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  1. I was supposed to be on a cruise now. I am going to wait for the 60 day window to chargeback from Amex. That is so close to the 90 day mark if I don't have the money by then, it will be my only recourse.
  2. I did get the cancellation confirmation. I received 42 of them! Same email 2 passengers. Maybe I got everyone else's too. Or I will get 42 refunds LOL 🙂😀
  3. So I want a refund. This morning got an email saying I have FCC. Not a happy camper right now. I did not ask for FCC.
  4. I agree, no form to even start filling out. Someone mentioned doing a charge-back. Is that even possible with American Express since I did authorize the charge in the first place.
  5. I started looking to use the 100% fare today and the prices are crazy high! My question is we had to pay all those tips for the "free" drinks and dinner packages do we get that money too?
  6. Is it the same price onboard? Right now I can purchase the 3 night of for 69.00 each person.
  7. Thank you, since this last post on 2015. Does anyone have any updates or suggestions about in suite dining?
  8. Received the Royal Up email this morning for April 6 Rhapsody but Suites are sold out. Assuming this is in case someone cancels at last minute.
  9. Anybody know if RCCL does the bag of laundry deal, and what day during cruise? Rhapsody out of Tampa on a Saturday.
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