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  1. i wonder what the issue is...need a high level connection to celebrity to get the scoop
  2. nothing listed yet for 2021..I'm hoping it does a 12 night reposition cruise from boston to Ft. Lauderdale/miami..that is what it's doing for 2020
  3. do the floating cabanas have numbers? which cabana seems best, for us an end one gives most privacy..thanks
  4. on my last Harmony trip we had 160 people show up for M&M...bing bong and all the senior staff were there....nice giveaways too...specialty restaurant certificates , in room movies, booze...backpacks...hats and little stuff too
  5. i go to the M&M all the time too..a fun time meeting new people and those we chat with on CC
  6. who are the concierges in the SL? and in DL? we expect full review and rating 😉
  7. window seats for @andyc , funny....doesn't look like lots of "pins" for him either.....I'm still waiting to hear his "issue"
  8. thanks for the posts..sailing with Mario is cool......will you be eating at the BBQ? it's on my list in case the CK gets redundant-which it can, unless the chef makes us special dishes not on the menu 😉 . I'm sure Andy will stop in....hope your glowing review will nudge him to book 12/13/20 .....thanks for taking me along..vicariously
  9. i going in december, so i'm looking forward to your full review and pictures..especially for those who use the SL and CK...enjoy
  10. I did not find it "busy" at all...the usual crowds in windjammer and elevators at peak times. DW is an "early" person, she said the windjammer is great at 7am..we are not pool/tan people so I cannot comment on deck loungers....getting on and off is a breeze, but were in a suite and had priority....we did see a long wait to get off as we walked right by the crowds waiting to get off....
  11. @LadyLion_AP thank you for passing my regards along to the staff at Giovanni...they are the best and helped make our cruise.....glad things are getting better for be...enjoy....
  12. the food/fish was great, very fresh...the service poor and took a long time to get our food...glad they heard me..enjoy
  13. I agree with your review...I did a live posting in CC for our sailing 12/13.....good luck...I even spoke with the loyalty ambassador on the ship..she seemed disinterested and I never received a call from anyone , the hotel director, manager at chops, Izumi....the worst service ever,concierge...and we were in a suite too
  14. giovanni's has the best staff..we were on the sailing before you..say hi to Luzy and rosemarie-servers and shein, manager in giovanni..from Barry/Anneliese Organ....they always had a smile and greeted us..we liked the filet mignon best...better than chops-worst service there...enjoy the rest of your cruise
  15. merry christmas my friend to you and the family....what's for dinner?
  16. so where is the full recap and the "exciting" event.....I hope to see you on Oasis 12/13/20.....
  17. getting off the ship was a mess......the concierge took us to the front of the line where they check out your sea pass card and then you are on your own....last year on harmony (ft lauderdale) we were taken all the way through to a special customs line..maybe this just how it's done in miami . IMO, here are my highlights of the good and not so good. GOOD: service at giovanni's, the most friendly servers and good food being on cruise is always (usually) better than work the 2 bedroom GS is really nice....lots of space to stretch out, nice veranda diamond lounge...lots of light and indoor/outdoor space guitarist and piano player in schooner bar comedy shows the fish in Izumi is very fresh, nice choices private journey excursion in curacao #6 over water cabana on Labadee lunch on Labadee-lobster tails and lamb chops...among other choices the meet and mingle and seeing people you know throughout the cruise NOT SO GOOD: the staff was not friendly....no consistent initiated greetings from staff ....one needed to greet them first food and service at Chops was poor service at Izumi was poor MDR and Windjammer had really poor food and was always over crowded not many activities to do during the day concierge seemed disinterested small inside room for concierge lounge "production shows" were boring of course all these things are subjective opinions, my views and your view may vary greatly....seemed like the main things to do on this ship were drink alcohol, gamble and lay in the sun....JMO
  18. Sorry to hear symphony was so bad, our harmony cruise was exceptional.. the staff treated me (and you guys) the best of any cruise ... even when went back on harmony a few months later, they remembered us and had great service from the SL and CK staff and Henry the chef, as well as, all other staff on that ship
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