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  1. Remember these are not normal times and events are happening more and more quickly than ever expected
  2. Being taken care of Seeing the world
  3. I’m sure that a lot of locations that count on cruise business will really feel it depending on how long and then how much longer till people feel safe to travel.
  4. I don't have the same numbers that other on this board probably have but.. If you say the average fare / week is about $3500 and there are an average of 750 on each ship that is 2.625 million dollars a week per ship that Crystal is losing. Now expenses also go down with no need for food, most crew, etc. but it still adds up to a lot of money Crystal and others will be losing in the probably at least several months before real resumption of cruises and I would expect longer until the passenger loads return. Wow.
  5. Noticed this am - had heard 1 report about Australia not allowing any cruise ships so I worried but glad to see docked.
  6. According to the news - Canada has cancelled cruise ship stops (at least East Coast) ones. That will prevent all the ships that do the northeast coast up to Canada and then back to US (or vice versa). Due the US law those ships can't do just US ports even if the ports would allow. Not saying this is wrong but like all other businesses cruise lines are getting hit real bad.
  7. Live in the greater Portland, ME area (actually can see cruise ships when docked) - Portland has cancelled the first two ships due here in April and probably will do more. These 2 are the small ships that travel the East coast. I expect many ports will be cancelling permissions for ships to visit.
  8. I remember when Crystal captains would greet at gangplank - my first Crystal cruise was on Harmony and the captain greeted us with a welcome home - didn't take long to realize that home on Crystal was a great place to be.
  9. Not sure exactly where or to what but I wonder if Crystal could use its aircraft to fly passengers who want/have to disembark and are struggling with every changing air routes. "We will get you to London" on our aircraft where transportation to other areas will be easier - for example. This situation is truly one where time will tell. Changes due to the virus are happening daily and travel has to adjust daily.
  10. On the latest Firefox version and no problem with Crystal site.
  11. I can't in anyway agree that Crystal doesn't care about passengers or crew. If there is one thing Crystal has always demonstrated is care for passengers and crew. The situation is changing at least daily if not more often and we only see/hear about some of the changes. We don't really hear about supply situations, etc. I'm sure the cost of this on Crystal is enormous and cash flow must be a big issue - Crystal is a relatively small cruise line (yes I know big parent). Do I think expiration for FCC should be longer yes. If you are driving to a concert that turns out is cancelled due to performer illness do you expect the concert to reimburse you for the gas you bought. That said and the bigger problem that I see is that people will not be making future reservations for a while. I decided to hold off for a while and iI expect that will be common.
  12. There was news today about a vaccine that was going to start testing soon but even if all is OK with it it won't be rolled out until 2021 so I suspect that unless nature stops this virus it will be a couple of years before travel will return to normal. Too bad
  13. Great news - good luck. Certainly a challenging time for the cruise industry
  14. The problem, as I see it, at this time is that there is no way to know what and where next will happen with this virus. Not long ago no one worried about Italy. Keep track here - you'll get great news and advice
  15. I assume they will also do the regular dry dock stuff like cleaning and painting hull inspecting propellers rudders etc..
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