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  1. It’s a scam if nothing else. Bashing NCL and the insurance company and consulate. Insurance would have covered her and a good portion of ncl medical. Once she refused to go to the hospital insurance can tell her to pound sand. She didn’t need to be airlifted because she was docked at Cozumel where there are good doctors most who speak English. Many ex-pats live there. How many suckers were scammed into thinking their donations were going to get this boy airlifted off the ship. I believe Cozumel was the only port of call. She set up this go fund me instead of getting off the ship and was talking to reporters. And we take her word and embellishments. She should be sued to return the money. Outrageous
  2. Most travel insurance will cover you transported to the nearest qualified facility so I think that’s why she doesn’t think they will cover her sons infection. She refused to go to the hospital. But to start a go fund me page that I’ve heard is well over 50k just rubs me the wrong way. Her son had the cut before boarding but initially she did allude it happened on board. She probably quickly realized they had video of them boarding. I totally feel this is nothing more than a money grab. What’s wrong with people that were scammed by her. Did they really think they were giving money towards her son being medavaced? Child protective service should have a sit down and get her some counseling. Poor baby boy
  3. I just booked this quickly. Studio balcony. The discount they applied was my C&A D+ balcony disount and the BOGO50 discount. I have over 340 C&A points now. Am I also eligible for the 150% single supplement? That would be awesome if I could apply that as well. I have heard you have to call them to apply that discount. Thanks.
  4. Grand Suite? = Free drinks for you both from 4:30 - 8 in the lounge.
  5. Captain Kate (Equinox soon to be Edge) travels with her naked cat. Captain Johnny (Royal) travel with his parrot. Both confined to the Captains quarters (or Bridge)
  6. I don't know too many cruisers who sail with "a" carry on bag. But thanks for the clarification.
  7. when I read the website about taking bus 25 or 27, they do say these public buses are not equipped with luggage racks, so where does one put their luggage if they are leaving the cruise port heading to the airport. I can only imagine that wouldn't work, a busload of passengers disembarking with luggage.
  8. I've done the cozumel bar hop 5 or 6 times. At least 3 as a solo. You aren't really at any bar long enough to have to sit alone at the bar. Actually at the bars is where you will likely inter-act more with your fellow passengers, chit-chat and the like. For me, I have a routine, know my favorite places to sit after my free shot, feel the sun on my face,, or get my feet wet, in Coconuts get up to the top quickly and choose a seat above the cliff to enjoy the view, order nachos and a drink and just take in the view. I feel extremely safe in Cozumel regardless what I do, but especially on the bar hop, which is really more of a beach hop without swimming.
  9. The view from Coconuts is amazing and that is where I typically get food, so I can sit with a drink and a bite to enjoy the cliff view (there is no beach per se) and I don't see the point of visiting here and just sitting within the bar and there is no beach here. I've been on this tour maybe five or six times, half the time as a solo.
  10. But I do not see tequila on their menu. I envisioned mixing my own, but without tequila, there goes my tequila + cuddle on the beach to make a tequila sunrise. 😞
  11. I just received this yesterday. I have no idea what thy mean only if cabin mate is not a black card member? And what is with the self service buffet? Is there a buffet at any of the specialties? I will post the entire email to me. My cruise is March 9 Seaside. Black Members are entitled to enjoy a tasting menu dinner for 2 at a specialty restaurant once during the cruise (beverages excluded). Members may extend their invitation to one occupant of the same cabin only once and only if the cabin mate is not a black card member. Privilege and speciality restaurants may not be available on all ship classes. Privilege is not available if the members decide to eat dinner at self-service buffet. Members under 18 must be accompanied in order to enjoy the privilege. Members are not allowed to bring any outside beverages into the restaurant. Here is the entire email I received only yesterday. Your Black-level benefits Useful information on how to take advantage of all your benefits Priority boarding on embarkation day at available ports - Present your card or club number at the terminal You will receive invites or information in your stateroom at different stages of your cruise for: - Welcome Back Cocktail - MSC Voyagers Club Black Party - Dance class - Birthday cake celebration, if it's your birthday while on board - Priority disembarkation in ports where a tender is required - Priority disembarkation & late cabin check-out at end of cruise The following items will be delivered to your stateroom at different stages of the cruise:- A bottle of spumante with chocolate-dipped fruit- Fresh fruit basket- Cabin bathrobe and slippers- A scale chocolate model of the ship - Gifts You can make your own arrangements for the following benefits, at any time: - Dinner for two at a specialty restaurant* – Book with the Maître d‘Hotel- A one-hour thermal area experience – Book at the Spa - Photo taken during the Welcome Back Cocktail – Collect at the Photo Shop- - Milestone Award if you are a new Black member - Collect from the Voyagers Club info desk
  12. I've read what brands, etc is included and was happy to see my Dewars was there. I read specially that regular water is not (only available in the buffet as a self serve). I do not like mineral water. So will I get an upcharge when I order Dewars and water? Will i basically have to pay for a bottle of water? Should I go fill up my water bottle and mix my own drink? I like to pace myself so tend to ask for a tall glass, dewars and water, which is mostly water. I'll be on the Seaside. Just wondering?
  13. In a similiar situation, DH health may prevent him from upcoming cruise. I haven't checked him in yet. Should we go through that process of checking him in, or do nothing and if he can't go just tell them when I am checking in? If I check him in and he ends up not going, won't they be calling for him to board???? Not sure how this process works.
  14. No you must physically sail in order to get your points.
  15. On both Brilliance and Serenade recently (sister ships of Jewel) they had a diamond, diamond Plus section in the MDR as someone mentioned above. You could jump the line if there was one, as there was a sign that said Diamond to the left. It is the same menu however, They are more willing to sit you as a couple if you do not want to share a table. The Diamond Lounge and for that matter Concierge Lounge breakfast is continental and not very good but I did get a strong cup of coffee from the Concierge lounge machine each morning and its nice and peaceful up there.
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