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  1. We did the Chef's Table in April and had a great time. We like the wine and food parings, and are wine drinkers, but part of the fun is meeting the people and enjoying the evening. Guess we are not the ones who expect expensive wine. The chef was there for every course and if there were questions answered them thoughtfully and completely. We will be attending Chef's Table again over the Thanksgiving cruise on Anthem and know we will have a great time.
  2. My mistake, it was the cruise deck plan site that shows the A1 and A2 as sky class not star. Now we are wondering if that is next on RCI list to change the current Star Class suites.
  3. John & LaLa, Is your A1 Star Class because on the Cruises Only web site it is showing Sky Class for all the Oasis class ships. When we were in the A1 it was Star Class.
  4. That was our room on Oasis. If this is the first time you will love it. You can see both ocean and aqua theater. It was a bucket list room for us and we would book again in a heart beat.
  5. Don't know if you could get an A2 any cheaper but they are the same only a deck higher.
  6. It is 7 days and there will be 5 of us. Cost was around $11,000. We were on Oasis in an A1 and it was cheaper than the Liberty trip will be and it was for 5 also. We loved the A1 and would love to book one again.
  7. We have never booked thinking of having a discount in any way. As a matter of fact, we will be D during our Liberty cruise in March but the next 3 cruises we have booked will be in a Star Class suite so we will not even have any of the benefits associated with D. Reminds me of cable companies. You have the service so you pay for the extras (football, baseball, or whatever sport you like) while the new people get it for free. Just how business works I guess.
  8. Not sure but we will find out in March when we are in the 4 bedroom suite on Liberty. We are finding out that if you want any of the extra items (drink package, dining package, internet, other misc) it is almost cheaper to sail on a Star Class ship and book a Star Class room.
  9. We always eat at CK on Anthem boarding day and there has always been tables available. We will be in CK again in November and enjoying lunch while the masses fight for a place in WJ. Love the peace and quiet.
  10. A buffet is a buffet is a buffet. We have been to the best buffet in Reno, according to the area, and on some days it is good and on other days it is less than good. I have always looked at all food on a ship that it is better than me having to do it. I know there are some foodies that want the best food ever, but you are on a cruise ship. If you really want the best food find the best place in your town and go there. I know for 4 we paid $300 for a dinner, (in Reno) will never do it again, but if you want that kind of dinner on a ship be prepared to pay the price. And then you have the people who want that quality of food everyday, at a buffet, and a ship does not have the ability to serve that quality. Be glad you are on a ship and do not have to cook or clean up. I know I will get a lot of flack because most people will not agree with me but this is my opinion.
  11. Luggage tags available today, 49 days out. Now just to hear from the genie and we will really be close to sailing.
  12. Why would it make any difference if there were diabetics in your party? My son is diabetic and he has no problem finding things to eat on the menu.
  13. What beautiful photos. We have been thinking of this cruise in 2021 and after your review it goes to the top of the list.
  14. We really like the suite program, especially Star Class. We also like Jamie's. CocoCay has a wonderful beach and we enjoyed it. We will enjoy it again in November, without paying for the extras. We will have an umbrella and chairs which is what my granddaughter wants, she has no desire to do the slides or any of that stuff.
  15. Even in Star Class, where you keep your luggage until a porter comes and all he handles is your luggage and takes it straight to your suite, we keep our carry on with us. Just no reason to let it out of your sight if there is something important in the carry on. Can't imagine why anyone would think that a drop off program would be any different than leaving your luggage with a porter at the curb.
  16. We loved Anthem, more than Oasis, and will be sailing her the third time this November. Little smaller than Oasis and we feel way more things for a family to do. People say it is crowed but not any more than any other ship after shows or during those big sales in the shops. We go to watch the people. We have also booked the Odyssey and are looking forward to that also.
  17. We have never stayed in a Grand Suite. Will you be able to get reservations for dinners in the Coastal Kitchen? I am guessing you will be flying in the day before. We will fly up the morning of because it is only a 2 hr flight. Would like to get to the port by 9:30 but that probably will not happen. Seems like a long way away yet but then our cruise in Nov. seems like a long time to wait.
  18. Tulsacoker-what day do you sail? We are Sept. 4 in room 10724. If you sail then maybe we will see each other while on the ship.
  19. I agree with never. We were re-routed last year to LGA instead of Newark and even at 10:30 pm it must have taken an hour to get our of the airport and over 2 hrs to get back to Newark to get luggage which AA thoughtfully sent there instead of LGA where they sent us. I cannot imagine choosing LGA to fly into or out of at any time. Good luck with your decision.
  20. For us our goal is just to get one for each ship we have sailed on, which to this point is only 2 but Oasis 2 times and Anthem will be 3 times. They give us memories of fun times when we look at them and yes, I wish we could get them by sailing on the ship but when you live on the west coast it is hard to do more than 2 cruises a year. Air fare for 2 is almost another cruise, so we will get them however we can. Was hoping to have enough points to get Odyssey when we sail in March 2021 but will be a little short of the mark. I envy those of you who can sail so often and have the crystals a plus for that particular sailing. So for now I will try to find the ones I want where ever I can, if that is ebay that then that is what I will do.
  21. We had a chance to sail Panama on the Bliss when it first came out, then changed to Anthem for the New England/Canada and loved the Anthem, way more than the Oasis class, but have never forgotten not sailing on a new ship. So when the chance to book a Grand Loft on Odyssey we jumped on it. Since that cruise is going places we have not been yet it was an easy decision. I know you will make the decision you feel is right but I also think you might regret not taking the chance to sail on a new ship.
  22. We have been on North Star several times and on a balloon ride and they are not even close, IMO. North Star is enclosed and the balloon ride is open and you get a much different experience. If price is not a concern I would do the balloon ride, it will be a wonderful experience.
  23. I remember the salt cellars from the Oasis and they were pretty nice. What I would like to find is a place setting from Wonderland. Just love the forks and spoons.
  24. Makes me more excited to be going over Thanksgiving. Would love to try a Christmas or New Year's cruise, just not willing to pay the money yet.
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