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  1. If you are already booked go to the RCI site, log in, and under the plan my cruise tab you can bring up all the excursions offered for that cruise for each stop. I have also found them by typing in RCI excursions in Roatan, for example and it will also bring up what will be available.
  2. Are there 2 different cabanas. The only one showing for our Thanksgiving cruise is $1299 and that is way too much money. If it makes a difference we are on Anthem.
  3. Great to hear all the good positive comments. We will be on Liberty in March in the 4 bedroom suite. Looking forward to it.
  4. We were waiting for Ovation in Sept. 2021 Vancouver to Hawaii trip and according RCI Ovation will go from China or somewhere in that area to Seattle with no cruise to Hawaii. They did say that all schedules will be out by Dec. so maybe they will change their mind but not sounding good.
  5. I would offer to let you know but we will be getting off when you are waiting to get on so not sure if I can get the time to post on this thread or not. You will enjoy the Anthem activities as Star Class. This will be our 5th Star Class trip and they are the only way we will travel on an Oasis or Quantum class ship. Have fun.
  6. island lady...yes she works after school but not at a "real" job. Her mom died 4 years ago and she has been learning how to be a young adult since then. She can cook, clean, help her dad in his business, take care of her pets and other friends pets, and still get all A's in school. If you have to have a job and pay for your own ticket then I would be out of luck also. I have been a mother and housewife for 45 years so I guess since my husband pays for me to sail in the Star Class Suites he should get the points but not me.
  7. Why should it make a difference if the points are earned in an inside cabin or in a suite. I am one who could never stay in an inside cabin, would at least need a window to let in some light. It sounds like I should not get what you do because I stayed in a suite. I did that one night at a time also.
  8. My granddaughter will be D, in her own right, at the age of 12 and she has earned every point herself. Maybe she was the 2nd person on the reservation and why would you think the price for the first and second person should count for more than the third and fourth person in a room. We have stayed in suites for 3 years to reach the D level, not because we wanted the free drinks, Star Class gives us more than that, but because we just wanted to say we reached that level. We have looked at the DL lounges and cannot say they look that special. Maybe RCI needs to revamp some of their perkes but you cannot make everyone happy.
  9. Sounds like you need to go back to Celebrity. But, then, we had a Celebrity cruise with a baby next door that cried all night eery night for 7 nights and Celebrity did nothing to help us. Guess that means that Celebrity is not worth giving a second chance to either.
  10. Your luggage can get priority handling, all you have to do is book a Star Class suite. Our luggage stays with us until one porter comes to get it and it is the only luggage on his cart. Off to our room and there before we are. Love those Star Class perkes.
  11. See....golf is hazardous to your health. Must be why I don't play. That and trying to swing that silly club is harder than heck. Glad you are on your way back to being healthy.
  12. And yet again, something is booked without completely understanding all the associated pro's and con's of the booking. I have found that if you want a certain type of cabin you just suck it up and pay for it or take what is given. And to agree with another poster, it is not just RCI that does these types of things. Just go to the other boards for NCL or Celebrity and there are people posting there with the same dissatisfaction as the RCI postings. I guess I could complain that we were given an upbid chance to go from our Grand Loft Suite to the Royal Loft for our Thanksgiving cruise and they looked at our $2400 bid and laughed. Shame on them for not knowing we deserved that upgrade.
  13. I think not hearing from your genie so close to sailing would dramatically effect the amount of tip we would leave. They are not that busy that they cannot get in touch with you. I know we hear from them 3-4 weeks out and again 1 week out to confirm the schedule. Hope you have a great trip anyway.
  14. iFly is what keep us going back to Anthem. We have Ovation and Odyssey booked and part of the draw is the iFly, and of course bumper cars for the granddaughter, although she enjoys her time flying with her dad.
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