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  1. The FV's are opened up close to sailing date if they don't have large families booking. We snagged the same one for our B2B in Nov. They are priced a bit higher as balcony, CC, and Aqua are all the same price. The FV was more than an A1.
  2. There is no priority boarding now except for suites. The time on your Xpress pass is your boarding window.
  3. We started cruising on Celebrity in 2002 and did line up outside for several years.
  4. I never check the box to use biometrics for photo as I believe it means they will use facial recognition to identify photos taken by the ships photographer that you are in. Yes you can skip and go back later and add the photo. I use the app to checkin so I can scan my passport but have a photo saved that I want to use for every cruise and the app doesn't allow upload but the web does so I go to the web after and add the photo. The luggage tag request form is broken (typical Celebrity IT) call and ask for them to be sent. I did this yesterday.
  5. Muster 2.0 was introduced with the restart of cruising. There is no mass gathering of people at a set time at the muster station. As others have said you watch a short (2 min) video about putting on a life jacket on your device or stateroom TV, Then starting around noon through mid afternoon you go to your muster station individually and get you cards scanned by the muster leader (another 2 minutes). Then you are done. Yes this will continue after covid.
  6. The quotes sizes include the balcony just FYI.
  7. The real reason that staterooms aren't open until 1 pm is that the stateroom attendants have a break until that time. I wouldn't expect to stay in my room before 1. Frankly the current "rules" are fine with us. Drop the crap in the room, go start the cruise.
  8. Yes it was announced in Nov 2019. Has anyone noticed social distancing or capacity restrictions onboard. I've been onboard Edge and Equinox for a total of 4 weeks since July and have seen none.
  9. As soon as you board you are able to go to your stateroom and drop your carry on and put things in the safe if you want. Your seapass cards will be in the mail holder outside your room. You are then asked to stay in the public areas until the staterooms are released at around 1 pm.
  10. On M class ships CC and Aqua are larger than veranda cabins. That's one reason I might bid on CC although I agree with others that if OP wants Aqua I wouldn't put in a CC bid.
  11. I believe by default they are now only showing 4 days out but there is a button to show more dates which should show 13 days out.
  12. And you would have got the wrong answer.
  13. OP is looking at booking now with NRD for a cruise in 2023, not trying to move a current sailing down the road.
  14. Do this. Since you are at the aft of the ship go to the aft elevators and go up to the bar aft of the Oceanview for quick service then run back to your wonderful verandah. Congratulations on selecting one of the best rooms on the Summit. I take an aft C1 over a sky suite on those ships. Enjoy.
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