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  1. We also put in our request on April 13th and got an email acknowledgment from NCL but no $$ as of yet. Based on our experience with getting compensation $$ out of NCL from last years's abbreviated TA on the Getaway I'm not expecting the $$ any time soon! And, yes, 90 days IS way too long to wait but you really can't compare NCL's refund policies to the airline's refund policies for one BIG reason; the airlines got bail-out money courtesy of Uncle Sam, the cruise lines didn't. When American Airlines canceled my return flight from Rome, Priceline called me offered me either a refund or future credit from AA. I took the refund and the $$ was in my credit card account in 2 days. I'm hoping now that NCL has obtained additional financing and is, supposedly, able to operate for 18 months without cruises that they expedite cancelled cruise refunds. However I'm not holding my breath....lol
  2. This is a HIGHLY speculative thread!!! 😱
  3. @Budget Queen Nice catch! I meant 'Escape'...thanks!!
  4. At this moment DW & I SHOULD HAVE been sitting down to lunch on the Encore somewhere out on the North Atlantic en route to Porta Delgada and other destinations ending in Rome on May 2nd. Sigh...😕 FWIW to the OP from another random Internet stranger I also believe you did the right thing by canceling (or not making the final payment...same thing effectively). Good luck on your next cruise booking & as they said in the Hunger Games, 'May the odds be ever in your favor!" lol 😉
  5. There are FOUR of them up in the Garden Cafe. They're not all working at the same time but at least ONE usually is. I love the soft serve also!!!
  6. It all depends on the type of refund you're requesting . Drink/dining/excursion/spa packages, pre-paid gratuities, yes 7-10 business days should be the limit. The cruise itself? If I'm not mistaken when you fill out the online form it tells you up-front that it'll take 90 days. Ditto the COVID-19 letter you may have received from NCL. So when you request the refund via the online form you're implicitly allowing them 90 days to process your refund. Does this suck? Yup! Am in the same boat myself (pun intended...) as i just canceled our 4/18 departure TA cruise. The problem is if you dispute the charge with your CC company you may be implying fraudulent activity on your CC; that's how Wells Fargo & Citizens Bank interpreted a couple of online transactions I disputed a few years back. Also you can absolutely forget about EVER sailing with NCL again as your name now goes on their 'do-not-book' list. As several previous poster have pointed out; patience is a virtue. I'd wait the 90 days then start agitating. My 2 cents.
  7. @Yorkvillain Yeah, I know, but it's still fun to weigh-in...lol
  8. I honestly don't mean to be snarky here...really! However unless you're referring to a cruise you've booked for May 2021 or May 2022 I believe you are being wildly optimistic (to put it mildly) to think you're actually sailing next month.
  9. Couldn't be less surprised. As the old sayings goes, 'What goes around, comes around.' and 'You reap what you have sown.'' The cruise lines made the deliberate business-based decision to incorporate themselves outside of US jurisdiction and foreign-flag their respective vessels to avoid taxes & shield themselves from lawsuits. While I feel very sorry for the employees of NCL & the other cruise lines I do not feel sorry at all for their Directors and Senior Execs (FDR, r u listening? lol). A WSJ reader in a Letters to the Editor yesterday suggested that the cruise lines should ask the nations their vessels are flagged under and/or where they are incorporated for a bail out. 'Sounds like a plan' to me...😱
  10. They're back for me. Took a couple of days after the FCC hit but it's there now.
  11. The CruiseNext credit should come as a separate email; mine just came today.
  12. @fstuff1Penn Gillette (of Penn & Teller) is a closet computer geek and used to write a monthly column for the old PC Computing mag on the humorous side of computers. EVERY April issue he'd insert a fake ad somewhere in the mag purporting to sell a PC or laptop computer at a very-low-but-somewhat-believable price. HUNDREDS of readers were taken in by that gag every year. When I saw your post today I immediately thought of Penn's old gag. WELL DONE!!!
  13. When in November? We were there in late October & it was quite nice temperature & weather-wise.
  14. Chapter 11 is when a company files a legal motion stating that it owes more money to its creditors than it currently has or anticipates having in the near future. It asks the legal system to hit a legal PAUSE button that stops any current creditors from filing any type of legal motion demanding payment of any debts owed by the company. It then starts a series of negotiations between the company & the creditors, with a judge appointed to oversee these negotiations (basically a "legal referee"...lol). With Chapter 11 a company seeks to reorganize its business in a manner acceptable to its existing creditors and therefore remain in business. I've gone through this as a minion (aka "employee") with three different companies I've worked for...lol Companies that emerge from Chapter 11 would, logically, go to any lengths to retain any and all customers; past present and future. As such, I doubt VERY much that ANY cruise ship company that files Chapter 11 would scrap its customer loyalty program or any perqs (e.g. FCC's, Cruise Next coupons) owed to its existing customers as part of its reorganization plan. Chapter 7 is liquidation; the company's assets are calculated by a trusted 3rd party & then sold off to pay the creditors. This is what happened to the toy store chain 'Toys 'r Us' here in the US. This happens when the creditors convince the judge that the company is no longer viable and cannot be reorganized. I doubt VERY much this would happen to a cruise ship company. What you could possibly see in the entire cruise ship industry is a series of mergers, acquisitions and spin-off of assets and the entire cruise ship industry being reorganized into several "Mega Cruise" ship lines. With the COVID-19 mess the entire cruise ship industry's situation is fluid (pun INtended...lol) and nobody really knows what's going to happen over the next few months.
  15. I had the same happen to our reservation for a TA on the Escape that's leaving in mid-April (well...supposed to leave...lol). It was paid in full but then suddenly I got an "updated" invoice emailed to me that said we owed another $500. Same deal on the NCL website. Called/emailed our PCC that we had booked the cruise through & he took care of it. Easy, peasy. Call NCL reservations & I'm sure they can take care of it. Our PCC said that NCL's computers have been thrown for several loops lately....lol
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