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  1. Everyone seems to think small kids are the problem. How about the person who has had too much to drink and becomes loud and obnoxious. They are worse than the small kids. We had our granddaughter on a cruise at 6 months and every year until she was 5 and had no problem. We were grandparents and parents that would take her out if she started crying but kids are kids and they act up sometimes. I would imagine as a child you were not perfect either. If you do not want small kids around go to a different cruise line where there are no kids.
  2. And yet if the vaccine is required then the government is trying to dictate how I live my life. They do not require a flu vaccine to take any kind of vacation and they do not know all the side effects these vaccines could cause. So I take my 13 yo granddaughter to get her vaccine and then they find out it prevents having kids, or contributes to cancer or whatever the case may be. And then will it be 100% effective for everybody. No vaccine is 100% for all humans. Now I am taking the chance of side effects and it still does not work for me. Why does everyone think this will be the answer
  3. The January cancellations probably mean they will not get things up and running by the first part of February either. We will probably have our Feb. 7 cruise cancelled also.
  4. We are booked on Allure Feb. 7 and would like to know if anyone things that will be a go. How long do you think the trial sailings will last? Will they go from the trial sailings to short paying customer sailings before getting to the 7 day ones. Now sure about all the testing either. We have to go from west coast to east to hop a ship and who know what could happen in a day. Final payment is due in a few days so do we take a chance. We could make payment and hope for RCI to cancel then get the FCC to pay for our Alaska cruise in Sept. Would love to hear opinions. Thanks
  5. We had an A1 on Allure booked out of Galveston for 2022 and when that was cancelled they just put us on Liberty in a suite but not even close to the price we paid. Called and talked to enough people that they changed Liberty to an A1 on Symphony. But we got the e-mail with the cancellation and new room at the same time. Any suite on Liberty is not an A1.
  6. We also wondered if booking Quantum in Star Class for Alaska and was assured that it will have the same Star Class cabins as Anthem which is the Grand Loft and up.
  7. So if I understand this correctly, when we sail in the Star Loft on Allure in Feb. we will each get 4 points instead of 2? And this applies to all cruises already booked, not just new ones. Thanks for any clarification.
  8. Trueblue66--Why do you think that just because there is a vaccine it will be the answer? There is no vaccine that is 100% effective and I am guessing if you check the flu vaccine that might be 50% effective. I am always amazed that everyone think the answer is a vaccine. Let the country open up and life will go on. Some people will get it and some won't. Even now the WHO is saying that a lockdown is not a good idea.
  9. Heard last night they would be locked down for all of 2021 and nothing until at least 2022. Nope, cannot give you source but probably YouTube. Lots of travel stuff there.
  10. I would have expected more than that also and I am amazed at how much Symphony gets for their suites. The deals are out there if you keep checking or have a great TA who keeps an eye out also. I know we booked the Royal Loft on Quantum to Alaska for $15,000. We were paying more for a Grand Loft on Ovation that was cancelled this year. I am quoting for 4 people also.
  11. I agree with ourusualbeach. If you want to see high prices look at suites over the holidays or even during summer vacations. And especially if you want a suite in Star Class. We lucked out and found an A1 on Allure when she was first going to sail out of Galveston but switched to Symphony when that cruise was cancelled. The A1 on Symphony was listed at over $20,000 for March in 2022, we saved over $10,000 because they guaranteed the price for the cancelled Allure. Anyway, the point is newer ships command way higher prices and unless you actually look at those rooms consistently you will b
  12. And yet, a vaccine is not going to be 100% effective either. I used to get a flu shot and always got the flu, stopped getting the shot and have not had the flu since. And if they test you before boarding why do you have to get a test within 5 days of showing up, since with all the scenarios listed you could, or could not, or maybe or whatever everyone said test negative at home and then positive at the port. Hard to justify flying across the country with a negative test just to test differently at port and then sent home.
  13. We have Allure booked out of Miami which was a replacement for our Odyssey in March that was cancelled. Out of Miami is a good thing considering they are saying that would be one place cruising would start up again. Unfortunately we have to fly from west to east coast and now you figure in Covid testing. The tests are so not accurate so that is a huge concern to just fly one way and then a false positive would send us home. Hopefully things will get settled down by the end of the year.
  14. ourusualbeach: do you think Feb. 7 2021 might be a go or would you try to L&S or find another cruise later in the year?
  15. Which goes back to the saying, "If you do not want to take a chance of getting Covid, then STAY HOME". Why are we so quick to tell people they cannot live the life they want. Take a chance means you might either pass it on to someone else taking the same chance or getting it from someone.
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