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  1. neverbeenhere

    Bad weather

    Bad weather or good weather, it’s always time to head out for a cruise.
  2. neverbeenhere

    Upsell-seems like a bad deal

    Sometimes they seem to offer these kind of upsells that aren’t that great, but I’m guessing some folks are buying into it. Cruising is a business.
  3. neverbeenhere

    What happens if there's an emergency at home?

    If there is an emergency at home, I can't do anything about it because I'm on a cruise.
  4. neverbeenhere

    Upsell Offer Opinion Sought

    I might save the cash for eating in a specialty restaurant a few times.
  5. neverbeenhere

    Do the libraries still have the puzzle sheets?

    After I try to solve them, I rip them up. Then they are pieces of sheets.
  6. neverbeenhere

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Other old advice... future cruise deposits purchased while on a cruise. Princess allows re-faring your cruise up until at least final payment date. Watch out for change in perks/benefits. Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker. It is likely Princess will offer a bonus gift card with the purchase of a gift card at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You will need a coupon code at the time. Watch cruise critic boards for the code. Beverages available for free all day. Water Coffee like product Hot tea Hot chocolate - maybe Iced tea Lemonade available for free in the morning Milk Chocolate milk Juices - Tom, Orange, Apple, cranberry cocktail, prune, others(ask) Soy milk Other beverages (ask)
  7. neverbeenhere

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    As for the refer-a-friend OBC, family can count as a friend. Even if you can’t stand your brother-in-law.
  8. neverbeenhere

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    As has been stated before, veterans are eligible for OBC on Princess Cruises. Sadly, my time playing Battleship@ as a child doesn’t count as military service.
  9. neverbeenhere

    Drinking cup question

    Yes, please don’t fill straight from the machine. Fill a clean cup then transfer to your cup or ask for three cups full from crew member.
  10. neverbeenhere


    Yes, that is one reason why we have been sleeping around.
  11. neverbeenhere

    Carnival vs RCI and NCL

    Burger King - Carnival (They try hard, but something always seems amiss) Wendy's - Royal (It's clearly different than Burger King, but still quite similar) KFC - Norwegian (They sell another product all together, but it tastes alright) Random opinions
  12. neverbeenhere

    East/West Caribbean

    Drinking - Western VS Shopping - Eastern Not 100% true, but a quick summary of the two itineraries.
  13. neverbeenhere

    Somehow I Became Diamond Plus?

  14. I don't know the Las Vegas odds, but I'm betting that they change it.
  15. They might be replacing it with Droopy Dog's Disappointing Deli? Yes, I know I'm dating myself.