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  1. This had to do with both people having shares in different staterooms.
  2. Interesting that the coffee tables are gone, perhaps they are coming out with an electronic coffee table package instead.
  3. Having to request glasses or a cork screw from room service seems to be a particular ship issue. On some ships, Stewards have told us (whatever that’s worth) that we needed to order glasses from room service, if we wanted them quickly. Or they will get them sometime by day two.
  4. Cut out the middle man (person), drink straight from the bottle.
  5. Loyalty credit - maybe it is supposed to be per family. But you might both get it stockholder credit- yes you would both get it.
  6. Dinner jacket? that would cost, if you want it cleaned correctly.
  7. If you enjoyed the Celebrity experience, you should stay with it. If you are looking to try another experience, then yes try Princess. We are not ever disappointed by either line.
  8. Waiter was hoping you’d toss out a sawbuck.
  9. Different strokes for different folks. Not a concern of mine. Why bring two pair of underwear when one will suffice? 🤪
  10. Adults care about the cake, give the child what she wants... Icing(frosting)
  11. The age and general size of the children has something to do with the answer. When I was young we slept three to a bed on vacation, two big children north and south, one smaller east and west. So, anything can be done. We also slept on the floor many times as children. The room steward will give you plenty of blankets and pillows.
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