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  1. The Cruise Suspension FAQ's state that they will be refunded. I don't believe that's the case if you cancelled with Cruise with Confidence program.
  2. This is exactly what is stated in the FAQ. Since people are talking about 125% FCC it's Cruising Suspension not Cruise With Confidence. The rules are slightly different depending on which situation you fall under. People please read the FAQ's provided. https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising
  3. Not true. FCC can't be used for deposit and can only be applied to cruise fare. So basically you have to deposit a new reservation then you can apply the FCC. So I believe the reality is the OP is going to have to pay the deposit at some point.
  4. Is this issue specific to Celebrity? I thought it was the CLIA members that decided collectively to include this requirement. This would include most of the major cruise lines.
  5. I know one of you neighbors didn't see any of these sunrises🙂 Thanks for the pictures. We had Michael as well and thought he did a very good job.
  6. If you have any documentation proving you took that first cruise and you submit to Captains Club I believe they will add it for you. Seapass card or something like that.
  7. I believe it's only if Celebrity cancelled your cruise. From the Cruise Suspension FAQ's. Of course their workding for "canceled or suspended" is confusing but the answer I believe makes it clear. Is CruiseCare® refundable? For canceled or suspended sailings, CruiseCare will be refunded. If guests choose our Cruise with Confidence policy, CruiseCare will not be refunded.
  8. One other thing to consider is the mandatory 5 year dry dock for maritime maintenance. While I'm sure they could get an extension for a bit given the current situation I'm not sure they could push it out 2 years.
  9. This is exactly how it was explained to me by my favorite on board booking agent (very experienced). You can change from RD to NRD at any time. You can't change the other way. Only option is to cancel the original reservation with any penalty involved and rebook. She warned of this as you would lose the onboard booking status of the original booking along with the associated OBC. In another case I had called Celebrity to reprice since they had a promo with an additional perk. The agent mistakenly gave me a different rate which was a NRD which I refused and repeated my RD rate request and he changed it back. When I received the guest invoice before hanging up I noticed it has the non refundable deposit text (not the NRD promo code). I asked him to correct. After about an hour on the phone and a couple of call back he said there was no way to do this in their system but reservation was noted that the deposit was fully refundable, plus I have emails to the same effect.
  10. You will have to ask the agencies. TA's are not allowed to be mentioned on Cruise Critic per the rules.
  11. Please read the FAQ section under Cruise Suspension. It covers this case. https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising
  12. So I understand you correctly. They charged and additional $150 pp at the time of cancellation? To your original form of payment? This is definitely not what was explained and I signed onboard.
  13. I still don't understand. You put down $100 pp onboard for a future reservation with NRD. Now before final payment you cancel. My understanding your just done they owe you nothing. You say they "charged" you the full deposit? How/when? And now you are getting the full deposit as FCC? Doesn't sound right.
  14. If this was a serious question the answer will be no. It will be excluded as a complimentary cruise Don't shoot the messenger. I'm glad people have made the most of a bad situation and can understand why they are looking for it to come to a close in the next few days. Sounds like they have put together a reasonable plan for getting people home.
  15. When did you cancel? Before final payment? I was told explicitly that if I cancel prior to final payment I would forfeit the $100 pp depost and nothing more. If after final payment yes I understood it reverted to full deposit.
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