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  1. For that matter, we never had poor service from our room Steward or any other Staff member on any cruise -- " Treat people the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated "-- it works every time.
  2. We had a butler once --- a very nice gentleman , made us feel as if we were his " most important " guests. Unfortunately for us, we didn't need much service , but always enjoyed chatting and hearing about his life on board, his family, and sharing stories about what it's like working in the Service Industry. Just writing this brings back such nice memories. ( LOL -- the last time someone " drew a bath " for me was when I was 2 yrs old )
  3. Page 11--- let's get to pg 65 About " moving along " ---- Excellent advice. Any room for us in your car ???
  4. Does it mean " take a hike " ? in a negative way ? I don't get it.
  5. ( Your emoji doesn't show on my computer ) LOL----What else can I post that hasn't been posted 100's of times by other posters on this thread ? I've been trying to think of another topic to start a new thread , but, I keep coming back to the same one that had about 65 pages. Hey, here's a couple of new ones --- Gratuities , Buffets, Chair Hogs ---- What d'ya think ????
  6. Need a bit of help---- We cancelled 2 cruises prior to final payment date and received FCC's for the deposits on each one. Can we combine the FCC's from both cruises and apply the total to our next cruise or do we have to book 2 separate cruises ?
  7. LOL---- Page 9 --- Let's go for a record 65 pages as in--- Oh, never mind !!! ( Here come the " So move on and don't read them " )
  8. No need to be sad. You are being smart. Just read the comments from some of the posters and think whether you would want to be on a cruise with them. I get heart palpitations just thinking about it. Any recommendations DR Alberta ? ( Years ago I worked at the Banff Springs Hotel--- Beautiful property !!!!! )
  9. Page 8 -- Holy Cow, there's a lot of dumb comments on this thread --- Ok , Ok, IMO !! If the RULES stipulate to wear a mask , social distance, or whatever the hell the RULES are--- Follow them !!! Leave your " Entitlement " at home . Nobody gives a " hoot " ( we use another word here ) who the hell you think you are , yup, nobody !!
  10. The " Free " entertainment isn't Free-- You are paying $1000's to watch " Idiots " not following the rules and I doubt anyone will be booted off the ship. LOL--- I can imagine 2600 " Mini Police " shouting at each other and some even giving the " finger ". I'll stay home, freeze my buns off, and save the money.
  11. Re: Lift and Shift Program We cancelled 3 cruises and tried the L& S on one, but it didn't work for us. They were going to put us on a different ship, an M class instead of an S class , sailing from Tampa instead of Ft. Lauderdale, and the cruise was one day less. Therefore, we will wait until we are comfortable to cruise and then book. I don't want to put deposits on a few cruises and end up with a few thousand dollars of FCC if the cruises are cancelled.
  12. Isn't that the Cruise Director's job the first night in the theater when we also hear : " Put your hands together for ( usually about 15 Officers ) that comes ALL the way from xxx " and the passengers cheer like crazy. " You're getting on as Guests, and getting off as Cargo "--- we laugh our asses off at that one--- for the 50th time. " We have on board XXX who are celebrating their 14000 day sailing with Celebrity "-- then present a gold plated medallion worth $ 10.00 US or $13.35 CAN . " And , don't forget to read your Daily Activity sheet as we have a variety of special events and programs planned JUST for you to enjoy throughout the cruise "--- Ya hear that, JUST for us !!
  13. I hear ya -- I'm on the exact same page, Big Time, and mentioned it on every thread relating to this same subject. In an earlier post I read that " cruising isn't essential in life " -- so true , yet, some folks are '' depressed " over not being able to cruise at this time. We miss cruising also, but , I have a feeling that our cruising days " might ", repeat , " might " be over after reading so many posts from CCers that have a much different opinion than ours re " safety " while on a ship. I know, I know , everybody's " entitled " to their own opinion.
  14. LOL--- That's a " Good One " --- As my Deputy ( ??? ) , please report back after your next cruise regarding Staff enforcement. The Sheriff is a wimp and will not cruise until cruising is " fun " again . He will stay home and freeze his " buns off " instead of fighting with the few " entitled idiots " on a cruise.
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