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  1. Georgia is wide open now. Vaccination centers have all the doses they need. Getting people to take is another question. We have had our Moderna and wear masks only when requested by the store or doctor's office. Most of the increase in infections in this state are from people who do not want to get vaccinated....mainly young adults. I don't think it is proper to ask me to wear a mask all the time when the people I am 'protecting' won't get vaccinated. Why do I have to give up my freedom of going maskless to a bunch of people who will not get vaccinated and impose their restrictions
  2. We laminated copies. These are not cards. They a full 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets of paper....rather cumbersome.
  3. What bothers me is the 'pause' in the use of the J & J vaccine. At present, only about 10 women in the US have had blood clots out of almost 7 million doses dispensed. It is good to be cautious, but think about it. The vaccine is being denied to tens of thousands of people based on a very few reactions. More people will likely get COVID and die than those 10 reactions to the J & J vaccine. I think it would be wise to go ahead with the vaccinations with a warning about the low probability of blood clots. Let the person receiving the vaccine make up their own minds as to whether or not
  4. We really like the inside Promenade stateroom. A bit more room and a nice view of what is going on down below. Deck 7 gives the best view in my opinion. The curtains do block out the light. We enjoyed watching the last cruise day bargain shoppers below us. The can get rather 'pushy'. On only one cruise did we have noise problem as the band went about 30 minutes long on a performance. One other thing.....you save a bit of money by booking this class of stateroom.
  5. Thank you for your reply. We really enjoyed talking with everyone there. We took a one day whirlwind tour of Sydney. We stayed at the Sir Stamford after the cruise.
  6. We really enjoyed our 23 day cruise from Seattle to Sydney in 2017. We would like to go back to Sydney one day, but for now we have to settle for the webcam. You can view it at webcamsydney.com
  7. I do not believe we should have a Federal mandated vaccine visa. You can obtain proof of vaccination at the time of injection. A private company may require you to prove vaccination (i.e. a cruise line). What if a person has an allergy, a health condition or a religious conviction that will not allow them to receive a vaccination. Do you then ban them from travel....the Chinese Communist Party does this now. In China, the government wants to know where you travel. I do not like being potentially placed in a government or big tech data base about my travels.
  8. I don't think August sailings will go...make other plans. I'm worried about my October sailing.
  9. Just a note on the 'no vaccine' people. I have talked to some of them and it seems that two main reasons come out for not getting vaccinated. The first is that the vaccine is from the government and it may do harm now or in the future (sterility for one). The second is from very religious people. Although I don't really understand it. God will protect us and if we go, we will Jesus sooner than later. I know that some people have allergies or some condition that prevents them from getting vaccinated. Any other comments about what you have heard? Be respectful if you reply.
  10. Georgia has opened Covid vaccinations to anyone 16 years old or older. Mass vaccination sites are in full effect at the moment along with everything form Kroger's, CVS to mom and pop pharmacies. The site where I received my vaccinations is going at 3000 per day and it is not considered one of the mass vaccination sites.....but, we still have the substantial 'no to vaccine' group here in Georgia.
  11. I agree. After today's CDC Directors statement that we in a 'doom' situation and everyone needs to go back to mask wearing, no travel, etc. This even applies to vaccinated folks. Go back to your cave you serfs. This is the Government and we know what is best for you. So no cruising for you. A new study just released from Denmark stated that the reinfection rate for people who have had Covid is 0.6%.
  12. Funny happening. We were on self-organized stateroom tour. When we got to the virtual balcony stateroom, the occupant (part of our group) told a funny story. Not thinking he asked the room steward how the virtual balcony could be turned off at night. The steward gave him a funny look and stated that when it gets dark out, the screen gets dark too.
  13. The BIG COVID number is hospitalizations. That number has seemed to dropped over the last couple of months in the USA. It is true that a few hot spots may occur. The local authorities will have to address those situations. Overall, hospitalizations and deaths are down. More vaccine is now available. By the end of May there will be enough vaccine supplies to jab every adult in the USA. The only problem will be the hold outs that will not take the vaccine. I don't want to lectured about mask wearing and distancing when these problematic folks are running around wanting everyone to we
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