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  1. Thank you for the head's up, AC72 ! I'll be calling my TA on Tue. to upgrade to the Have it all promo, as it is only $230. PP. (2 Sp. dinners, grats., and open bar). Will be going from a VF to VE.
  2. Our recent day 7 (at sea) on Getaway had a free Indian lunch buffet in Moderno which was very good.
  3. I don't remember if the choc. factory has public restrooms, but I know the craft store next door does (for customers).
  4. I agree with crewsweeper. We did the glass-bottom tour through Shore Excursions Group, which was wonderful and beat the heck out of the Atlantis sub in Cozumel. Our driver, William, was very accomodating to the 5 others in our van that were going to 2 other places. We were on the boat for 45 min. and they fed the fish to attract them. Only about 12 passengers on a boat that could hold 25+ and we were back to the ship by lunchtime, with stops at a chocolate factory and craft store on the way.
  5. We were there on Dec. 6 with only 4 - 5 other couples and had a great time, as Isidro kept the excellent food and drinks coming. We got the promo rate of $29. PP. Even at $39. PP it's a great deal for a relaxing day. Taxi was $10. total each way.
  6. We just returned from the Getaway and used our Plat. status in La Cucina and Le Bistro. Both were very good food-wise, but we were disappointed that the L.B. venue was so small and loud at 8:30 pm on Sat. night.
  7. Thanks a lot, Bird. While we have never considered spending the $ to eat there, I'd never seen the menu before. $27. for fish and chips ?!!? Outrageous. Must be reeeeaalll good. Steve, Platinum, Getaway Dec. 1.
  8. WOW !! What a lengthy, well-written review. Thanks very much. We'll be on her this Sunday. Steve
  9. Thank you all for the lengthy, well=written accounts. I hope you were able to adjust your gratuities. We'll be on her for the 1st time in Dec. and are Platinum, so I sure hope they get their act together.
  10. Thanks very much for sharing. We'll be on her for the 1st time in Dec.
  11. Can someone please answer the OP's queation ? Will we get our laundry back the next day ? Also, the subject is Platinum, not Plat. Plus. thank you.
  12. And I'm cursing daily ! (Oh, for a proofreader)
  13. While we have been to Nachi C. and Allegro and enjoyed them very much, I recently discovered Del Mar Latino which is small, has a limit of 80 adults, is AI , and the best part, only $30. PP. We have a reserv. for Dec. Good luck ! steve
  14. I redeemed 10,000 points for OBC this week by calling 866-9544077 and was told it was OK to redeem up until the day before you sail. steve
  15. After being assigned a balcony cabin 6 mos. in advance in an undesirable location, I was told by my TA (not NCL) that NCL would not change it, so I upgraded to a guar. mini suite for $100. PP. steve
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