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  1. What is the name / link to the YouTube video discussing the delay?
  2. Thanks Shmoo ( how did I guess you'd be first to reply?). I was looking at a five day cruise in September. Perhaps on the 5 day the menus for 2 or 3 days would be different than the Dream? We could always do one night in Palos. Two new shows is good excellent. Looks like I might be able to convince the DW. Plus I found a TA that if offering a nice OBC. In addition I will still start saving for the Wish ( but heaven only knows what Disney is going to ask for a ride on that!!! Probably a much as you are supposed to save up for a diamond engagement ring)
  3. My DW and I have done 5 trips on the Dream. I'd like to try out the Fantasy, but have to convince the DW that there really is a difference between the two. She is tired of the same menus on the Dream (sorry folks but they haven't changed in almost a decade), as well as the shows. Are the menus on the Fantasy the same as the Dream? What are the different shows on the Fantasy besides the same three that the Dream had had for years? Or should I just wait and save up for the Wish? Thanks!
  4. Just booked the Enchanted Princess for 12/20. First time back on a Princess ship since 2012 - booked because of sip and sail and pre paid tips, and brand new ship . Last two times on Princess (2011 and 2012) the DW really dressed up and I bought and wore a tux. I've read all of the posts of "formal" versus "smart casual" but since its Princess and assuming my tux still fits (and that's a BIG assumption) I am taking and wearing it on the two formal nights. We are big NCL fans and therefore keen on smart casual, but DW has spoken saying its dress up time on this cruise. So if I stand out as the only guy wearing a tuxedo so be it - I'll be fantasizing my life as a '00 agent with a license to drink martinis!
  5. First time on RCL next week. I see that I can bypass the check-in desks at the pier if I have my SetSail pass either on paper or on the app. So when I get to the dock where do I show my passport? Is it abound boarding the ship? Sorry just want to make sure I have the right docs to access when I get there. I have fully completed the check-in online with the passport and credit card numbers. One more question - I have purchased the beverage package and understand that will be on my keycard but what do I use to get drinks until I get to my cabin? Thanks guys! jrbeccles
  6. Thanks all! I look forward to happy drinking at the bars you have suggested!
  7. Going on a three day cruise in Feb on said ship. First RCL cruise, and unfamiliar with the line. Our group of six folks are savy (but very pleasant and well behaved) drinkers and we like bars with good staff and music. Good cocktails a must. I would appreciate any tips from fellow imbibers who know the right bars to go to that are not jammed and may have entertainment and great mixologists. We do have the drink package plus we tip per drink so the bartenders will like us Thanks!!
  8. Understood. We just thought it would be cool to take the inaugural cruise on a new ship. It’s got to get here somehow as the Odessey of the Seas Ft Lauderdale cruises in November 2020 are on the website.
  9. Thanks Biker19 - Ill keep my eyes posted for that one. My wife will finally be retired by then and we'd like to try a transatlantic ( though not sure if crossing in November is a particularly good idea....)
  10. Why is the Odyssey of the Seas transatlantic cruise not available? is it invitation only?
  11. First time on HAL. If I've purchased the drink package, but don't get my Set Sail card until say 1pm in my cabin, how do I get my drinks via the package until then (on the day of boarding?) Hope to be onboard about 11.30 and have a few.
  12. Thanks Shmoo - I has no idea. I am reasonably sure I wont be on the VIP invite list, so if the rooms are going to be limited Ill contact a TA and see. If it doesn't work out then I'll just book its first cruise out of Port C. Thanks again!
  13. I searched and couldn’t find this subject so apologies if it’s been covered already. On our bucket list is to take the inauguration cruise on the newest Disney ship in 2021. It would our 7th Disney cruise. However I’m worried it’s going to sell out in a heartbeat. I’d appreciate your suggestions on the best way to have a good shot a booking a cabin for the cruise . I know nothing has been announced yet (not even the name) but your ideas would be welcome. Thanks!
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