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  1. Dear Uncle Rick : How are you ? I am fine . The weather here is starting to warm up. Did you forget about that new set of golf clubs you promised me, you know , the ones that will help my game get better ?? Pinboy
  2. Good for you--- much nicer to see people dressed like you than the " I got my rights eh ( Canadian term ) ,and it's my body eh, and I'm on vacation eh " group ? Mind you, the last time a gentleman sat near us wearing his tuxedo we kept smelling mothballs.
  3. LOL--- LOL --- Oh Boy !!! I joined CC just over a year ago and made my first ever post on any social media site . ( I mentioned this sooooo many times )--- but, it brings back fond ( ?? ) memories. LOL---All I did was " Question " Who Cares ( ?? ) on a thread ( Who's On Board ) with over 150 pages . Holy Cow, Smack, Whack, right in the chops from the many who really do Care . Within a day -- My post was removed and I received a very polite ( that's true ) email " guiding "me to the Guidelines of CC from the Moderator as well as comments from a few long time CCers re th
  4. I would also include not having to wear a mask, not having to be in long lines waiting for an elevator , being tested on a regular basis getting off and back on to the ship at port stops, watching confrontations between passengers over social distancing etc, etc--- It just seem like it would not be a fun time. When all of this is over, we will cruise with Celebrity even though we don't like that AI " baloney ". Yea, I know--- You've heard it before ( LOL ).
  5. With such a short visit, Butchart Gardens is too far from the cruise terminal anyway . Grab a cab ( it's a long walk ) to the area where the BC Legislature is-- there you can see the Harbor, the Empress Hotel ( a landmark ) and walk around the downtown --- it's a safe area with lots of tourists.
  6. OF Course - Yup-- Your body , Your choice -- Very Smart --- Hey, Whatya gonna tell the Police Officer when the " Bum " stops Ya and gives You a ticket -- Hey, Whatya gonna tell the tow truck driver when he/she is putting your Lexus-- Oops, your truck onto the hoist heading for the scrap yard. I'll bet you won't take the vaccine -- it's for wimps, like us who CARE about ourselves and OTHERS. Bonne Journee --- Have a nice day.
  7. Sir--- Excellent , as always I truly enjoy reading your comments and others who are extremely knowledgeable in the subject. The same is true on other threads. However, what brings " knots " to my stomach is reading posts from " Idiots " who simply enjoy stirring up sxxt . Most are easy to spot---- like , oops, can't mention names. We just had our vaccine recently-- and , am damn happy for it.
  8. I had the same dream " months " ago--- I also dream of : the long lines getting checked for " everything " -- daily !! , the " rings of fire " waiting for an elevator, the thought of wearing a mask for 18 hrs a day , and ( LOL ) whether that " old f--t " is still with that young , beautiful , 32 yr old that he bought that " pre-loved " Rolex for on our last cruise.
  9. LOL--- Anyone notice post # 11 ?? The writer forgot to add " A gratuity to the Maitre 'D at the beginning of the cruise is like an " Insurance policy "--- comes into effect when needed.
  10. IMO--- Perhaps you should have confirmed the dining policy prior to booking . IF we were in the same position with 2 other couples plus a single ( 7 people ), I would have suggested we ALL book the same category to avoid a situation like this. It's a " guarantee " for hurt feelings and even loss of friend(s ). Also IMO---- Just with regards to dining--- We have cruised in Aqua class twice and didn't feel the value was worth the extra cost. ( Forget the Aqua class " perks " . They are built into the price ). The Blu dining room is very crowded , tables muc
  11. Being from " Down East " , I don't doubt what you are saying is the truth. That's awful. We learned long ago to request a table for two and most often enjoy chatting with folks seated beside us. Never once had bad service. A few questions come to mind --- ( if they are not within the Guidelines, kindly ignore ) : How were you able to cancel the dining room portion of the gratuities ? What was the waiter rude about, and, more than once ? Who reprimanded him ? Did you notice other tables nearby experience the same " difficulties " ? Why would you all go to the
  12. Be nice to meet you and so many others on a future cruise. In the meantime, it's fun visualizing about various CCers based on their posts .
  13. That's so true-- same with the AI--- I've said " soooo many times " that we don't like the AI --- blah, blah, blah --- However, ------ Because we really enjoy Celebrity , never had a bad cruise , most likely we will " bite the bullet ", pay the price and not complain about it because we knew ahead of time what we were paying for. LOL--- That's my story and I'm sticking to it !! ( Can't wait to enjoy dinner in Murano , The Lawn Club Grill and Tuscan Grill (for my 2nd breakfast ) , and, and, --- )
  14. Yup--- sounds like they are targeting the same demographic " Community " ( ?? ) as some of the many high-end stores that went bankrupt this year. Hopefully Celebrity comes to their senses before they lose more Customers than they gain. Again -- Why should anyone be "forced " to pay for something they don't want just because they are on a cruise ship ?? Never mind the " I'm paying for the hot tub that I won't use ".
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