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  1. I have. The denominator for your mortality rate is unknown. It will be far greater (up to 100x) more than the one being used.
  2. This is nothing more than any of our normal influenza virus - except there is no vaccine. When a vaccine is created, you will still have this virus and it will effect some people. Not all people get vaccines, and you cannot force them to.
  3. So NBC news was reporting Fake News. The quarantine remains at 14 days for those that have not had direct contact with any person who has tested positive during those 14 days.
  4. Sadly, many news agencies in the US are no longer very well trusted.
  5. I hope they have an accurate source. Nothing from JMH or Princess on this.
  6. If there is any way you can this tour when you are in Talkeetna - do it. It is the most fantastic ride you will ever go on. It is the Devils Canyon Adventure.
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