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  1. They do still seem worried about variants. They are still requiring tests for re-entering the US when traveling internationally as well as recommending returning travelers get tested 3-5 days after return even for fully vaccinated travelers.
  2. Yes it seems that the simply sail prices are not discounted nearly enough considering.
  3. Do you prefer bed by the bath or by the balcony? We prefer by the balcony as bed by the bath we feel limits access to the closet. I believe that rooms with the square on them are bed by the bath (as the sleeper sofa is by the balcony). Also first and third cabins off the hump are the larger balconies. So my choice would be 7247 as that is the only bed by balcony in your list. If you want bed by bath or don't care then it would be 7241 for the best view and larger balcony.
  4. Wouldn't it be nice if Celebrity had an email technology which would allow them to send a notification to the guests on any particular sailing to notify them of significant changes and verify if the customer actually received them. Oh wait. They do. I have received these types of emails multiple times when there have been last minute boarding changes. Receive an email with a link to click to confirm I had seen it. I assume they tried other forms of communication with the small segment of passengers who didn't acknowledge receiving the notification.
  5. They said they would offer these on 'select' sailings (ones they want to move at the last minute). To me it's not much of a deal as the difference is $30 pp/pd of which $15.50 pp/pd will be deducted from your onboard account for gratuities (this is the only part of AI I happen to agree with). So for $14.50 pp/pd you don't get CPB, surf Internet or the choice of cabin. Boy that AI sure looks like a good deal doesn't it😀 And $205 pp/pd for a GTY verandah on Millie in the Caribbean is still at least $50 pp/pd overpriced in my opinion.
  6. Once assigned you can usually change to any available cabin in that same category with a simple phone call.
  7. Eclipse, Solstice and Equinox the cabin numbers are the same. The Silhouette and Reflection are different. The balconies on the slant of the hump are much deeper than regular ones. The first and third from the hump are the deepest. Some people complain the deeper cabins make the cabin dark and cave like. I like these cabins.
  8. I've occasionally got group rates on Sky Suites. Other times they say they can't add a suite to an existing group.
  9. Priority boarding has also been discontinued. I'm not sure if it's permanent.
  10. Never seen the requirement on Celebrity, RCL yes. In the past when you selected perks then both people in the cabin had to select the same perks. But upgrades were allowed per person and I suspect that's how they are presented in Cruise Planner.
  11. If they cancel the other cruise they original FCC will be reinstated with the same terms as long as the cruise is cancelled prior to final payment. After final payment any penalties will be subtracted. Celebrity has been consistent in holding firm to the CwC FCC book by and sail by dates. If they continue with restarting sailing this summer I doubt we will see them extend these dates. FCC are a liability on their books that they don't want to carry any longer then they have to.
  12. Right and I think it's really #1 which is holding things up. The phase 2A requirements have been out for some time and I've heard nothing about any line having any contracts in place. To me this is what the lines are really trying to make go away. Once they get you off the ship they want no responsibility as it has always been. I'm sure the cruise line really cares less what the CDC requires for mask wearing onboard as it costs them nothing other than maybe a percentage of passengers who will decide not to cruise which probably wouldn't impact their revenue when forced to sail
  13. Glad it worked out to your satisfaction. I can see them making an exception for FCC (isn't that what would have happened if they cancelled the L&S cruise with Cruise with Confidence?). But I don't think anyone should get their hopes up for getting a refund.
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