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  1. wrk2cruise

    Edgeification of current ships

    What I've heard from the Celebrity communications is that the "M" class will be stateroom replacement by removing and replacing the stateroom modules. On "S" class it will be furniture and decor only in the staterooms. I've been trying to find pictures of the current Millennium drydock with modules being removed.
  2. Yes alcohol in MC is complimentary. They have a full bar setup. There are some drinks they don't have the equipment to make like frozen drinks so they may go out to Ensemble for those or some ingredient they don't have. The drink menu is not limited like the Captains Club Elite drink menu. You can pretty much order anything within reason. Definitely anything available with the premium beverage package should be available. They also have a Nespresso coffee machine so they can make most coffee.
  3. Resident discount does not include any perks. No bev package. But wait it's not that cut and dry. Sky Suites have access to Michaels Club where there is complementary beverages from 7:30 am to Midnight. Also if you read terms and conditions of the $25 deposit promo it excludes suites. Isn't easy to buy a Celebrity Cruise these days!
  4. wrk2cruise

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    Yes if you do a MoveUP to a suite you will get MC access and Luminae as they are part of the stateroom benefits.
  5. wrk2cruise

    New Promo $25.00 deposits

    Here is a link to the promo including the terms and conditions. Generally Celebrity doesn't allow more than 2 promos on a reservation. If you have GoXXX and Onboard booking OBC I'm not sure if they would allow this one as well. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_2019_MLK_Holiday_25Deposits_100OBC_Sail_Event.pdf
  6. wrk2cruise

    Summit propulsion problems delayed departure

    Marine Traffic shows them underway, out past El Moro. Good.
  7. wrk2cruise

    Transatlantic with 4 perks

    If I book online I always put it on 24hr hold, then call the automated line to request the guest invoice. That's where I check to make sure everything I'm expecting is listed. Then I call in to Captains Club to finalize deposit payment.
  8. wrk2cruise

    Summit propulsion problems delayed departure

    I'm on the next sailing on the 29th. Hope it's nothing too serious. Please keep us informed.
  9. Sounds like the rate is restricted to "new bookings only". Can you cancel and rebook with the agency?
  10. wrk2cruise

    Another Move Up ?

    If you win the bid your credit card is charged and you are the proud owner of the new stateroom regardless if you approve of it or not.
  11. wrk2cruise

    New Promo $25.00 deposits

    What I was saying is I don't think their system is setup to automatically give you the reduced deposit. You have to override the system by selecting "Other" and entering $25 x number of passengers. This is what I received for booking in the US so you may need to call your local office. If it were me booking here, I would put what I wanted on 24hr hold then call and complete the booking on the phone.
  12. wrk2cruise

    Millennium Revolution -

    What about all those oceanview and aqua people who are taking public space as well with their new cabins on "M" class.
  13. wrk2cruise

    Stunt on Royal

    His stupidity is going to cost him $$$.
  14. wrk2cruise

    New Promo $25.00 deposits

    People, you need to read "terms and conditions" on any of these promotions. *Visit celebritycruises.com for full terms and conditions. $25 Reduced Deposit Offer is applicable to new bookings made Jan. 17th – 23rd 2019, for select cruises departing May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2021. Reduced deposits are per person and exclude group bookings, suites, Celebrity Apex, Alaska Cruisetours and Galapagos sailings. Reduced deposit must be paid by deposit payment required due date. Offer is applicable to the United States, Canada and Australia. To redeem at celebritycruises.com, proceed to the payment page, select "Other" in the deposit field and enter the deposit amount. Standard full deposit penalty is applied if booking is cancelled within final payment period; see Celebrity's cancellation policy for details. Refer to celebritycruises.com and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity reserves the right to cancel the Offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and change or update fares, fees and surcharges at any time without prior notice.
  15. wrk2cruise

    New Promo $25.00 deposits

    I think the new cancellation policy is now 25% in that time frame. I guess they closed that loophole! Also look at the terms and conditions " Standard full deposit penalty is applied if booking is cancelled within final payment period; see Celebrity's cancellation policy for details "