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  1. Formal photos are “more important “ to people. They are the photo you might use for your Facebook profile or Cruise Critic profile photo. Photos are really cheap if you ask a fellow cruiser to take it for you. Tell the person to shot at least three shots of the two of you. Go to another location and ask another cruiser to take at least three more. And so on. You will get at least one good shot out of these photos. Have you got big cojones? Forgot your camera or phone? Ask someone to take your photo and email it to you.
  2. Sorry, but this is my favorite thing that the Ruby doesn’t have.
  3. Princess lacks colorful slides. But the Piazza has action.
  4. I’m a believer in the force yourself to the current time method. So, drink coffee, water, liquor or suck on lemons, but force yourself to meet the current time schedule. Stay in that time period as long as possible because coming back can be rough, if the cruise is a short one.
  5. Not been an issue for me. Try the old, clear your history and cookies ?
  6. Give me good on plain salt or sea salt on Princess quality steaks. A very good quality steak only needs a couple of drops of chef sweat to taste great.
  7. Officially, No. unofficially, maybe.
  8. On the balance, I vote, No a suite is not "worth it". If you are going to cruise only a few times in your life then I might spring for a suite every cruise. We have purchased a suite once on Princess, twice on Royal and twice on Celebrity. If we were to purchase one again it would definitely be on Celebrity as we liked their experience better. I really don't understand the need for more space in my stateroom, as we don't hang out in the stateroom. If you calculate the other amenities that you can purchase while on a cruise, you are much better off to book a balcony and purchase the other items you like. IMO Of course, there are times when stateroom prices differ.
  9. You may be correct, but I think that we have done it. Not on a cruise rate that was specifically noted as newbie only, but after finding a returnee higher rate on Princess.
  10. I've never seen 30% before. Of course, you can get the non-past passenger rate. Call your travel agent or Princess.
  11. Check Google or TripAdvisor for your particular islands.
  12. Eight top no problem. Same staff no problem, if you show up at the same time every night.
  13. I think there is one more 2. 2 Perrier?
  14. During the Captain’s Sparkling Wine Tower of glassware or the balloon drop most everywhere except the Piazza is empty.
  15. Princess: The cruise line of old people, but not nearly as old as the people on Holland America. 😀
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