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  1. Found this with a quick Google search. http://www.cruisecenterparking.com/index.html
  2. Have you considered calling your credit card company and asking them?😀
  3. I'm not a Doctor so I am not qualified to answer your comments. Perhaps you are a physician?
  4. I believe that Doctors modify dosage for prescriptions all the time. I don't think it is unusual and it is unlikely dangerous. At least that is what my physician golfing friends say.
  5. Not everyone feels it. I have never felt if even though I have been on numerous crises.
  6. OP, I doubt that you will find many people on this forum who are experts in what you seek, although there are many self-proclaimed experts on this forum.
  7. The OP never asked if 4 in the cabin was too crowded. So why are more than half of the responses telling the OP it would be too crowded. I bet the OP is well aware of the tightness.
  8. For chic night I have always worn slacks, short sleeve shirt and dress shoes. Have never been out of place. I do not wear a tux or suit or sport coat to chic night.
  9. Google maps shows it to be a 22 minute walk for 1.1 miles.
  10. Everyone has a different opinion and mine is that we did not ever cruise with a toddler and never will.😀
  11. They are now located at 1035 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL and are open. All I did was googled it and found this.😀
  12. Why don't you just call SAS and ask them all of your questions?
  13. Everyone has a different opinion. We tried Nachi on one cruise and did not like the food or the beach. Would not go back, but that is our subjective opinion.
  14. Purdy's Liquor 5919 W 98th St, Los Angeles, CA
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