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  1. Many of us who regularly cruise suites on Celebrity want what Celebrity offers....A ship with lots of bars and restaurants if we want them but also more intimate venues with more of a club feel. We also enjoy the smart casual dress/atmosphere rather than the more formal feel of Cunard. Not criticising either of the other lines mentioned but they simply aren’t what we want... If money was no object then I would love to try the iconic suite....Really don’t like the RS (especially that tiny balcony) but would like to give the PH a go....I quite fancied the Edge Villa until
  2. Evening meals are ‘events’ to us, our evening entertainment. We like variety and enjoy the speciality restaurants. Whilst we have never ever had any issues with service in Luminae we are not great fans of the menu, we find it quite limited. I know lots of people love the Luminae menu...just a personal view.
  3. Reading and posting on CC reminds me of fabulous times past and fills me with hope there are many more amazing times to come...
  4. We have done a couple of cold cruises and on the first took far too many bulky items. Jackets that separate into waterproof and fleece are both light, warm and very functional. We found T shirts with lightweight jumpers far more comfortable and warmer than thicker woolies. Most outdoor stores have ranges of skiing/mountaineering specific layers if you do really feel the cold. Could be worth while buying a couple of undershirts. After saying that we didn’t buy anything special. During the day we frequently found the need to shed, add and shed layers dependi
  5. Could be popular for cruisers from the North of the U.K. as Virgin regularly flies direct from Manchester to Barbados ( or at least it used to)....I can see Travel Agents linking a 7 night cruise with a 6/7 night AI as a package...
  6. We have always been advocates of ‘don’t leave until tomorrow’ and ‘making every day count’ but the present situation has made us all realise that not everything comes from our own planning. We always thought it would be the increasing costs that limited our cruising adventures! Next time we get on a ship it will be the best cruise ever! That cheap freebie fizz on boarding will taste wonderful! Stay safe and well... ”We’ll cruise again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll cruise again some sunny day...”
  7. Sorry for your disappointment. The lift and shift rules are fairly clear so Celebrity can refuse to allow you to swap. Obviously neither you or I know why some others may have been offered more flexibility. It could be, as others have suggested, a TA with more pushing power. Alternatively it could be regarding booking levels on other cruises. It could simply be that as more cruises are being moved staff are being instructed to ‘stick to the rules’. Why not simply move on and get Celebrity to transfer your deposit to the cruise you now want? I understand it may be more
  8. We cruised in a RS post revolution. New bedding, sofa and chair, carpets and curtains looked the same. Room layout and bathroom unchanged. Balcony furnishings a downgrade in our opinion. Smaller dining table, chairs without cushions and two recliner chairs with footstools again without cushions. Our butler rounded us up some scatter cushions but if you moved then they did. No furnishings you could comfortably relax in to read a book or enjoy an afternoon snooze! Why they couldn’t have bought recliners with at least cushions to the back and seat is beyond me. Those of us who book hi
  9. We have sailed on both Eclipse and Reflection. The biggest difference we found in space and layout was the Sky Lounge. On Eclipse the view surrounds the full front of the ship. This venue is really nice to enjoy as a quiet space on sea days, a viewing area on colder cruises and in the evenings it is a cocktail lounge/music dance venue. Between 5pm and 7pm some of the lounge has historically been used for the Elite cocktail hour (I think this will be gone when cruising recommences). On Reflection the left hand side is a wall (additional cabins behind). Still a nice area but not as nice as the o
  10. Remember you can also bring two bottles of wine (including champagne) on board. If you open them in your room there is no cost, in the dining room there is a corkage fee ($25?)...May be worth bringing a decent bottle on board for a special evening!
  11. Difficult to know just when to ‘risk’ booking flights...Wait too long and the best options can go, book too soon and you could end up with flights to a cruise that doesn’t exist or has changed....I guess the positive is, if this were to happen, is that Florida is a great vacation spot in its own right...I could seriously enjoy 2/3 weeks at the family villa we usually book without the usual cruise add on. Concerns re flights is one of the main reasons we kept to a Southampton cruise this year although I am becoming desperate for a return to guaranteed sunshine!
  12. We have been editing holiday videos! Whilst we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at past cruises it has made us even more ‘homesick’ for another cruise! Cruising on Celebrity does somehow now feel more than just a holiday...Unsure how to word what I mean, ‘an alternative lifestyle’, ‘an escape to fantasy’...All I know is after a magical week or two on board I always feel better for it!
  13. I feel for you...the Maldives are very special. The thought of our September cruise 2021 has kept us going (swapped from last year) but the chances of it happening are seeming slimmer. Like you we are happy to be alive and covid free, grateful for grocery deliveries and good neighbours!
  14. In our experience when we have prebooked a dining package we have headed straight for one of the speciality restaurants on boarding and arranged our choices. No issues. Problems arise more if you wait until part way through your cruise and then try to sort, by this time many people may have booked one off meals at full price. Be aware that Tuscan has on our last couple of cruises held a ‘Dine with officers’ event one night and that Murano’s will host 1/2/3 chef’s table events...Add in a couple of Captains tables and availability at peak time becomes more limited.... We
  15. Agree, I wouldn’t want to be booking ‘a holiday of a lifetime’ where sightseeing was the focus until I knew I could book it as I wanted it. I would assume the OP is beginning to plan for 2022 rather than 2021? Our next cruise (September) is from Southampton and we have visited all the ports before. We intend it to be a ‘crash out’ and all about the ship rather than ports of call. We are also still only seeing it as a possible rather than a definite plan, the ship may not come over or we may not feel comfortable boarding. Much as I understand the cruise lines reasons for bubbling t
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