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  1. Totally agree we all need hope... One thing that I always remember from being a child are the many words of wisdom of an elderly lady who was like a grandmother.... No use worrying about yesterday Enjoy each day for what it has to offer Don’t waste time fretting about things you cannot change Trust in God but keep your powder dry She seemed to have a comment that would comfort and guide me through all the little difficulties a child experiences...How little did I know then her words would still be influencing me all these years later... So I am not worrying about yesterday, I am enjoying its memories... I am enjoying each day despite isolation, the blue tits nesting in my garden, the naughty squirrel stealing a whole fat ball! I keep up to date with the news but focus on my responsibilities. I trust in god but know I am responsible to do my bit, speaking of which have you seen this? I hope it makes you smile, a friend mailed the link to me earlier. Keep safe and well and keep your hope for the future
  2. We applaud your efforts. Hope you find comfort and distraction from positive posts. Bless you both!
  3. Accept your opinion... However...I am grateful for positive posts. We have lived long enough to experience ‘dark’ times and even during the darkest times we have found keeping a sense of humour, happily enjoying reminiscing about better times and always trying to remember “The sun will come out tomorrow...” has kept us going. Posts such as this lighten my morning and lift my mood for the day...just contemplating making Bellinis to have with breakfast...
  4. Yes! Yes! yes! We are grateful to be well and safe at present but we are beginning to really suffer from cruise withdrawal...it isn’t about not being on a cruise now it is about not being sure when we will next be on a cruise! We will never, ever, take for granted boarding a ship again, being given that free glass of fizz, I could even enjoy doing a muster... We always spend first evening in Tuscan and toast to ‘Making it count’...I honestly think we will be very emotional the next time we do this... May our memories of the past and dreams for the future keep us all going during this difficult time. Sandycruzr, thanks for starting this post...I think you reflect the feelings of many of us right now...
  5. You can ‘string together’ several Celebrity cruises especially at the time of year where they are moving region. For example the last Alaska cruise of the year (September) followed by sail to Hawaii, around Hawaii cruise, Hawaii to Sydney, around Australia cruise followed by Sydney to New Zealand and back, about 8/10 weeks. In the opposite direction you can do a last Spring Caribbean followed by a Transpacific to Europe followed by a Western Mediterranean, an Eastern Mediterranean or alternatively cruise into Southampton and visit Norway followed by the Baltic...
  6. The sun will come out tomorrow.... In recent years our holiday plans have been interrupted by personal health issues but we never expected any scenario like we are presently experiencing... But we firmly believe the sun will come back out and the liberties and luxuries we have taken for so long will return...From a hug from a friend to a visit to the shops to a luxury cruise....Have confidence and hope for the future....
  7. Best yet!!! We were crying with laughter, we will forward to our non CC friends who, like us are presently in isolation. Laughter is definitely the best medicine!
  8. I have one remaining bottle of bulgari lotion I sniff occasionally when I become ‘cruise sick’...it reminds me of dressing for dinner then heading to Murano’s to enjoy the wonderful food, fantastic service and the company of family... Best cruise memory is South Pacific, early morning and seeing a whale quite near the ship just before we spotted the peaks of Bora Bora above the morning mist... Thanks for starting this thread, feel so blessed to have so many have memories to keep us going...
  9. Rather than cancel and possibly loose non refundable deposit or pay up why not see if you can transfer your booking to something similar a year from now...Celebrity surely would be happy to secure a future booking, you have lost nothing and gained time and a ‘cruise to look forward to’ when this awful situation is over... I am aware you are from the US so your booking conditions are different from ours...in the U.K. it would be free to do this if you are Elite or above and £75 x 2 to do this if not...Worth a phone call.
  10. Great idea...you could make toilet roll shaped ones!
  11. Definately need a door sign....A big blue X! How true...unfortunately no cook or butler though and no company unless it is safe for us to come out of isolation! However, my glass will be more than half full (literally)!
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