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  1. That depends on who you are. We always get a day pass, so we need a hotel for that.
  2. That looks like a special event. In any case, if you don't want to cruise on a large ship again, then don't! That was easy.
  3. We have never had it and never been on a ship that had it. And we never wipe down the whole cabin anymore than we wipe down seats on an airplane or shopping carts, etc etc.
  4. Once I get off of the ship I forget about it and go back to my everyday living. t just doesn't bother me at all to leave the ship.
  5. Personal choice, but I broke my wrist a few years ago and I personally would not go on a cruise. Everyone is different, and even if my physician said it was ago to go, I wouldn't. I was restricted enough at home so I wouldn't waste my money cruising with a broken wrist. Just my opinion, everyone is different.😃
  6. The closest in-n-out is about a 15 minute drive from the Queen Mary. It is on Spring street in Long Beach.😃
  7. I am even more convinced to select a table for two. We don't have to listen to any subject we are not interested in.😃
  8. Why do you or anyone else care if they text while eating?
  9. I never get anxiety about a pending cruise.
  10. After reading the rest of these comments it just reinforces our policy of sitting at a table for two.😃
  11. This just curiosity on my part, but what does the balcony on cabin 6104 have to do with the OP question about a tub/shower?😃
  12. It seems like the quickest way to get an accurate answer for your question. Direct from the car rental company.😃
  13. Interesting, all the OP asked was will we go crazy waiting for embarkation? Is there anywhere to wonder around at Port Everglades? Instead the OP got all kinds of advice that was not asked for.
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