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  1. I'm sure there is but I don't have it. I just called general customer service and they helped me promptly.
  2. The website is an absolute mess. Whenever they did my status match they put my DOB in in the European format (DD.MM.YYYY) even though the US website won't recognize it. They also decided I'm a female for some reason. Regardless, called customer service today, was on hold less than twenty seconds and worked with a very nice lady who tried to fix it herself but was unable to do so. She sent a help ticket to the Voyager desk for resolution. The site still sucks, but they've really stepped up their game regarding shoreside customer service.
  3. MSCVoyagersClub@msccruisesusa.com They don't reply too promptly though, I forewarn you. It's much faster and easier to call.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently did the status match with MSC, that went well, got my number and all. For some reason they issued me a new VC # which is different from the one that's on my online account. Fine, I'll create a new account and add it... except it says it's already attached to another account! Beyond that, whenever I try to do a mock booking and put in the new VC # to get the discount, it asks to put your DOB in as well... it claims it's supposed to be MMDDYYYY (US standard) but won't accept it. Whenever I put it in DDMMYYYY (European standard), it takes it. Fine, I go through the booking and toward the end it has your VC and information listed for Guest #1. Herein lies more issues, for some reason they have me listed as a female, which last I checked I am not and secondly my birthdate is greyed out so I can't change it to the European style to make it match my VC # so it won't allow me to move forward with the booking. So I email the Voyager's Club. They reply back saying everything on their end looks correct! Ugh! So at this point if I want to book a cruise I guess I will have to call them or book through a TA! Has anyone else had these kind of issues? I know their website sucks and their IT is a constant groan on this board but how can it be THIS bad? Obviously I need someone or some department above the front line people to get this all fixed. I really want to try MSC but if they want to make it this difficult to book it makes me wonder whether I should!
  5. I really enjoy HAL but am left scratching my head at several of their decisions the past couple of years... declining entertainment and now getting rid of children's programming? It seems (pun intended) no one is driving the ship. There seems to me to be a lack of focus and direction from the top.
  6. Going to experience this terminal for the first time in February. Going to try Park n' Go for the first time... if I am gonna have to take a shuttle anyway might as well save money on parking!
  7. Considering he's 18, I don't think anything is needed. He's legally an adult. He can sign any liability waivers on his own.
  8. Perhaps instead of begging people to go to their specialty restaurants, RCI should recognize that their near constant removal of public spaces to cram more and more of them into their ships was an error. Yeah right! 🤣
  9. Hello All, Traveling on Adventure OTS the beginning of February and I am officially in cruise planning mode. Completed the check-in on the app, got the digital SetSail Pass with Expedited Arrival and all but for some reason our luggage tags are greyed out and still say pending? Anyone else ever have this happen? The cruise is only a little over a month away, so I'd think they should be available by now?
  10. I was in an aft balcony on Caribe deck a few weeks ago and had the old mattress.
  11. Happened on my recent Regal sailing as well. Plentiful complimentary shuttles were offered to take you from 2 to the Midport Garage.
  12. Had Crystal Geyser on Regal out of FLL two weeks ago.
  13. Just off the Regal a couple weeks ago. No need for the paper copy, just the medallion needed. I did show the paper to the Port Security at the gate checking cars but that was all.
  14. I used a wristband for several days before switching to the free holder that came with the lanyard. I simply stuck it in my pocket. The holder gives it more bulk so it's not easily lost.
  15. These machines have been on Royal Caribbean (and oddly enough, HAL's Nieuw Statendam) for years now and they've never caused any issues that I've ever heard of. They supply you the same tumbler Princess does except it has a chip in the bottom to activate the fountain and voila! I much prefer these machines simply so I don't have to bother a bartender just to get a soda. I'm all for Princess getting them!
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