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  1. Onboard summit now and nobody knows what happened with the Summit sailings. i had the Oct 16 repo on hold but now can’t finalize as it’s been closed
  2. Signature and Reflection suite classes are currently only on Reflection. Signature suites are a class between Celebrity Suite and Royal Suite. That's why the statement is Signature and above on Reflection.
  3. The new rules are in effect for bookings made June 1, 2019 or later which allow combining, actually there are restrictions on certain fare codes like interline, friends & family, but nothing about other perks. I've been consistently denied on bookings made before 6/1 and consistently successful on bookings made after. On the ones made after I had 2 perks and refundable and non-refundable fares. Here is the info from the investor relations site https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/. There is no mention of bookings made before June 1, 2019 but they have been consistently using the old rules for those.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the incorrect information on the website. As we have seen lately Celebrity most times will refuse to honor things displayed and refers to the invoice for the "contracted" agreement. Also the T&C for this and other "deals" are pretty specific about how NRD are handled. Here is what my invoice says regarding a non-refundable deposit. The minimum deposit for this reservation is Non-Refundable. A change fee of 100 USD per guest will apply for ship or sail date changes. I also would never confirm a booking on their website. I might place something on a 24hr hold, but then I always call and discuss the details and deposit on the phone. Then I always have them send me the invoice and review BEFORE I hang up. I always note the person I spoke with and the time as they record all calls.
  5. Yes it's 60 days from when you made the booking (when you took the hold). I'd never complete a reservation via the website. Always call, discuss the details with a rep and have them email you the confirmation and review it before hanging up.
  6. I believe you can get the extra perk part of the deal but as others have said you will get the OBC and the $100 pp deposits like normal.
  7. I'm pretty sure that if you cancel the booking the $100 WILL apply.
  8. I read the fine print and it doesn't mention anything about NRD and the typical $100 admin fee stuff so I'm pretty sure you just lose the $25 deposit. The fine print does say the $25 deposits are only for the NRD fares so full deposit on Suites and Refundable fares.
  9. Also note the sale only applies to sailings up to May 3, 2021, so does not include the just opened Europe sailings. The flyer for the Wave promo next month does include those so I guess I'll have to wait and hope the prices don't go up. Ya right.
  10. I still haven't seen the sale posted on the US Celebrity site or the large TA sites I use. I'd be interested in this TA site for research. My email is wrk2cruise at nc.rr.com
  11. In my personal opinion west to east transit is the best direction. Entry to the canal is much nicer on the west coast. You have 2 sets of locks then travel through the cut and into the lake by early afternoon. Exiting the canal on the east coast is very industrial. As far as which side of the ship is better, like others I don't think it matters. What you can see from your room will depend somewhat on which side of the locks you enter. As others have said you will probably want to spend time all around the ship to take in the views. With some time indoors as it is very hot and humid.
  12. I priced it out with the independent company I always use for trip insurance. Their Cancel Any Reason policy was $69 pp but only pays 75% for an uncovered reason. Doesn't seem worth the effort. My thinking is that it makes sense to self insure the $200 as I would make up the loss by taking the next cruise. Of course it doesn't make sense if you don't plan on taking the cruise (like a placeholder cruise) which is exactly why Celebrity is pushing NRD.
  13. Just remember that AQ and CC cabins are ~20 sq ft larger on "M" class ships. On "S" class they are the same size. On "M" class we do book AQ or CC for the larger cabin size.
  14. Generally the non refundable deposits are available with 2 and 4 perk options as well, however the base fare as others have stated is usually no perks. I'm starting to find the non-refundable rates to be worth the risk, on a recently booked 14 night cruise in a 1A cabin the refundable rate was $320 pp cheaper than the NRD rate both with 2 perks.
  15. It was probably within a month of booking. It wasn't a problem they just credited the first card and charged the new one.
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