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  1. I would think that if your booster was at least 14 days prior to your embarkation you would be ok in any event as you have have the required 2 shots (with lot numbers) but it's really up to Celebrity how they will handle it. I would ask them maybe provide a scanned copy of your card and try to get their response in writting. Have you contacted your county health board to see what they might be able to do to help you correct the situation?
  2. If you aren't within final payment it should be easy to get applied. This really should be automatic without having to beg for it. I've also been saying it should be increased now that fares are 2x what they used to be.
  3. I hope Iain requested the brown gravy on the prime rib, otherwise that's just not right.
  4. I've never had to pay the full deposit when upgrading (up through a Sky Suite) or moving the reservation to another sailing unless the upgraded room was group pricing. All groups have to have full deposit. Onboard bookings for CS and higher require full 200% deposit.
  5. Always a risk but a chance I'd probably take since you can only waitlist one specific room. Maybe 1140 on a M class ship would be a risk but I doubt too many others would be this far in advance.
  6. I don't think that will work as they do the B2B testing the day before debarkation so that would be on the 2nd. They won't be doing testing on the turnover day.
  7. Covid protocols are what they used to restrict access in the first place. What covid protocols are you experiencing in the Retreat Lounge? We have not seen any capacity restrictions or social distancing on the Edge and Equinox sailings we have been on since the restart.
  8. Book it refundable now and then rebook onboard assuming the pricing doesn't go crazy in the meantime.
  9. Same happened on Infinity a couple months prior. I believe it's mandatory hull and propulsion maintenance which has to happen at about 5 years.
  10. You may want to see if your TA can still pull those reservations if you want. Mine seems to be able to long after the deadline.
  11. You can buy onboard credit in $25 increments from the gifts page https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-gifts/items-results?category=ONBDCR&collection=ONBDCR
  12. No that's a "M" class ship and the doors are connecting. I find it hard to believe that only GTY cabins were available for a sailing that far out on the older non revolutionized ship. Celebrity shore side operations is very inconsistent so if you don't like what you hear, call again.
  13. I did run into this in July where someone at Celebrity would not do the move for me (which they have done before even though I book through a TA). A day later my TA did the move without an issue. I'd try again, don't mention that it's a gty and just say you would like to change to another cabin within the category. You didn't say what ship you are booked on but so you know "S" class ships other than Reflection the connecting doors are NOT in the cabin. There is actually another set of doors outside the cabin which create a vestibule for the 2 cabins. Connecting cabins on these ships are a non issue. I'm not sure about Edge class ships.
  14. In the past with these offers as long as the charge appears as "Celebrity Cruises" you will get the stateroom credit.
  15. I just booked onboard 3 weeks ago for SA in March 2023. Had choice of refundable or non refundable fare. I've never heard that "Cruise Now" are all refundable although there are times when they haven't offered NRD fares. I believe they are clear when you are doing a NRD fare now they give you a form you have to sign.
  16. I think you were told wrong. If you invoice says NRD then it's non refundable.
  17. If you move the deposit to a sailing beyond 5/4/2022 you will be charged the $100 pp admin fee you agreed to for the NRD deposit but would still retain the book onboard OBC. It probably is you best choice if you don't plan to sail until 2023.
  18. They are boarding according to these times. When you arrive you will see lines setup for each boarding time. If you arrive early you "may" be able to board if the prior time's line has been processed. For that reason I wouldn't plan on arriving more than 30 minutes prior to your time slot. Suites do get to board at anytime which means that when boarding first opens there can be delays.
  19. Currently Celebrity is not offering onsite testing. There have been several threads where people have identified local clinics that offer the rapid test at a cost of around $100.
  20. Yes those things are part of Aqua Class. You used the right term they are amenities not perks. It's additional booking perks that you wouldn't get like the complementary Indulge package if you did a MoveUp to a Suite.
  21. That seems to be supported by the chart that @Jeremiah1212 posted which is a definite (silent) change from pre covid.
  22. As I said earlier I believe the "special menu" is a way to inflate prices on a day when they know there will be heavy demand for a "special" dining experience. They commonly do this on Xmas and New Years.
  23. The OP's question is specifically about RS and above which have historically had the stateroom amenities including Premium Bev Package, Stream Wifi (1 device per person), laundry, bar setup, specialty restaurants and the like (not booking perks but come with the room like Luminae & Retreat Lounge) but not Tips and OBC. Prior to covid we would always get these things when booking a perks not included rate. I'm not sure given what you have quoted from the web site here. I suspect there hasn't been a change and they just don't list it there as it only points out that you pay for it twice when booking a RS under AI pricing. Oh and 3 times when you are Zenith. I think the best way to get an answer is to call the Retreat number and speak with a shoreside concierge and ask what the Royal Suite room amenities are and see if they will send them in writing. 1 877 RETREAT (738-7328)
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