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  1. In the long run we will all pay for all of this. Crystal and all others have to be losing a lot of money and they will all have to make it up - maybe we won't see big price increases but even if only $100 per cabin per cruise in the long run we all pay. That is how things work. I just hope that due to cash flow issues some lines especially smaller like Crystal don't go out of business.
  2. Thanks for the great show - maybe the guide had heard of you and thus recommended the wrong side. Even though we were in Alaska on Symphony 8 months ago I'm ready to go back.
  3. Good letter and I hope you get the results that you should. I expect this whole situation will have impacts on cruise agreements, insurance etc. Big impact on travel business and plenty of work for lawyers. Personally, I think the 1 year restriction on using FCC will cost Crystal business - I can understand a FCC (although it wouldn't be my choice) but that FCC should last at least 2 years.
  4. Although with World Cruise this isn't entirely possible but I'll bet in the future Crystal and other lines that can will not have multiple ships in the same area of the world at the same time.
  5. Great to see all the decorations - it strikes me with all] the changes and closed ports it would be hard to get so many beautiful flowers but great to see that they could
  6. I feel that with this issue of FCC and Crystal's "new" pay so far in advance + cancellation policy I think this will definitely hurt their business - I would be very reluctant to book a certain type of cruise on Crystal now - for something well in the future. There was a NY Times article about although cruise lines wouldn't talk about lower bookings some TA's are talking about a 15% drop in bookings. In this article people were complaining about the $1,800 dollars they were losing on some of these far east cruises. Although on not currently on a cruise I must say if I had to go through this current circumstances, I can think of no place I'd rather get stuck than on a Crystal ship.
  7. About the Oscars. On the Tokyo to San Francisco cruise last May June there was the management group that runs the show from the Academy standpoint. It was great about how they organize and deal with stars and press. However, as several on that trip mentioned they were ruining parts of show because we now spend watching looking for those on cruise who talked with us. Was a great lecture, etc experience but we did spend a lot of time looking for those folks
  8. I wonder what this whole situation will do to the cruise business. I think many now won’t go on cruises especially to Far East but something similar could happen elsewhere I’m sure it will help the travel insurance industry
  9. Symphony last May- June on deck 7 - many cabins around us were used by lecturers etc.
  10. Sure that amount is not only miles traveled but the full speed needed to get back to close to schedule. I wonder what a full WC costs in terms of fuel.
  11. As a former NYC resident - I agree NYC is not designed to make it easy to get anywhere quickly. If you were really bold and knew what you are doing you could take public transportation to JFK or EWR but I mean really bold as involves getting to trains and transfers etc. As Keith stated take a car service.
  12. Wow, I really miss my Newfie
  13. Sorry but where were you raised. I was raised on lower East and can’t imagine anything but mustard at Katz. But since my original comment was meant as a sort of joke. On to more important and interesting topics
  14. Hope it is a great trip and looking forward to hearing about it. Anyone know how "crowded" that ship generally is? We hear so little about those trips on this board.
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