ There have been several articles there recently about people having trouble getting refunds from cruises. Also, on the site is an interesting article about various lines getting rid of ships.
  9. The Riviera cruise ship that Oceania parked at a Maine port a month or so ago - no crew allowed off, etc. apparently is leaving in the next day or so back to Europe. No official reason but it is believed that it is to take crew home and get new crew on board since apparently they don't expect sailing from US or Canada for a while.
  10. Symphony was in North America in 2019 - so "only" 4 years. I'm not sure 2020 will count as anything, cruise wise, going forward.
  11. Grew up in Manhattan and heard of it.
  12. So this board will have more than refund lateness to discuss
  13. Is there anyone on this board who sailed on one of the first cruises on Harmony. I started 3 years later. I know my parents were early on Crystal but since they are now gone can't ask how early. If you were - what was the experience?
  14. Not saying it should still take 120 days but doing a bunch of refunds isn't necessarily as easy as it might sound. The people who do have your information including credit card numbers etc. so it isn't as if they can just hire 100 additional people to do this. Also, I suspect each credit card company and country has their own process that has to happen for refunds. Not the simple process it might seem. However, by now you think Crystal would have the process straight and I would think a vast majority of cancellations should have been processes even if 90-120 days I would think the process time should get shorter not longer
  15. Assume this is in another thread somewhere but there was a email yesterday from Crystal president about slowness of refunds
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