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  1. NO!!! Anything booked before noon is very risky. This is holiday time, too. Things can get backed up.
  2. NOTE !!! If you in SE USA, there is a BIG problem brewing in the USPS. The major distribution site in Palmetto, GA is backed up beyond belief. The local new has tried to talk with USPS management, but all they will say is 'unexpected difficulties'. The whole mess has both our Congressman Collins and US Senators now involved. They get no answers either. Mail has been sent to the wrong addresses or not delivered for weeks. People that get medications through the mail are suffering. There is a long list of problems. So, if you are in the SE USA, please send in any mailed requests (i.e. passports) early. You may also request a signature for your mailing, but that seems to have a minimal effect.
  3. Very nice place....except... beware that the ship excursion for the local beach says it is a 350 yard walk from the ship. It is more like 1350 yard walk. Nice beach with some rocks.
  4. Try lunch. It will save you about 35-40% and the menu is basically the same.
  5. We had an experience many years ago with the Grandeur out of Baltimore. We were just looking for a cruise and saw they had a special for a 9-night cruise. Interior cabin and they select the cabin. We got an interior cabin next to the laundry chute. A little noisy in the morning as the laundry went down...but for a $900 cruise price for two...so what.
  6. We like to get to the port early (port Canaveral) as the parking can be an issue. It also may help if there is a wreck on I-95. A couple of months ago we saw a very large...and I do mean very large...motor yacht block all lanes of southbound I-95. Heaven help anyone trying to get to the port on time. We have no idea how they were going to move that three-story high three engine yacht. The trailer carrying the yacht was bent so badly it could not be used.
  7. We prepay our gratuities. We tip a dollar for each drink we are served since we are D+. We usually add another $20 to our room steward. We tip the MDR crew depending on service. We are not rich. The regular tipping and above is about all we can afford.
  8. Your pictures are professional quality. It is rare that pictures are taken with such composure. Thank you for the tour.
  9. We got off the Mariner last month and we definitely had a problem with small children in the MDR. Two large tables next to us had about 3-4 kids each. They looked to be around the 4-7 years old. All they did was run around the tables and scream and push each other. Parents were oblivious to their actions. We never ate in the MDR after that. In the Windjammer for breakfast, we saw one family bring in a baby with a diaper only. That was bad enough, but the Dad put the baby right in the middle of the table when they got ready to leave.
  10. I'm not sure if this the same excursion, but we took a taste of Nassau excursion last month off the Mariner. We got a very nice mini-lunch and a beer. Other places were the rum bottling plant, tea store and one other I can't remember. It was a nice tour. Not too much walking. Something different for us as we have been to Nassau many times.
  11. We liked Cats. The performers were first rate. However, our first pick of all the shows is Momma Mia on the Allure.
  12. Are you arriving early? If not, I would go with the Royal or private transportation. Parking at the port facility will run you $9-$17 a day depending on off site or at the port parking. Car rental and parking can add a lot $$$ to your trip.
  13. The Mariner has three. Some a few dollars and book lunch.
  14. On the Mariner, our room steward asked if we wanted the room made up in the morning or afternoon. We took the morning time. No problem. He was there when we were out except for one time. When that happened, we just moved out to the balcony to get out of his way. Once a day does not bother us since we do not eat in our room. Some rooms were opened as the stewards were working. We peered in as we went by. I do not know how they got through some rooms as they looked like a tornado had hit. Stuff all over the place including cans, dishes, towels, let alone belongings..
  15. We have for the most part booked shore excursions through Royal. They will not leave you stranded if the tour goes long. We had that experience once and that was enough nerve racking for us. That happened on a Celebrity cruise last December in Panama. A tour was to go on a ferry through a lock for the experience. Well, the freighter ahead of them had a problem in the lock. They were scheduled for 3-hour tour. It lasted 6 hours in the heat with little shade and hardly enough snacks and water aboard for everyone. The ship waited an extra hour to get them back on the ship. We saw a couple come through the lounge where we were having drinks. Boy, did they ever look haggard.
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