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  1. I agree, it does not make much sense to just stay in the same class. A bigger room and balcony would be nice but not for the price. And when I went on the RCI site to look it did not show the Royal Loft as available for the Anthem Thanksgiving sailing. Maybe someone thought it was a good deal after all.
  2. You are correct. We are in a Grand Loft on Anthem which is Star Class. Drives my son nuts because I keep getting the lofts mixed up.
  3. So, if we would upgrade from a Star Class to a Star Class room would we still have a genie because I read in these posts somewhere that if you upgrade from non Star to Star you do not get the genie. But since we already have a genie we would still have that perk, correct. Thanks.
  4. So it would cost us a total of $2400 to upgrade? There will be 4 in the cabin.
  5. Just got an email from RCI with a RoyalUp offer. Have never had one and was jealous of all you people who had received one. They offered us a chance to bid on the Royal Loft (Star Class) for $1200pp more. Not if I understand how this works we have our cabin which is a Crown Loft (Star Class) and they want us to pay an extra $4800 for a bigger room and get Star Class. I am guessing they do not really look at what people have already booked before they send these out. So I am thinking my answer to the RoyalUp is a definite NO. Have to admit I would love to stay in the room but not at that price. Maybe they will come down in price if it is still vacant a week or two out from the Thanksgiving sailing. If not, oh well, still have the genie in our lowly Grand Loft.
  6. We have been Star on Oasis and Anthem and all food was included, regardless. Have never been charged for snacks on Anthem and Starbucks on Oasis was included except for pastries. If a Star Class person got snacks for friends that would be a lack of honesty on their part. I think of that as a single drink package for the family. We have always talked to my granddaughter (12 now) about not getting things for friends when they are having fun on the ship. Her ability to get what she wants is for her only and if we would ever discover she has used her sea pass card to get things for friends she would not be spending time with them. Unfortunately, people are people and some get carried away with the ability to not have to worry about what something costs.
  7. Izumi is about the only place we have to worry but knowing she loves shrimp we look for a cooked item that has shrimp in it. If she cannot find anything that she really likes to eat we allow her to get pizza after we have dinner but she always sits with us until we are done. All the other specialty restaurants have things she likes so it is not problem there. The only other place we might have a problem with is Wonderland where they do have different things to eat. Don't know the age of your children but she is 12 and since we have started to cruise again the rule is that she always has to come to dinner with us and shows with us but other than that she can spend time with the friends she makes. It is hard sometimes for her to find something to eat also. I know that in the Coastal Kitchen there is not much she likes so we always have them get her a pasta with white sauce and she is happy. I guess we have always felt that if you do not try something different you may never know if you like something or not. I know we will be going to Wonderland again in November and we will all try everything they bring out. Regardless of how things work out it will be a fun time.
  8. I would still look at Ovation for the onboard activities your kids would have. Go Yankees!!
  9. We called the excursion company directly when we were looking at the helicopter one. They can give you the information you want plus more. We had booked thru the cruise line and their phone number was on their site. Good luck and have fun. We had to cancel that cruise but have booked Ovation for 2020 and are looking at a helicopter ride that takes you to a glacier and then lands and you take a float boat up close to the glaciers.
  10. I agree it would depend on day of the week but ships dock on a weekend usually. LAX is a night mare regardless of when you go. Since you are leaving and not changing planes you will probably be ok with the time frame.
  11. Send them to Adventure Ocean. They could eat with the other kids and you could have a nice relaxing dinner. Or you could be like we are. My granddaughter goes with us to all restaurants and tries something off the menu. If there is nothing that she likes to fill her up then she can get pizza or whatever she wants but she always seems to find something she likes. She is not an Izumi fan but goes with us and there are a couple of things she does like after trying several things. She is also a fairly picky eater also but is always game to try something off the menu. Have fun.
  12. RCI works better with kids if you are sailing with them. Also, depends on what you want for a balcony. We have sailed RCI because they seem to have better balconies than Princess and unless you get the Pinnacle suite on Holland their balconies are still small. At least in my opinion.
  13. We booked Ovation as we want to try the North Star to see the glaciers. Also, the iFly and bumper cars are popular in my family so we want to enjoy ship time also. Have not tried the other ships that sail Alaska, except Celebrity in 2011. I know you will enjoy the cruise, Alaska is beautiful.
  14. There is no way to get a cheap deal on airfare. I looked for a flight from Reno to New Jersey for November for over 2 months. Looked at Price Line, Cheap Air, and all the other discount sites. After checking every day for several weeks I got the idea to book 2 separate one way tickets (for 4) and could get first class both ways cheaper than I could book a round trip in coach. I have checked the same airfare a couple times since then and I still got a better deal than round trip. My advise is to check your airline of choice and see what their cancellation policy is. If you can cancel up to so many days out, book a flight and then check on a regular basis to see if it goes down, then cancel and rebook. Even though we live on the west coast I have been watching Alaska airfare as we will be flying to Seattle for our Alaska cruise in Sept. 2020 and I know it is not really cheap for a 2 hour flight. Good luck.
  15. If Symphony is like Oasis and Anthem you can wear formal or casual to any specialty restaurant on formal night. Both Oasis and Anthem had formal night the first sea night and another sea day night.
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