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  1. Hi TravelMadBrits, Maybe I wasn't clear, but we gave our genie our dining requests, and she is managing the reservations. We worked things this way because we are working around our child's needs. He is very young, and doesn't like to go out to dinner at nicer places. We prefer to eat at specific times and we knew which nights would be easiest for us. My husband doesn't like having a busy schedule on vacation, so what your genie did wouldn't work for us. As our son gets older and we are able to take him on longer trips, we may try what you suggest.
  2. We received our welcome letter from Araceli last week for our cruise on Dec 9, just under 4 weeks in advance. I have been happy with the correspondence we have had so far, and it is so good to read that other had a good experience with her. Having a genie is a new experience for me, so I am guessing that others may be in the same boat. Here is how we have used her so far. 1-We asked her to reserve a beach cabana for us at Labadee. There are only 2 on Barefoot Beach, and they were already taken, so she booked us an over water cabana, and promised to watch to see if a beach one becomes available. 2-She recommended we start making dinner reservations at specialty restaurants now because they could book up, so we placed those. 3-Since we have a 5 yr old, I asked about in room babysitting, and how many children would be on the ship. She let me know that inroom sitting is no longer available, and that they would not get lists of kids until a few days before sailaway. 4- I asked if the ship could provide a picnic lunch for us for one of our stops, since we are there 7-2, and getting lunch in a restaurant could make us late back to the ship. She let us know that in San Juan they are very strict about food coming off the ships (and apparently in Cozumel as well), so a picnic lunch was not possible. She did say that she could set up a late lunch on our balcony when we got back to the ship, if we would like. I can see asking a concierge any of these questions, but the responses have been quicker and more personal (less canned) than I have had in the past from concierges.
  3. There is a concierge thread that is very useful, so I thought we could use a Genie thread as well. Sadly, it will be over a year before I have a Genie experience, so I don't have any names to provide. But we have to start somewhere. I have a chart, so if you have any genie names, can you help me fill this in? I didn't put in a place for emails, etc, because I figured they would be VERY busy with the people on the ship and those on the next cruise coming up, but I welcome any ideas on what this chart needs to be useful. Ship/Indentifier--------------------- Genie 1 ------------Genie 2 ------------Genie 3--------------- Genie 4 Allure of the Seas/AL Anthem of the Seas/AN Harmony of the Seas/HM Oasis of the Seas/OA Ovation of the Seas/OV Quantum of the Seas/QN Symphony of the Seas/ (tba) Sorry about the formatting; I wasn't able to add my spreadsheet borders to the post. Eventually this will probably need to be a document with a public link, but I first wanted to see if there was any interest before finding a place for it.
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