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  1. It can if it's "full price". If it's exciting deals or senior or resident discount it will not. There are all kinds of fares for each category. I didn't realize just how many until a recent redesign of the website of one of the popular online TA's which now lists them all.
  2. Have been receiving a rose vase from Captains Club for years. Used to be 3 roses but recently has been a single rose. It was delivered to the stateroom at some random point during the cruise. Last cruise on Summit in a CS and never received. Has this nice touch been eliminated?
  3. I wouldn't expect this treatment these days. No harm asking but expect to be told no.
  4. The available inventory of suites is meaningless. When booking a "W" you have to assume that you will be getting the worst suite. (This is one category where I don't care if I get the worst one). Many times in the past you would get the accessible sky suites which some people didn't like. Now I believe the chances are that you will get the vacated suite from someone who bid using MoveUp from Sky Suite to a higher suite. My personal belief is there is now a better chance of getting a S1 or a S2 than before but that's just my personal belief.
  5. As a Captains Club member you are entitled to a 1 category upgrade. It's really that you get 1 sub category higher than what you pay for. For example if you book a 2C balcony you pay the 2D price. It's supposed to be done at time of booking but you should be able to play ignorant and ask about it when taking to Captains Club to setup your account and put your number on the reservation.
  6. You wouldn't keep the 2 perks if they are not included in the Suite offer you are considering. You didn't say which sailing you you were on but 200 total to get to a suite is very good and I would jump on it. Remember you can get drinks all day in MC/Retreat lounge so that would help with the loss of the bev package. Of course you would have to consider tips as part of the cost to upgrade. I'd call the TA to verify the details.
  7. BTW they will have lobster in Luminae the same night as they do in MDR. The Luminae version is much better, a cold water lobster tail poached. Very good usually.
  8. I guess I've always been in the wrong pool on "S" class ships.😎
  9. I always put a 24hr hold when I see the situation. You can just tell them the reservation number on the hold.
  10. Ya think? Embassy Suites 17th street $1240 for 1/30 1 night! Oh if you have Hilton Honors points it's only 550,000.
  11. "S" class outdoor pools are much shallower. Not much over 4', definitely not over my head, plus they are fresh water. "M" class outdoor pool is 6-7' and over my head plus they are sea water.
  12. This changed a couple of years ago. Now when you have them keep the booking with Celebrity they have you sign a form. It sounds like Celebrity inadvertently sent the reservation to them and when they figured out they had done it in error pulled it back? My response to the agency would be that you had made the booking specifying that it was to be held by Celebrity. If Celebrity had done something different with them they need to take it up with Celebrity. If the agency was aggressive like this with me they certainly wouldn't get my business.
  13. One clarification on #2, It's the difference from what you paid and the higher priced cabin. The current price of the assigned cabin has nothing to do with it. Generally you can do these types of upgrade anytime before sailing. Many people take advantage of price drops after final payment to attempt these types of upgrades, so keep watching prices if your sailing has available inventory.
  14. One piece of feedback to Ms Shey is that I'm opposed to the type of offers like the one that came out yesterday, "Sail with the CEO and get 15 bonus points". The Captains Club program has always rewarded loyalty in terms of amount of sailing with Celebrity. Originally it was number of cruises plus duration (1 extra point for longer cruises) and category (1 extra point for CC and higher). The the revamped program got a bit more granular with rewards by days sailing and category of stateroom. Only once I believe after the new points system was introduced were there bonus points use to entice people to book AQ with a 25 point bonus. At that time people used that to bump themselves to the next level. The recent promo for bonus points for booking Choice Air didn't bother me as much as you were technically "buying their product". But to just hype a couple of sailings with and executive. Come on... Are they testing this out to use loyalty points to entice people to book over priced sailings they can't move otherwise??
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