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  1. With the new Ward Cove dock for NCL I think that it is way to early to figure out docking for 06/21. sightcrr
  2. Alaska August 2020 safe to book or not Answer: not
  3. With all the flight tracking, listening to ATC and staying up to date I forgot to remind them to try to stay away from people, use hand san, wash and rewash hands and wear masks to keep from touching face. I am sorry about that. sightcrr
  4. I am wondering & guessing that they might be making sure that their fresh water tanks are completely full and that any other tanks are where they need to be. Just a guess. sightcrr
  5. Dockman, I want to express my thanks to you for your postings about the current situation and I wish you and your family all the best. Your posts along with very few others are all that seem worth reading. The rest is just a bunch of noise. sightcrr
  6. I am thinking that the parents don't call often because they don't need to. They are world travelers who don't know or care what we want to know like if they made the flight or not. To them there will be another flight later. Hope they made this one.
  7. Roughly the numbers are compass headings with last zero removed. 16L at SEA is 180 compass with 16 degrees of magnetic deflection so almost due north and south. 9L would be close to 90 compass or almost due east and west.
  8. It looks like the plane for 2802 is at A1 for the departure to Tampa and arrived from New Orleans 2.5 hr ago on DAL 2978. 2802 expected to depart in 2 hours.
  9. I am guessing that it will be the end of summer by the time she gets the bill in Canada.
  10. 6799 left 35 min late and is now climbing through 10000 feet. You can now track it all the way to LAX with alt and speed at bottom. sightcrr
  11. The dateline may be messing with you again. Was the PER-SYD Sunday or Monday? The Delta flt was done by Virgin voz570, https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VOZ570/history/20200322/1505Z/YPPH/YSSY voz570 was canceled for Monday. sightcrr.
  12. Three more tips if they contact you before they fly. 1) Have them write down on paper your phone number, email and message numbers. Button or contact 1 doesn't cut it on a dead phone. That way someone else can help if needed. 2) Have them charge the phones every chance they get but keep them turned off most of the time and make sure to keep track of the chargers. 3) Now that everyone on this site knows the flt #s watch out for scams. Make sure not to wire money to some unknown number because they say so and so is in the hospital and wont start treatment until they get some money or fall for some other scam. sightcrr
  13. Don't forget about https://flightaware.com/live/findflight?origin=YPPH&destination=YSSY that will help you track the flights and provide gate info. You put in flt numbers or cities and choices are listed. Then you can look at airport maps and see how close the gates are and if there are delays.
  14. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. My folks live in Sarasota. No need to care about border.
  15. https://www.fremantleports.com.au/the-port/harbourcams/harbourcam-2 The roundshots are fun to play with. You can zoom in a ways and when you get the black squares the upper left one will stop the rotation. I did some close ups from hotel in Switz to US to see daughters adventures. The red camera is where cam 1 is. The sip you care about is in the middle. It takes a new shot about every 10 min and you can keep track of time and see any busses. sightcrr
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