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  1. Amen!! Let's ALL move on to the next CC topic with a misleading opening statement...😏
  2. NCL gave refunds...DW & I got one for our April '20 TA. Yes, we had to wait a few months but we got the $$. We read the terms of NCL's offer of a 125% future cruise credit (FCC) VERY CAREFULLY, unlike a LOT of posters here and decided it was NOT a good deal. So please don't say NCL is refusing to give refunds...they did. If you opted for the FCC...well you knew (or should have known) what you were agreeing to.
  3. This is why DW & I both read the terms VERY carefully when our April 2020 TA was cancelled & we were offered either a full cash (credit card) refund or a 125% FCC. We took the cash because once you choose the FCC it's "Monopoly Money" with no cash value. The previous poster who compared it to a store credit was spot on! Good luck!
  4. We had a TA booked for April 2020. Needless to say that didn't happen & after reading the NCL's terms & conditions we took the refund. Based on the comments we've seen here on CC we're VERY glad we 'Took the $$ and ran". Agree 100% with the OP. DW & I have a credit that expires in '22 so we're in NO hurry to book ANYTHING until we see a cruise ship actually sail under conditions we can live with...literally...lol
  5. With most of the cruise ship companies having, literally, "one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel" if you show ANY interest in a future cruise you can almost name your own price & terms IF you're willing to wait until sailing resumes at some future date. When my original cruise was cancelled back in April I read the cancellation terms VERY carefully (THANK YOU @BirdTravels!!!) & opted for the cash refund rather than a FCC. As others have pointed out once you accept the FCC for ANYTHING you're basically playing with 'NCL Monopoly Money' with NCL as the banker!
  6. While we were on our first NCL cruise on the Dawn back in '04 we were chatting with the CD and he told us that San Juan WAS at one point the largest cruise ship port; for many of the reasons quoted above. After 9/11, however, not a lot of folks wanted to fly to San Juan and back just to cruise so the industry shifted from San Juan to Florida; particularly Miami. It seems to me, however, that the state of Florida would very much like to see the cruise ship industry return to its pre-COVID status. With everything is flux right now due to COVID & the US elections we'll just ha
  7. We've sailed on the Breakaway (3x) and the Getaway (1x) in Inside cabins; am not 100% certain of the classification of our cabins. In answer to your questions: 1) YES there's a SMALL stool that you could use to sit on & watch TV. I, personally however, would prefer to lounge on the bed & watch TV. The stool has no back. 2) We use two (2) large suit cases on wheels that EASILY fit under the bed(s)
  8. Probably to load up on some Red Snapper. Delicious!!! 😁
  9. C'mon already! Ya didn't earn the points, ya don't get the points! 😱 Seriously, however, it would have been a fabulous goodwill gesture on the part of NCL to have allowed us to keep the points we tried to earn. However I kinda knew as soon as someone reported it here on CC & when I saw it on my own Latitudes statement that this was some sort of technical glitch in NCL's stellar IT systems...😳 As a previous poster stated; once more NCL Corporate manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of a public relations victory.
  10. $399 Inside GY on Getaway 2 years ago NYC to Southampton 12 days. This was cut short to 10 days because Getaway had to get to dry dock 2 days earlier than expected. NCL gave us an additional 25% off. One word of advice; bigger is usually better. The Star is a much smaller ship than the Jewel & Breakaway class ships. Remember you're going to have 5 or more consecutive sea days with no port stops so a bigger ship has more distractions & attractions than a smaller ship. My 2 cents. We were scheduled on another TA on Encore this April that got cancelled due to t
  11. @luv2kroooz Because the airlines are incorporated & based in the US; cruise lines are not. That's the BIG reason why the airlines received bail-out $$ from the US government & the cruise lines got nada from Uncle Sam. That's an argument they'd make right off the bat if this regulation was implemented & they went to court to argue against it. Yes, this might be "similar to how the US Dept of Transportation regulates the airlines...", but the cruise lines, as foreign corporate entities, would argue it doesn't apply to them. I believe, however, that YOU ar
  12. Might be enacted via regulation but has zero chance of actually being implemented & enforced. The cruise lines could & probably would individually or collectively tie this up in legal knots for years.
