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  1. Also on our recent QV cruise we did not receive the email questionnaire when we arrived home. !!
  2. Some of the Islands have a taxi booth with prices on when you disembark. Just make sure if no prices are available that you ask before you get into the taxi. We find that most of them will bring you back to the ship if you ask, they just want to know at what time. All our cruises we take a taxi and we have only been left at a beach once and then another taxi came and we jumped in that, just make sure you leave plenty of time to get back to the ship.
  3. I am sure you will love Cunard, just off Queen Victoria and loved it.
  4. "galeforce9 so in around three weeks we try again. Let’s see what we find" Snap!
  5. Jim, Many thanks for all your posts really good reading them. Not sure if you have any photos of the spa area the steam and sauna areas, I believe that they do not have any free sauna areas is this true. Thanks again.
  6. Just returned from Infinity and our mini bar was emptied on the first night. Checked my bill on the last night and everything was OK. We got home and a further charge had been put on our account, how could this happen when the fridge was still empty when we left the ship. Celebrity seem to be making a few bob with this. We rang Celebrity and asked for the refund and pointed out that the fridge was empty on our leaving. Not even an apology.
  7. We just paid the difference in the drinks price.
  8. Can someone who has been on Celebrity Edge please clarify the dining in the MDR's I see that you an choose from four dining rooms that are complimentary, do you stay in one dining room all cruise, i.e. 7 nights, or can you just book your preferred time in anyone of the four complimentary dining rooms. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for your reply but I was asking if anyone had received the discount once they had booked. It seems that some clients in the USA are receiving the discount, ie sanne, and not in the UK.
  10. Can anyone confirm if they have got the 5% Loyalty discount on existing bookings with Seabourn. Many thanks.
  11. We have just sailed on Celebrity Infinity in one of these cabins, namely 3122. We found them to be very convenient for everything. Very quite as they are in a corridor of their own. Sorry did not take any pictures, and even though the Infinity has not been refurbished they were still very comfortable.
  12. Also just off Infinity and yes we had lounge chairs on both sides of promenade deck, not a lot but we managed most days to bag one.
  13. WOW! WOW! I did not expect abuse by saying about the charges perhaps I should have not put RIP OFF. But how do people know if I am not disabled and could not walk to Corfu town, please do not assume. I did expect Bo1953 to side with Celebrity but then he did apologise. Thanks. For information there were 6 of us and the round trip by Celebrity would have been 72 dollars. Taxis were available in the cruise terminal for 10 Euros therefore a round trip cost 20 Euros. There was no problem with the taxi drivers in fact they were very accommodating and very pleasant. Sorry to ruffle so many feathers, perhaps the other people would wish us to post only the good things about their favorite cruise lines. Enough said I only wish I had not bothered.
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