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  1. https://thepointsguy.com/news/msc-cruises-covid-port-tour-rules/
  2. 1960’s phone book. You are using a later Tutone phone directory.
  3. I found an old Yellow Pages, looks like you may be listed. Lenquixote66, Alan 867-5309 Lenquixote66, Bob 867-5308 Lenquixote66, Bonnie 867-5302 Lenquixote66, Dave C. 867-5307 Lenquixote66, Tony 867-5301
  4. Double the ads, keep my price of cruising lower. - Winner
  5. Nope, don't need a list of passenger's names. Mrs Neverbeenhere and I would be very easy to locate. But, Why not include AGI for every statement also? BTW: The only time our cousins have cruised is when we've paid for them to go.
  6. The doctor in the house says the condition is called “in una persona billion” (or something like that)
  7. Toast and Grog? I wish we had booked many more when the lines were giving away the cruises for nearly free, but alas we only booked a few. I hope to have better foresight next pandemic.
  8. My belief is that mostly experienced cruisers are the ones taking advantage of the double points as I'm thinking that newbies and second-timers aren't jumping on cruise ships very soon. The demographics of cruises during 2021 and 2022 might be quite interesting.
  9. Given all the passengers using double points to obtain new loyalty status, I don't think they will be upgrading early. Again, I want to welcome the 1 million new D+ members.
  10. All the cruises I’ve taken in the last year had half the crowd in tuxedos and the other half in gowns.
  11. NCL charges if you want ice with your rum or they charge double if you don’t want ice. 🥃
  12. Vs Norwegian Princess has no nickeling and only a bit of diming. Princess has fine passengers that seem to be older and more sedate. The piazza is the place to be for announces/unannounced action.
  13. For those using facts, please stop! Conjecture, guesses, and witchcraft are so much more comforting.
  14. Yes, life will return to "normal". Now, I may still want to stand 60'6" away from you, but that's really is anti-social distancing. Hugs will be allowed. (Of course, only if invited) The buffet is the cell cultivation center of the cruise ship petri dish, so they've got to be changed to another model.
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