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  1. Try movies from six months ago. Pets2, toy story 4, MIB, yesterday, lion king... not a guarantee, but that would be normal.
  2. I believe NCL and Carnival are no long allowing carry on liquids. These are two lines on which we don’t travel, but I try to keep my ear to the ground.(or should I say, ocean)
  3. Check with the previous rollcalls. egg drop, paper airplanes, drink of the day contest, choir, sparkling tower of death, ring toss, guess the Retired New England Patriot player, wine tasting, ships tour, back stage tour, voice of the ocean, ladies night in the shops, $10 sale, elevator races, etc
  4. Alexa: please play The Lennon Sisters.
  5. PES Lounge Platinum, Elite and Suite. The secret handshake is for Elites only.
  6. I have a couple of buckets of deer tallow, if anyone is interested. We have always brought our Irish Spring, so that I can sing in the shower. (Mostly songs from the Sound of Music)
  7. If you don’t end up with one, ask for one from your room steward on the first day. They might be able to get you one.
  8. The number of ports and the number of drinks you plan to consume in port enters into this calculation.
  9. Royal, Regal, Emerald, Coral, Caribbean and others?
  10. I see plenty of recycling. tipping threads formal wear carryon wine and water new grounds coffee bad comedy etc
  11. The new digital escape rooms on the Sky and Enchanted couldn't have been cheap.
  12. Yup, cruising has changed over the years. Now, it's pay to play. If you don't like it, I think you are going to have to move to another way of vacationing/traveling. We still find enough quality in the free food to satisfy us for a good portion of our cruise time. We choose to pay for the other part of the time.
  13. By the end of 2021, we have committed to reduce or eliminate these single-use items from all ships: Plastic trash can liners Plastic water bottles All single-use plastics will continue to be reviewed across our fleet with the goal of reducing or eliminating them in both guest and crew operations areas.
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