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  1. o.k. thank you we are with Optus who want to charge $10 a day, 3 weeks to go will go and see Vodaphone and find out?
  2. We are travelling to Hawaii cruising to Vancouver then 7 night Alaska cruise, then Las Vegas going for 30 days, has anyone purchased a sim card in Australia to use in USA I'm looking for one that we can ring Australia mobiles any assistance greatly appreciated.
  3. Maybe tours are sold out, I would ring Royal Caribbean?
  4. I know you can buy Voom daily basis, just wondering if you can buy allotment of minutes e.g. 60, 120 minutes package for internet like you can on Princess?
  5. Whilst I really like Princess, and have done Sapphire and Diamond, going on Majestic next year, we have been on the Celebrity Solstice and she was a beautiful ship, not too big, cabin lovely, very hard choice think it will come back to price and itinerary.
  6. Both Princess and Celebrity are fabulous cruise lines, it will come down to the itinerary?
  7. Can anyone explain to me why we don't get the special deals they get in America. We are going on a cruise in Alaska in May, and other couples have been offered free gratitudes, upgrades etc. cheaper than us here? Are we not important enough??????
  8. Maybe a silly question is the pricing American or Australian please?
  9. Hi TruckerDave, so we are unable to get tickets prior to the 60 days then?
  10. O.K. thank you, gives me an idea of time needed, you have been very helpful.
  11. Thank you that helps a lot, we were also thinking of doing the hop on off bus, how much time recommended for Pearl Harbour?
  12. This may sound like a silly question, it is the first time to Hawaii for us and we are looking at tours to Pearl Harbour, do the tour guides come inside Pearl Harbour to give you a tour or purely provide transportation with some narration on the way, then let you enter Pearl Harbour with tickets needed? Hope this makes sense
  13. Thank you Cherie will check these out.
  14. o.k. thank you will check these hotels out, and yes one night.
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