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  1. You will have to look deeper for the root cause. Why did the dock fail? Crane weight? Crane position? Dock supports? Dock maintenance? Human error? There is a lot more to investigate before the actual root cause can be determined. It is sort of like an airplane crash. The engine quit and the plane crashed. But why did the engine quit?
  2. To find theme cruises, check: themecruisefinder.com
  3. We will have to wait for the investigation to know what actually happened. None of us was there, so we can only speculate about the root cause.
  4. I don't yet understand the underlying causes of the crane collapse. That will come up from an investigation. So for now, I'll accept...the crane tilted...went boom...and landed on the ship. Major damage was incurred. Ship will be fixed and sail again. Many cruisers are disappointed that multiple cruises have been cancelled. Refunds have been granted according to type of reservations made by the guest. I hope I summed this up OK.
  5. Check on the America Cup yacht racing at your ports. We are in our 70's (one with two replaced knees) and enjoyed it.
  6. At least Royal was proactive and mended their ways. It seems Carnival has a problem there.There is a lot to be said about the way a company is managed
  7. What the heck happened? The ISO registration auditor must have been asleep...unless the scope did not include the ships. They problems were so large and noticed by government officials that the registrar should have taken notice.
  8. A Federal judge has threatened Carnival with a possible order to stop Carnival from docking at US ports. Carnival has evidently infuriated the judge by not conforming to their probationary agreement. This started when a Princess ship dumped bilge water into an Alaskan nature area among other things. Carnival was fined $40 million (largest maritime fine) and put on probation in 2017. Evidently, Carnival has continued in their nonconforming ways and the judge has had enough of it. This all should come to a head in June. By the way, Royal is certified to the ISO 14000 environmental standard for quality systems and processes. This achievement is no small matter as I can tell as a retired ISO 9001 registrar auditor.
  9. There is one difference I find interesting. Royal is independently registered to the environmental ISO Std.14000. I am a retired ISO Std.9001 auditor and I can tell you that Royal had to do a lot to get that certification. Not only do they periodic scheduled registrar audits, they also must do internal audits to check themselves (which the registrar reviews). The ISO Standards are international in scope. The check the process by which a company follows the Standard and maintains its quality structure. If you drive a car, you are driving with assemblies from companies that are ISO certified. The ISO Standards do not certify products themselves. They certify the quality process by which the product is made. The Standards do look at the processes by which a product or service is produced. Dumping bilge water and trash would certainly be a 'major' finding by an ISO auditor.
  10. A Federal judge has ordered Carnival to show why they should not be banned from US ports for violation of their probation for polluting, lying and deceiving officials. The original case started when Princess dumped bilge water in an Alaskan natural park. The company accepted a $40 million fine (largest in maritime history) and were give probation in 2017. They have continued their deceptions to officials during the probationary period....thus the judge called them out on it. This entry will probably be deleted soon after I post...if I am allowed to post.
  11. We took Royal Caribbean insurance for a trip to Australia. I got sick on the ship. Sent bill to Medicare (denied). Sent bill to my medigap insurance (denied). Submitted bill to the RCI carrier (paid in full). It worked as expected. You just have to follow the process...even if it takes awhile.
  12. I had the full old fashion 'gold watch' pension which allowed me to keep my health insurance until I reached 65. That was a really good deal since I retired at 51 after 31 years with a large corporation. The boss had a meeting to explain the 'one shot a it' retirement program. It took me about 3 days to figure it out....full benefits... and since a new way to calculate the pension amount...my pension increased a whopping 90%....no brainer. I continued to work in another related industrial engineering field for another 13 years while collecting my pension. I finally, at age 64, gave it all up after 44 years of work. I do not regret retiring at all !! (even though the body now sounds more like Rice Crispies...snap, crackle and pop at age 73)
  13. We were last year and got the Amiga Island cancelled on us. We later found out the Sandbar beach was under too much water, so they routed those people to Amiga and cancelled us. I guess it pays to have numbers (and drinkers) on your side.
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