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  1. Yes and DW had it updated when she received each dose of Moderna vaccine. They also gave her the other appointment card.
  2. You could have still used it and got a new FCC for the balance.
  3. This is the first I've heard that they have added covid coverage back to the Trekker plans. I have had an annual policy from them in the past as well. This is good to see but note quarantining costs are not covered. "*Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are not subject to the above exception and are covered as any other Injury or Illness. Medical Expenses associated with asymptomatic testing or expenses for quarantining(confinement outside of a hospital setting) are not covered under this Plan."
  4. Yes years ago. If your asking about Revolutionized (bringing Edge class feel) then no. It's in dry dock in Cadiz Spain right now but is only getting maintenance and the new blue paint. Nothing on passenger decks according to the release I saw. https://crew-center.com/celebrity-infinity-arrives-cadiz-drydock
  5. If it's not a major concern maybe you should reconsider traveling as well. You need to have a plan if it's a possibility.
  6. Summit is a M Class ship, but yes there is a cabin sticky for that as well.
  7. I have to agree that the volume TA's are probably best for experienced cruisers. Even then the best way to find a good one is by talking with your fellow cruisers and get a personal recommendation. No TA works 7/24 but there are issues where some are totally unavailable on weekends which is when Celebrity sometimes has interesting pricing anomalies. My TA personally works weekdays and is occasionally on duty on a Saturday, however the agency he works for is open 7 days a week with pretty decent hours. If he's not available I call the 800 number for the agency and they can help
  8. This has been my concern all along. I guess I can understand being disembarked if you require medical attention exceeding what can be done onboard. My hope was that if you just tested positive and were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms you would be isolated for the remainder of the sailing. I'm afraid they would want you (and your traveling party) off the ship as soon as possible to protect themselves. I don't think we will see a clear definition of their policy. I've looked at the RCL Quantum information and they just say they have a tiered response policy with zero details
  9. Did you choose the pull down with the proper dates for your sailing. For Summit there are 3 date ranges. I do know there are some things different between the M class ships for example on Summit the FV cabins remain FV but on Connie they will be Sunset Suites when sailings resume even though there has been no Revolution.
  10. My opinion is that the stock price is overly inflated by "optimistic hope" and when the reality of the next 6-9 months sets in we will see another dip. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the $50/$60 range again but that's my layman's opinion. RCL has historically been pretty cyclical since I started sailing with them.
  11. No, they are showing deck plans on Infinity through 4/2022 but nothing after that. I suspect there will be a new deck plan introduced after that with the SV's. That's about the time frame other M class ships have changed.
  12. Bought at $50 sold at $99. Will buy again when it's way back down.
  13. Of the cabins you listed I would take 7227. On Eclipse the connecting cabin is a non issue as it's an ingenious way where there is an extra set of doors outside your cabin which are tucked into the walls and are only used if you actually want to connect to the adjacent cabin. In that case these extra doors form a foyer outside your regular stateroom door. Don't give it a second thought. As far a elevator noise there won't be any. There is a wall between you and the elevators. 7227 is in a very quiet location. The housekeeping pantry is further down near the cabins on the sla
  14. I'm just surprised it took them so long. SV category has been around for 10+ years on "S" class. You would have thought they would have done this when they brought M class in line with S class years ago. While I agree the SV category is "lower" than concierge I'm sure they will price them higher than almost any other non suite category. Edit: Well I guess I'm gobsmacked as well. Checked out that Millennium sailing and the SV is in fact 5% less than C1 and $20 (total pp for 8 days) less than a C3. I have not seen them available for booking on the multiple
  15. I was looking at deck plans on Celebrity site for "M" class ships. I've been trying to figure out why aft C1 cabins appear to be unavailable on the new deployments later in 2022. It appears that all the non accessible C1 cabins on the aft of the "M" class ships are being reclassified SV. They have also changed a bunch of C2 cabins on deck 8 mid ship to C1. I'm suspecting SV purely on the color code which matches that of SV on "S" class ships as it's not listed in the legend of stateroom types on this deck. I also have not found one able to be booked on any booking
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