  13. @Budget Queen Holy Cow! You must be going through major "cruise withdrawal" syndrome right now...😢 I certainly wouldn't be shocked if our progression was random chance. We've also had a couple of "dogs" for cabins but nothing truly horrible. The worst was when I booked online a last-minute GTY Inside cabin out of NYC and not through our PCC. She was rather miffed & I swear we got a crappy cabin location because of that! I can't prove anything (and she's no longer with NCL) but that's how I'd bet. Question: do you always book the GTY rate? We've done mostly las
  14. @Budget Queen Based on OUR experience and about 18 cruises on NCL, steadily progressing from Bronze newbs up to our present Platinum Plus status. Based on your # of posts here on CC you've obviously had much more cruising experience than DW & moi so if that wasn't the case for you I "bow" to your greater experience...lol. I'm just sayin' in OUR case we got better GTY Inside cabins as we progressed up the Latitudes food chain to where we are now.
  15. We've been cruising NCL for 15 years (see signature) and we've almost ALWAYS booked a GTY cabin; usually Inside GTY. You'll get the lowest price then available in that cabin category. We almost always book last minute (except our European cruises) so once we get the cabin assignment we're pretty much stuck with it & live with it. As to when we've gotten our cabin assigned; it can be up to a month in advance of sailing (had that several times) or, literally, the night before we sailed (we used the NYC hotel's printer to print out our luggage tags!!). It's a real crap shoot!
  16. I miss Leo the guitarist and lounge singer from the Gem; I'd heard from another poster that he was no longer on the Gem. Agree with Arvin & Emily from Breakaway. Great chemistry! And last but certainly not least we miss Patti & Jose also! We last saw them on Spirit & Dawn years ago but haven't been on either ship lately. Glad to hear from others that they're still on Dawn or PoA.
  17. For an NCL cancelled TA cruise in April we got our refund posted to our card on Day#73. So cannot complain either...other than the fact that NCL Holdings got to "play" with my $$ for 73 days...
  18. I go along with @blcruising and almost always book last minute; we usually book "steerage" rate (SailAway Inside cabin) and have been cruising this way for over 10 years. Once cruising restarts it will be very interesting to see if NCL can stick to the pricing policy referred to in blcruising's post.
  19. Agree with the preceding posters; the Freestyles wouldn't be worth the time or effort to read and/or upload due to the myriad of changes we'll probably see when cruising resumes. Question to the OP: is there any reason why you'd book this TA now? Am asking because we were also booked on this same TA for this past April 2020's sailing. We're also considering re-booking it in 2021 but will probably book at last minute as TA prices tend to drop dramatically just prior to sailing. I'm certainly NOT going to let NCL hold on to ANY $$ of mine after making me wait for a refund of the a
  20. Yet another reason why I'm glad we took the straight refund instead of the FCC even through we had to wait 78 days to actually get our $$ back. FWIW we usually buy NCL's trip insurance but to "take liberty" and just load it onto a purchase strikes me as unethical at best and outright robbery at worst! We actually have a FCC thanks to another NCL screw up (an abbreviated TA in 2019) so it'll be interesting if NCL tries to tack on travel insurance when we go to use it. I'll post something here if they do! As to an "NCL cheerleader" explaining this I'm sure there's some clause buri
  21. @e3c1f4 Yeah, that IS weird. Did you pay with two different ccards? That may account for it... Noticed also that you're in MD like us. We're in Havre de Grace. Where do you live?
  22. We got our refund (amount was under $1,000 USD) for our cancelled cruise in April around the 65-day mark so I don't have a lot to complain about compared to MANY others on these forums. However, as many have pointed out it IS annoying to have to wait for YOUR money when you buy something the company you've bought it from cancels your purchase and then makes you wait 90 days to get YOUR money back.
  23. Has your 'friend" also told you that she's paying for the cruise from the lottery winnings she recently found out about in an anonymous email? Or maybe the money's coming a Nigerian prince who's going to give her a million USD for assisting him in "transferring" his wealth to a more stable country? As PT Barnum used to say, "There's one born every minute"...lol
  24. @e3c1f4 No we got one email for the both of us and the entire cruise price refunded to my original ccard that it was purchased on.
  25. @Budget Queen Yup! All we lost was $$ we spent on the hotel reservation. Unfortunately the hotel we were going to stay at (2 nights) was by the airport near Rome in Italy at the conclusion of our trip. And re: Allianz & the other travel insurance carriers I understand completely that they're in the business of making $$ and they DON'T make money paying out claims. However they should be MUCH more up front about the exceptions to their respective coverage(s) and not bury it in the "legaleese" statement you click OK on when accepting the coverage exceptions. Allianz was NOT u
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