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  1. How do you expect people to come up with $1000 pp to book a cabin? After half the population is out of work because their work place is not necessary where will they get the money? How will a 70+ on a set income get the deposit? Guess you just want a certain type of person on your ship, not us retired people.
  2. Everyone may love the staying at home but what about all the gyms and health clubs that have closed or gone out of business because people are not allowed to go there. Restaurants that cannot do the take out and now they are gone. How many people are going to lose their home because they cannot make the payments, yes you can get an extension but only for so long and the payment goes at the end of your payment schedule so the payments will still be expected. I just want to get this thing over with and get back to a decent normal.
  3. Someone posted on FB that if your child made you a mixed drink it would count as credits towards Chemistry !!! 🙂 Great idea. I can give her credit also for pouring our wine because she needs to figure out how much a cup is, of course sometimes she gets carried away and really fills the glasses but that only means we need one glass not two. I already give her credit when she cooks dinner all by herself. I will take any more ideas for any class as we need to come up with time spent doing school work. What takes public schools 8 hrs. of school work takes her only about 2. Thanks for any and all ideas.
  4. Aqua theater A1 has 2 bathrooms, one in the master suite and one just after you enter the suite. We did not have any vibrations that I remember and the noise was no different that probably any balcony that faced the theater. The long walk down the dingy hallway was a bummer but the room was worth the walk. We enjoyed it so much on Oasis that we booked the A1 on Allure for 2022 our of Galveston.
  5. Not sure about the Crown Loft on Oasis but on Anthem there is a drape that can be pulled around the top part which keeps it fairly dark. I know when it is pulled it is dark on the first floor of the suite.
  6. I did not know JS's were different than regular suites, or maybe they are not. I know the Star Class suites can only be booked with a NRD. We were told back when the program came out that too many people were booking more than one suite and then at the last minute canceling them.
  7. Wow, I wish I had thought of the drinks and all that good looking food. My day consists of home schooling my granddaughter. Unlike all the schools across the nation the online kids get to finish the year of school work and actually earn being passed to the next grade. Then, it is trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Cooking is not one of my favorite things lately but something I should get used to until this is all over.
  8. Not quite the same I know but in a Grand Loft (Anthem) they brought in a roll-away and set it by the sliding door. There was still plenty of room to get around and I know the RL has more room than the GL.
  9. We will continue to plan on our Sept. 4 cruise to Alaska. Everyone is guessing about what might happen. If I need a Dr. note I will tell my doctor to write me one. If we need to drive instead of fly to Seattle we will. I know there is lots of negative going around right now but I am beginning to refuse to participate in it. I know things are bad and might possible get worse but we will take one day at a time. If Sept. gets cancelled there is always Odyssey in March. If that is a no go there is Anthem in Nov. Cruising is a relaxing time for us and we will do whatever we can to cruise again.
  10. We had 8330 and though that was wonderful. You could see the water and the scuba divers and a great view of the divers also. I would not go to 11729, think it would be too high.
  11. Nope, we booked Ovation for Alaska and the only way we will the Sept. 4 sailing is if Royal cancels it.
  12. What a great example of what a genie does. They might be there for the people they are assigned to but I have never met a genie who did not offer to help someone else. The comment about them being like a servant is way off. They are there to help you plan your cruise, get you good seats for shows (and no, we never sat in the front, those seats should be for the people who get to the theater early and wait for seats). The biggest advantage is leaving the last day. There is nothing like not standing in a line of hundreds of people to leave a ship. But, like people say, to each their own way of cruising.
  13. You are lucky then. I would not be able to be in an inside room. I need the light and have learned that all ships are wonderful but there is a calming effect to just sit on the balcony and watch the sun rise and ocean go by. I guess that is why there are so many different types of rooms a person can book. We are also excited about checking out Odyssey, but also excited to have the extra help of a genie to make sure we see and do everything.
  14. Unless you have actually experienced it you do not know what it is all about. We have experienced it and like it way better than we did just having a concierge and the Presidential Suite on Liberty. Just not the same. We do more than sleep in our room. The ships are great but in the early morning it is beautiful to watch the sun rise and just enjoy watching the ocean go by.
  15. Fortunately we happened on the Odyssey before the masses. We book a GL on Quantum class when we sail and this was a great find.
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