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  1. You could try, but I’m quite sure you can’t transfer it.
  2. Yes, Salk is a famous case according to the doctor in the house. but (there is always a but) A 2012 study identified 465 episodes of doctors’ self-experiments, with 140 of them related to dangerous infectious diseases. Eight self-experiments resulted in death, including physicians and scientists trying to curtail outbreaks of plague, typhus, cholera and yellow fever.
  3. The person you mention is not a doctor or scientist working on a treatment or vaccine. Trials take time. Cranking out some half tested slop will not be effective.
  4. It’s not about capital gain, it’s about cheap OBC. As a gambler might say; $800 will get you multiple thousand.
  5. Everyone understands that they just issued 62.5 million shares of Carnival stock at $8, right? information.
  6. Yesterday I was 100% optimistic when I bought x shares of CCL at just over 8.05 per share. I became 1000% optimistic when I sold them this morning at 8.67 per share. (yes, I know there is no difference between the two levels of optimism) Cruise into the future... (Sadly, Just not until 2022)
  7. Simple answer for those not wanting to cruise in the future. Don't.
  8. Bidets for all with built in dryers. Yeah! ?
  9. Stanley the bear is a stuffed Animal toy. 😇 Stanley known as the Bear is a different trip altogether. 😜
  10. Apparently this is Stan the man. The bear is different.
  11. To go along with your cruise photos, how about some Princess Cruises Trivia. (I know about the general cruise trivia board). No cheating(I did that already) 1)First Princess Ship? 2) List all ships ever under Princess line? 2a) P&O/Sitmar Line? 3) P&O stands for? 4)The Princess bear is named after? 5) Current largest ship? 6) Current smallest ship? 7) Common Princess drydock/refurbishment locations?
  12. Back to your old buckaroo days. 😁
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