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  1. We're with you. March cruise cancelled, couldn't see the grand kids for 3 months, wife got laid-off, broke her foot, I'm a year from potential retirement and the market is tanking, wife's work called asking her back but she can't with a broken foot (there goes unemployment), on top of all that cops are being targeted and we're an LEO family. 2020 can't be over fast enough.
  2. We sail in suites on both Royal and Celebrity and have found the suite experience on Celebrity a better value with drinks, tips, OBC, and internet included. We enjoy the Retreat Lounge and Retreat Sun Deck. We probably don't utilize the butler to his full capacity. The poolside grills, outdoor buffet seating, and outdoor Sunset Bar are a plus. Luminae blows away Coastal Kitchen in my mind. Of course there are some sacrifices. Even though there are plenty of bars, I do miss the pub and the shows aren't as spectacular. No rock climbing, flow riding, zip lining, or slides. It's more of a relaxing cruise. When we take the grandkids it will be on Royal.
  3. My 86 year old Dad has been receiving IVIG infusions every 28 days for over 30 years. He's done remarkably well but his hematologist says no live virus vaccines. If one is suffering immunodeficiency disease then the best advice is to follow doctors orders.
  4. You may get an effective vaccine for 300 million people but that doesn't mean they'll 300 million people will take advantage.
  5. If herd immunity hasn't started in the US after the week we've had I'm not sure it exists.
  6. Being out in the middle of the ocean where no one bothers me.
  7. We're supposed to cruise in November so here's to hoping it's not one of the first cruises if for no other reason than it will be reflection of what's happening in the world around us.
  8. LOL...you had to know someone would ask.
  9. I'm wearing one every day at work so it's not a problem for me. I'd probably get something more Royal Caribbeanish though.
  10. I'll be interested to see how they thin the herd. We were already bumped off a chartered Independence and took a price protected Allure in November that came with additional OBC. If they bump us again with price protection and OBC it would be a sweet deal.
  11. There you go. A little extra info never hurt anyone. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3576414-royal-caribbean-aims-for-august-1-return-to-service?utm_medium=email&utm_source=seeking_alpha&mail_subject=rcl-royal-caribbean-aims-for-august-1-return-to-service&utm_campaign=rta-stock-news&utm_content=link-3
  12. LOL! That might be wishful thinking. I have visions of people sticking their two plates out for more on their first trip through the line and some being downright rude about it. 🙄😁
  13. It was a premature announcement so who knows? It was a 45 person test group but they were bracketed by age and dosage. The results were effective on 8 of the recipients but they did not release the ages or effective dosage. It certainly gave the company stock a roller coaster ride.
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