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  1. Reactions to ship movement are complex - it depends both on the person and the type of sea conditions. Low down, mid-ships is always the best position as there is the least movement there.My husband and I are affected by different types of motion - both different to the norm. I was most affected in the Mediterranean and most often when bending/straightening such as when packing and unpacking. My husband when no one else on board is affected - I cannot work out the conditions that affect him! I am more affected by vibration and cannot happily eat on the lower deck of M-class ships but do not feel it on deck 6. Having said that, we have sailed in both the PHs (rear-most suites) and RSs (forward-most suites) on M-class ships on Transatlantics, Transpacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean and not been affected by the motion at all. However, not all M-class suites are deck 6 aft. If you are still worries, the Celebrity Suites on the M-class ships are mid-ships and most of the Sky suites and not situated in "Suite-Land".
  2. We love the M-class Celebrity Suites for the totally dark, separate bedroom (I am a poor sleeper if the room is too light and, even on holiday, my husband and I keep different hours) and the proper dining table. We do not eat dinner in the suite very often but it is much more civilised eating lunch or breakfast and the occasional dinner at a table. The extra storage is convenient too allowing for organised storage even if you travel light. The shower over the very high sided bath is the biggest disadvantage .
  3. Try this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showpost.php?p=57183563&postcount=6
  4. Am I the only one who cannot see any of the attachments? There are all showing as a missing image. Is it possible for someone to post the highlights as text, please? Update: It's OK. Someone has posted a screen shot of the original post elsewhere which I can see.
  5. Apologies, clearly the weather gods misread our calendar and thought we would be in Greece this year (rather than next)! So glad the "new posh frock" finally got an airing.
  6. Always nice to catch up with the reading but it is still a shame about the weather. We have had a glorious day today.
  7. We both agree that this was one of the best excursions we have ever taken but it does little more than visit the Green Monkey sanctuary. From memory we drove round the whole island on public road and had a short stop at a very beautiful beach but, in reality, it was just the sanctuary. We did go on a Sunday and the roads were very busy with local traffic enjoying the beautiful day off and you may get to do more on a quieter day.
  8. For some, a cruise is one time in a year to indulge on things you love but resist most of the time. For Brits who happen to love a US-centric cruise line, our indulgences may not be available. US tastes are different to those in the UK. US crisps/chips, biscuit/cookies and, especially, cake are not the same as available in the UK. A Southampton-based cruise is an opportunity to enable such cruise enhancements. It is not necessarily a case of "surviving".
  9. No home-baked fruit cake but we did take a box of perishable, packaged foods (crisps, biscuits - US: chips, cookies - peanuts, etc) onto the ship at Southampton. The box had been searched when it reached our suite but nothing removed.
  10. Thank your for the interesting review. I think that it answers very well the question of "what are the intangibles that come with a PH" that is often asked but is difficult to answer. I am so glad that you had a great, last-minute cruise but it was your positive approach that made it so. Not everyone could make the adjustment as well, just as some would be uncomfortable with the PH experience. I think that your children are a great credit to you being so adult in their adjustment. I hope that I can remember this thread next time a Cruise Critic member asks about the PH experience.
  11. Thank you for sharing this with us. Strangely, it was in my mind as my husband mentioned where he would like his remains deposited (hopefully not for many years). The primary criteria was "somewhere warm", especially the Caribbean. Where there any restrictions about where it could be done? I am assuming not in port.
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