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  1. we just got off harmony..and while not the same ship, we used the suite sun deck....this is on port days...the bar opens at 1pm, it is a hot tub..very hot with bubbles.....cabanas and chairs always available....all the people we met up there were very friendly
  2. gotsta go UDP on ships that don't have CK...like explorer
  3. I have the UDP for my next cruise.....I hope the concierge can assist me in booking lunches and dinner times=even last minute decision ones...we all know STAR class gets first picks..as they should.....looking to see how it plays out for those who cruise before me....and what tweaks RCI may make to the program
  4. with this new change, while it may be unlimited....you will need to get a seat..which now may be real difficult.....but I guess there is take out...with a long wait to have it prepared and boxed
  5. is it $35 credit per visit...if I want sushi twice in one day i'm covered?
  6. recap of the last day....a sea day.....today's activity was catching the afternoon performance of Grease....great staging and acting.....no lunch for us today...instead we packed most of out things for tomorrows departure.....watch the NCAA game....dinner was the the regular day 2 menu..but they had fillet mignon available so we choose that....relaxed with drinks in SL....caught some of the next NCAA game..a big party in the aqua theater for this......back to cabin and finished packing.... departure day.....breakfast and escorted by the concierge via express elevator, to suite luggage area and dedicated customs agents....20 minutes from SL to curb.....home now and looking forward to next cruise in december
  7. i saw people wearing shorts in both suite lounge and Ck....I didn't see them throw anyone out, but I was not paying attention to what others wear.....I wore shorts in CK/SL for breakfast and lunch....but always wore long pants for dinner
  8. helipd was a private sail away party for suite and pinnacle guests..attend by senior staff as well
  9. Daily recap. Today we are are at labadee. We have been there many times and the buffet at barefoot beach is good, we decided to spend the day at the suite sun deck... in and out of the hot tub and shower. We met a couple from Australia who like us been there too very nice conversations with them about cruises and travel The bar opened at 1:00.... we all thought it should open earlier When it opened we had drinks and chips up to the room around 3 to rest shower and get ready for dinner. The menu is a repeat of day 1. Harmony only has 7 day menus, but that is fine since day one is filet mignon. A perfect medium steak was like butter Evening entertainment is aqua show. Hideaway heist... always a nice show maybe schooner bar after
  10. Specially made ricotta cheese cake for my BD and the special 50 rci anniversary cake
  11. BOOM all the staff in CK and SL many senior staff meet me at the m&m. And remember me by name from that, greet me by name when I see them on the ship. Marc the activities director and others . CK director brought us a rci 50th anniversary cake to our table... during didn’t see it on any other table
  12. A daily recap : in PR today, after breakfast walked off the ship, walked around up to fort around downtown. Heavy rain for 15 minutes, good thing we found an umbrella at the park to stand under. the day goes quick when you gotta be back by 2. To avoid the rush we went back around 1 had a drink in schooner, showered and went to ice show at 5pm. After went to SLfor a drink. No problem getting a window seat at 6pm . Dinner at CK was lobster- they prepare it cut into chunks with a champagne sauce- had a double portion; along with salmon sashimi appetizer DW had scallops with salmon sashimi appetizer. After schooner bar for some music. tomorrow is labadee- arrive around 10am, nice BBQ and beach
  13. Full bar during the day, you pay for mixed drinks. “Free” beer wine soda 11-11 my guess if wanted soda or mimosa for breakfast it would be free too
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