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  1. So today I received the FCC of 125% but I did not receive the taxes and fees portion. Will this come soon? Steve
  2. Just wondering If I take the refund instead of the FCC and I booked through my travel agent can the agency charge a fee before providing the refund?
  3. Celebrity needs to make a clear statement that for all cancellations the FCC has been extended to April 30, 2022. This would make more people agree to take the FCC rather than the refund. Taking a refund increase the chance the customer will not come back. It's simple business. They should actually move the date to June 30, 2022 to even be more beneficial to Celebrity.
  4. I already had Aqua class cabin and to go to a Suite I would have to lay out more money. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. So I will put in for the refund and then decide later this year what to do. It frees me of the worry about the survival of the cruise lines. All these years they paid no taxes being offshore companies and no that the sh-t has hit the fan they are getting zero from the US gov't which I agree with.
  6. Good point about people who are hopefully in a temporary situation financially. They should have allowed the FCC to cover it all without paying the deposit. Yes it might hurt them a little more down the road but its possible there might not be a down the road in their future. I just read an article from the CDC advising this virus could be a seasonal event much like the flu. Hopefully this is not true but if it is then we need a vaccine or might be going through this next year as well which I think would devastate cruise companies into declaring bankruptcy. Lets pray this is not the case.
  7. So what Celebrity is doing if you look at it closely is for customers to take the refund which hurts them more. Not smart planning.
  8. Since I am only cruising once next year the extra 25% offered does me no good if the 2021 cruise is cheaper than the 125% offer.
  9. Can you use the balance of the FCC to book shore excursions through Celebrity?
  10. Is it me or is this confusing. My FCC is going to be about $5500. The cruise I want to book is $4650 for next May. My cruise was supposed to be May 1st of 2020. So when I get the FCC does it cover the new cruise totally with no money outlay by me? I would get a new voucher for approx. $850. Does this need to be used in 2021 also?
  11. So I was on the phone with Celebrity and they advised how the FCC will work. In order to book a cruise in 2021 they want the customer to pay the deposit like normal and then when the final payment is due they can use the voucher to cover that cost. I argued why do I have to pay the deposit with my charge card and only use the voucher towards final payment? The voucher amount already includes the deposit from the canceled cruise. They insisted that is how the process will work. Has anyone heard this same information or something different from Celebrity? Steve
  12. thanks for the info. Its just the math does not add up.
  13. So my May 2nd cruise was canceled. I spent $135.92 on shore excursions over the OBC amount. I looked at the cruise planner and it states I have $157.98 credit for use. First off that amount is not the additional 25% that was stated. Second does that credit stay there after May 2nd or how do I use it for a future cruise in 2021?
  14. I really don't want to be a negative person as this affects my wife and I also as we are booked on the Equinox for May 2nd ourselves but the probability of cruises going out in April or May is slim at best. Even if they do with what is going on and the escalation of the virus do you really want to get into a situation of something happening while onboard or at a port ( if you can get into a port ). MLB understands what is going on and has already pushed back to at least Mid May. There are people walking around with the virus who have no symptoms but could easily spread it on a ship. Please don't take the chance as in the grand scheme of things this is not that important. Family is!
  15. Hello All. Anyone on here that was on the 9/7 sailing to Bermuda? A family member canceled on 9/6 against my wishes because of the storm and I had advised it would be fine. What's done is done but would love to hear how the cruise was. Thanks, Steve
  16. Sorry pcur but a large majority of these posters feel as I do regarding the food quality. By the way I went up to a crew member the day we went to the buffet before 7:00 and found no seats anywhere as many others did and asked why was the left side closed and his response was they had begun cleaning it. Seems like that should have been done before they opened. If you were happy with the food for 34 days then that's fine. This was not my first cruise but number 16 so I am aware of service and surveys. That being said I will stick with Celebrity going forward. Its just a overall better cruise experience.
  17. Maraprince: Your posting on this topic was so spot on to what I experienced I could have written it.
  18. In Bar Harbor we ate at the West street seaside grill. Had a complete Lobster dinner. Clam Chowder, whole lobster, Fries and slaw and exceptional piece of blueberry pie and Vanilla ice cream. Highly recommend it. In St John and Halifax ate Lobster again but cannot remember the names. If I do I will post back. I do recommend eating at the specialty restaurants to avoid the dining room. They have a 3 night package for $79 per person which would work. We ate at Chops Grille the last night and the food was really good as well as the service.
  19. As I stated before food is subjective and people who find this review to be negative are 100% correct. It's an honest assessment of what we experienced. That being said it turned out that this opinion was shared by many of the people we met on board and shared time with at various venues. Some of the people were so upset at the food quality that they bought the 3 night dining packages to not have to go back to the dining room.
  20. Its a real shame they don't regard quality food as something that makes cruisers happy. I know food is subjective and what some people like and dislike can vary. That being said this was so poor it appeared they just threw stuff out just to have something to offer with no thought of providing even a decent meal.
  21. Just off the Adventure of the seas today after a six day cruise to Maine and Canada. Although my wife and I enjoyed the cruise entertainment, bar service and housekeeping, the food quality in both the dining room and the buffet was below what we have experienced on other Celebrity cruises. The Buffet was cafeteria quality with no dishes that stood out at all. We kind of expected this from other friends who had traveled on this ship but were completely taken off guard by the Dining room food. the first night we were served cold fish but excused it off as a first night issue. What came next was worse. We ordered pasta with seafood. I was expecting the dish would taste something of the seafood in the sauce. Well what we got was pasta in a watery white sauce with a couple of pieces of small seafood thrown on top. It was obvious the seafood was just put on top and not part of the cooking process and the fish pieces were hard. A big clue they were not cooked in the sauce. We both decided we had enough of the dining room and ate out each port to avoid it. The last night we dined in Chops and it was very good. One other point worth mentioning is the ship is large and with the amount of people that were going to breakfast they were too much for each venue and caused people to wait on lines in the dining room. When we docked in Maine my wife and I headed to the buffet at 6:55 am to grab something quick and head out to the tender boats. Well there was 1/3 of the buffet closed off and no tables available anywhere. We observed several people holding plates of food with nowhere to go and yet they never opened the 1/3 of the buffet that had closed off. Not exactly great service. I would like to know if this is common on Royal or was it a ship issue. Comments welcome as we are planning our next cruise and are hesitant to go near Royal again. Steve
  22. My wife and I are on the Adventure of the Seas leaving June 8th and purchased the deluxe drinking packages. There is a listing on the web site of liquor included but wondering if say Amaretto / Sambuca both alone on the rocks or in coffee is included? I see a price limit of $12 per drink so I am assuming something like a Martini would be an extra charge? Steve
  23. As of today the drink package on Adventure is $49 per day.
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