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  1. Thanks Shmoo - I has no idea. I am reasonably sure I wont be on the VIP invite list, so if the rooms are going to be limited Ill contact a TA and see. If it doesn't work out then I'll just book its first cruise out of Port C. Thanks again!
  2. I searched and couldn’t find this subject so apologies if it’s been covered already. On our bucket list is to take the inauguration cruise on the newest Disney ship in 2021. It would our 7th Disney cruise. However I’m worried it’s going to sell out in a heartbeat. I’d appreciate your suggestions on the best way to have a good shot a booking a cabin for the cruise . I know nothing has been announced yet (not even the name) but your ideas would be welcome. Thanks!
  3. We have been on six Disney cruises (out of 26 total cruises). The last five Disney ones were on the Wonder, and the wife and I, being Disney fans, love it. So when I suggested we take a quick three day trip in February on the Wonder to get out of town, the wife said no. Her complaint, and I can’t fault her, is that they have the same old menus as they have had for years. We know them by heart, and to be honest they aren’t that great. Yes I know we could eat at Palos or Remy, but we really like going to the themed dining rooms and being with the same waiters each night. So come on Disney, change the menu lineup up after a decade so I can get back on board.
  4. When doing some research for this cabin, there was only a few comments on this cabin type and no pictures, so I thought I’d post a review of this cabin and a few (poorly taken) snaps. The cruise date was June 6th, 2015. On the Getaway and Breakaway (and also on the upcoming Escape) there is a BX balcony category. BX is normally thought of as a “Guaranteed Balcony”, and is the bottom tier of balcony types. However, on the ships mentioned, BX does have four cabins assigned to that tier. They are 8710, 8712 on the forward starboard side, and 8110, 8112 on the forward port side. These four cabins sell out fast. So why would one want the lowest tier balconies here? The distinct advantage of these four cabins is the have very large balconies. Not the standard tiny 36 square feet, but approximately 100 SF. So instead of getting two chairs and a small round table, you get two full loungers, two chairs, and a nice size table. Plus room to swing a cat. Apart from the balcony size, the cabin style is exactly the same as any other balcony cabin in terms of layout and size. The large balcony just makes the whole experience much more fun. The Pros – 1. Obviously the biggest pro is the large balcony. It’s just so nice. Plus obtained at the lowest balcony price 2. If you get the most forward cabin (8710 or 8110) you have no one next to your outdoor balcony on one side. 3. At the start of the hallway is where the action starts. The Waterfront, which is wonderful, is on deck 8. On the Getaway both the Sunset Bar and Sugarcane Bar are just down the hall, if you like libations, and we do. 4. Being at the end of the hallway there is very little passenger noise or pater of kids running through the passageway 5. Bed was beside the slider, making the cabin more functional in my view. The Cons - 1. Speaking of libations, if you have had quite a few then it’s a heck of a walk down the hallway to the cabin. Its 120 steps, and I have long legs. 2. If you like looking at the water leaning on the railing, don’t do it in your underwear as my DW did on the first morning. It’s open to view from a number of other balconies, plus the bridge. Plenty of privacy on the first few feet of the balcony next to the sliding door, but after that you are visible to quite a few folks. 3. There were quite a few odd noises. Nothing that woke you up or really bothered us, but some strange clanking sounds and every once in a while something that sounded like a cannon going off in the distance. There was no noise from the theater at all. Of course maybe these noises were heard in many cabins - not sure and again not any bother 4. If you need a walker or wheelchair don’t get this cabin. It’s just too far down the hallway, and these are very narrow hallways. During the cabin crawl one of the group was in a motorized wheelchair and just gave up as it was very difficult to get by the numerous steward’s cleaning trolleys. 5. It’s a long way up to the Garden Café from the cabin. But on sea days there was fresh coffee and pastries on the Sunset bar outdoor bar, which was great. So in my very humble opinion, it’s a steal if you can get one of these four cabins under the BX level, remembering the above cons. I’ve booked 8710 for the next two Escape cruises coming up, and am really hoping the balcony is about the same size as the ones on the Getaway. It looks like it’s going to be! I won’t give a long review of the Getaway cruise itself as so many have been posted. I’ll just say it was really great!! Staff were some of the nicest I’ve ever met, as was reflected in how much time they took with us at the Roll Call. The shows were good, and food excellent. We had the UBP which was SO nice, as we do like to have a few. As mentioned both Sunset and Sugarcane bars were a lot of fun. I did the martini, margarita, and mojito tastings which were a hoot. For a very nice “posh” drink go to the Prime Meridian Bar which serves Cagneys and Moderno. All the bartenders were very friendly. Now as promised some poor photos of the 8710 balcony and cabin, plus some of the surrounding cabins who can peek at you. Notice the huge difference in balcony size though!
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