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  1. This new charge will only be added to your cruise fare on new bookings and if you make changes to an existing reservation such as repricing, upgrade, downgrade, changing perks (including bev package). People should not worry about this charge popping up on their onboard accounts. That's not how it works.
  2. We use $10000 per trip travel insurance associated with a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card $450 annually but first $300 in travel expenses are credited back to you, combined with an annual Geo Blue annual medical insurance for about $400. Many here seem to do the same. There was a recent thread on the subject plus there is a cruise insurance board.
  3. http://rccl.force.com/directtransfers/DTTCelebrity
  4. Like others I believe your TA did get wind of what was going on and it's just that they adjusted and delayed the implementation. I firmly believe the delay was more to allow the IT department to figure out how to handle it in their horrible interface. Many people jumped on the OP at the time. I knew him to be a frequent poster and I did believe what he was told. It also wouldn't have been out the question for Celebrity to change their mind and not roll it out at all. Yes I'm curious about the new rumor, but I'd agree it might be good to just let them cook it some more.
  5. You should call your TA or Celebrity if you booked direct. I'm sure you can change 1 name on the reservation up to a few days before the sailing. There may be something like a $75 administrative charge. But all this should be confirmed with whoever you booked with.
  6. I know you had a thread on non refundable deposits and my understanding of how that works if you canceled is in line with what you posted here. Did you ever get an explanation of why the penalty schedule shown on the website is 25% the day after booking? Also I believe you can get no perks with refundable deposit. It's shown as "Price Rate" in the list below. These are the price codes for the Jan 2021 Constellation Panama Canal Cruise C2 cabin shown on one of the large on-line TA sites. So the difference in NRD and Refundable deposit is $241.
  7. Yes dummy booking on Celebrity site or the TA site of your choice. If I find something lower on my favorite TA site I confirm on the Celebrity site. There are some TA sites which display all the pricing options on one page making it easier to see pricing with different perks/deposit etc.
  8. If your bid is accepted your credit card is charged and the assigned room is what you get period. Sounds like cabin location is more important to you and I'd be tempted to keep the hump balcony.
  9. In North America yes. With deposits being historically refundable up until final payment date they allow repricing vs the client just canceling and rebooking.
  10. Is there a limit on the number of slots offered to each suite? If PH #1 wants all 16 slots can they take them?
  11. There should be no line at the bar. I expect enough staff to be served where I'm sitting. Yes I do blame the "perk" packages for the self serve mentality I've seen on the Celebrity ships recently.
  12. Also a reason to have good trip insurance. Unless you booked air via Celebrity Air program, you are on your own to rebook your travel home. In these situations they generally provide complimentary phone calls (and possibly some internet minutes) for you to get things straightened out but the actual air changes are your responsibility.
  13. If you are booked with a TA, only the TA can manage the booking. So yes call your TA. Also make sure the current pricing you are seeing includes any perks you may have had with your original booking including the additional $14 pd/pp they are now including with the Classic Beverage Package if you have that selected as a perk.
  14. Even at the time it was used for the Captains Club Elite cocktail hour it was open the rest of the time to the whole ship. There was a piano player in there in the evening. Used to be our place to be at night.
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