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  1. Its funny the new t&c don't mention anything about bookings before June 1, 2019. Do we think that all new bookings will be allowed to combine shareholder credit with other perks. It appears people submitting older bookings are getting denied based on the old rules.
  2. I have not heard of it being discontinued after it was reinstated a couple of years ago.
  3. Only qualification to the above is that once you leave the ship you won't be able to board again until boarding for everyone has started. If I were doing this I would wait until they escort you through immigration. I think you can leave immediately from there without continuing back on the ship with the rest of the group. The ship should be boarding when you return. They have a meeting for B2B passengers so it would probably be best to go get all the info and make the decision best for you.
  4. I echo the statement that you should go to Michaels Club and explain the situation to the Concierge there and let them straighten out the cards and bev packages. They should be very helpful. If you ask nicely for this assistance they will know you are traveling with your family and you "might" be pleasantly surprised.
  5. There are rates which don't include perks. Even for those with packages you would have to have your card with you and have it swiped. Senior/Resident/Xciting Deals/MoveUp
  6. Remember on "M" class ships CC and AQ cabins are about 20 sqft larger than other verandah categories. On "S" class they are all the same size.
  7. I think if you look for agencies specializing in last minute cruises this one will be near the top of the list. The format of the display in the OP's post will let you know you have the right one.
  8. While I have seen broken furniture discarded into dumpsters, we were on Equinox last fall when they replaced all the loungers on the pool decks. We watched stacks of the old ones being offloaded in Saint Marten onto many flat bed trailers. During the announcements the captain said they were being donated to a group on the island.
  9. It has been well documented from before the first sailing of Edge that the Retreat Sundeck is for Suite passengers only, not others who are extended access to the Retreat lounge. I was surprised to find out on our May sailing when someone in the Retreat lounge was talking about drinks on the sundeck not being complimentary like in the lounge. Now I think that is really stupid. I also agree that the signage is a major blunder.
  10. Reports have been hit or miss on whether they will downgrade to the premium package. One thing common to all reports where I have heard have been successful is that you have to do it first thing BEFORE using the package at all.
  11. I was on Summit in May and dined in Blu. While it didn't seem to be offered, a couple of times when I requested something from the MDR menu I was accommodated.
  12. Some people refer to a popular high volume online TA in NH as "big box" who does charge a cancellation fee. It always confuses me as I consider big box the warehouse stores where you by toilet paper by the truckload.
  13. On second thought it's not a Publix (that was in Miami Blue Lagoon). I believe it's Winn Dixie. We ate good seafood at Kelly's landing and it was right across the street from that.
  14. I have stayed at both. I have to agree that HIE is a more convenient location for walking to restaurants etc. There is also a Publix store close by if you want to pickup wine or last minute things. HIE also has the breakfast included. Both are very close to the port and less than a $10 taxi or Uber/Lyft ride. I have HIE booked for my next FLL cruise.
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