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  1. We applied for a new passport for a family member just after everything was shut down in March. Took about 3 months to get the passport via USPS and a week later got all the supporting documents. Actually not a bad time frame considering.
  2. We are on Quantum in Sept in the Royal Loft and I am not sure I care what the stops are. I just want to see some of Alaska again. We loved Skagway before but have never been to Sitka so looking forward to where ever Quantum stops. I know most people to at itineraries but eventually you will stop at Cozumel. It seems over half the cruises stop at Cozumel or Jamacia.
  3. And yet, a cruise ship is not conducive to wearing a mask. You cannot walk around with a drink in your hand and wear a mask. Like wise you cannot walk around with food and wear a mask to eat it. As someone mentioned, how do they decide which cabins to cancel and which ones are good. If someone is afraid that people will not wear a mask then stay home and maybe be safe. Even when required I would guess that about 80% of the people wearing a mask in a building take it off as soon as they step outside (no I do not have any documentation, just my observations) so if you are a mask person you still could become infected just going to the store. So I am willing to cruise maskless and take my chances. Just my humble opinion.
  4. Here is a new situation for us. Our Ovation Alaska Sept. cruise was cancelled. We chose FCC to pay for Odyssey, which was cancelled so we booked Allure in Feb. Received the FCC's and paid off Allure. Then we received money from RCI as a refund for Ovation and were told that since we had paid for Allure with FCC and it was the fault of RCI we could keep Allure and lost the left over FCC. So Allure was paid for with FCC that were given to us by mistake because a refund was being issued. When we book Allure we booked the Star Loft because that was what was left. Now an A1 is available for less than we paid. Now, if we change rooms will we loose the FCC, which was issued in error and lose the free booking or will they just let us change rooms and we are good? Second part is....if Allure is cancelled will we get the FCC back, remember they were issued by mistake or will they say we were paid for the Ovation cancelled cruise and not reissue the FCC. I know, we should be happy with what we have but knowing it might be hard to get off in any of the ports an A1 is much better to spend time in than a Star Loft. Anyone else have this happen?
  5. Allure Feb 7, 2021 Quantum Sept. 2021 Odyssey- really disappointed Odyssey was cancelled, Allure in Feb was a replacement
  6. How far would you have to travel to get to Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale for a cruise. We live in Reno, NV so our time is about 5 hrs. in the air. Makes it hard to do more than 2 a year. You sound like a pro active TA so how would you recommend some one look for someone like yourself. Ours right now is not very pro active. If I find the cruise he will book it but there is no way he would look for what he knows we like and then get in touch. Would love to hear from anyone who has a good idea on how to find a good TA,
  7. Thank you Ourusualbeach. I noticed all your cruises, you must live in Miami or somewhere there is a port.
  8. We have only had 2 cruises cancelled so far, wish it were more because that would mean we could cruise more. My question is about the lift and shift, we did not use that to rebook either cancelled cruise. We have Anthem booked for Nov. 2021 and if we sail on Allure Feb. 7, 2021 I would like to lift and shift our Grand Loft on Anthem to a Grand Loft on Odyssey for fall 2022. Would this be possible? I know I will have to watch closely to see when they start booking that time but Odyssey was the one ship we really wanted to get on. Thanks.
  9. We will be in Star Class in Feb on Allure and it will be interesting to see when we can board. Before, we were usually on board between 9:30-10:00 because we also want to board as soon as possible.
  10. I would classify cruising a recreational activity and in that case it should not require anything buy your money for a spot on a ship. If you are not willing to take a chance, then stay home. If you are sick the cruise line has the right to not let you board but to require you show you received some kind of vaccine is not right. IMHO But then I appear to be in the minority with my opinions on this whole Covid nightmare.
  11. Right now I would pick Anthem. We love all the activities. But we have Symphony booked March 2022 and maybe I will change my mind than.
  12. And yet, no one vaccine will work for everyone. And for someone to make it mandatory to get any vaccine to do something is taking away my right to make my own decisions.
  13. So...ourusualbeach..do you take new clients. If so where you located so can research how to get ahold of your company.
  14. So which ship are you booked on and what day do you sail (I am not willing to look at calendar to see what the date might be). We are booked on Allure Feb 7 and are planning on sailing and planning on dealing with whatever problems might be in place. Unfortunately we cannot lift and shift because of the cabins we want. They are never available unless we book them when the sailing first come out. Guess it depends on how much you want to cruse. I would keep the reservation and get on the ship.
  15. We also booked Quantum instead of Ovation (we had Ovation booked for Sept but was cancelled) for 2021. Found the Royal Loft for a great price. Not sure, even after reading all the posts, why they might cancel Quantum sailings to Alaska.
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