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  1. You should get a credit on your onboard account for the discounted amount. Next time, wait until you are onboard to order the wifi. You get the discounted rate and can use OBC for the charge.
  2. I would think so. We are on Havila Capella right now. Visited Kirkenes a few days ago. The airport bus was at the port when we arrived. There are taxis there also if you are concerned with timing. You could contact Havila to see what they say.
  3. Those are actually new'ish cabins. Were added when the Island was rebuilt a number of years ago. So they have a layout more like Royal class ships. It is an ocean view. There may be some noises when docking, etc from thrusters, but nothing crazy. Movement will be a bit more than mid ship. We cruise the Island often (itineraries) and normally go for the front of the ship as the buffet, etc is in front on the Island.
  4. You must speak to the agency that you have reserved the cruise through. If Princess, contact your Travel Planner with them. Princess will have a hotel stay with transfer available. You can also arrange your own hotel and take the Princess transfer. Or you can get your own hotel and arrange private shuttle service. Or use the train as mentioned above. There is no where to stay in Whittier. So you must stay in Anchorage and arrange transport for the morning of your embarkation.
  5. Transfers must be arranged through whomever you are booking your cruise through. There is no information available on line. There are private shuttle services available.
  6. Currently they still have the 'door hanger' order form for breakfast that is no additional charge. If you use the app or phone to order room service, there is either a one time charge (app) or a per service charge (phone).
  7. Is it allowed to bring alcohol? No, for your own and others' safety, it is not allowed to bring alcohol or other drugs. I do not see anything about non alcoholic drinks nor food items.
  8. One device on at a time. Multiple devices can be used. No discount, unless you are platinum or elite. Remember, one device internet is included in the Plus package.
  9. If you buy internet access ( not through a 'package'), you get it for half price. One device is $15 (discounted to $7.50/day for Plat/Elite).
  10. It does take some work to plug in the HDMI cord on the back of the TV. But so far I have gotten it to work. In the past we would download NetFlix shows on my laptop. From the sound of it, we might be able to stream now with StarLink.
  11. This has worked for me on the Island and Sapphire princess. It may or may not work on other ships. Connect your HDMI device to the HDMI port on the left side of the TV. Use the open HDMI above the ethernet port that the OceanView box uses. Using the remote, launch one of the live TV channels. The bridge camera or the ship information channel usually work, but you may have to try one of the live TV channels (e.g. MSNBC). Reach under the middle of the TV to find the on-TV directional jogger. Press in once to open the circular four-way menu, then toggle left and select the input selector. A menu will open on the right side of the TV. There should be a red dot next to "Live TV" (if the dot is next to HDMI, you didn't do step two correctly). Toggle down to HDMI and select it. This should successfully switch the input to your HDMI device.
  12. You use the on machine system to transfer funds to your casino account. Then you play a bit and go to the cashier and cash out.
  13. I would never leave a ship with credits held by the cruise line. Go to the casino that last day and be sure you sufficiently charge off the credits left and get the cash.
  14. I guess I did not see them. Spent some time back there too. We were on the January loop from BA to Santiago.
  15. Those are new since this past winter. We were on the Sapphire to Antarctica and they were not there. Though our weather was horrible so few were outside!
  16. Not a dedicated space. They sometimes have Alfredos in Sabbatinis at lunch on Sea days. That is about it from my memory. I think that perk is pretty useless on the Island and Coral.
  17. Check out Mahays Jet Boat Tours in Talkeetna. What a ride!!!
  18. We have a junior suite on the Capella in November. This will be an adventure for us, used to cruising on Princess. I know this is much different. But wanted a chance to see the northern lights in comfort!
  19. I believe you have until December 2024 to book a cruise. That is because you got the FCD's before the recent change to they only being good for one year. To my knowledge, they are no longer giving extensions.
  20. You must book a cruise using a FCD within one year of purchase. Or the FCD is refunded.
  21. $7.50 per day Pre cruise same price as on board. Same price as on board.
  22. Thank you for the comprehensive information! We have many of those types of things and planned to add some lined pants and weatherproof shell or similar. Many thanks.
  23. @FlyinbyGreat pictures and information. We are booked on the Capella in November. RT Trondheim. Have been to Norway in June last year. Any insight on clothes/shoes? You do not live in Cold country (and neither do we, but have lived in Wyoming years ago) so would like to know what you needed and what you took and didn't need! Thank you again.
  24. You can bag up your laundry and send it out. Takes 2-3 days. For non-Elite, it will cost you. By piece. When we send out our laundry, we find a bag costs about $40, if full and of mixed items.
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