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  1. On S class ships the Elite breakfast is in Tuscan so there is the view to start with... There is either a cold buffet or a cold buffet menu to choose from. Either way you are looking at choices of fruit, salmon, cheese, ham, breads, Danish pastries... Drink wise there are fruit juices, Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys and quality coffees. As we tend to cruise in a RS with an occasional PH we have all options available....It really is nice to experience everything. Whilst Luminae has great big cooked breakfasts and room service brings everything to you if you simply fancy a ‘light, tasty bite’ then Elite breakfast fits the description.... I am sure both Blu and Luminae would provide everything provided at the Elite breakfast...once again about variety and ambience...
  2. Must say our most recent Tuscan experience on Equinox was really good too. We found the meat quality much improved. We wondered if it was because of a US vs European supplier...
  3. We got to Elite Plus and thought about how much we would save on evening cocktails, laundry, Internet....Then they introduced the Suite Life and our RS perks made the Elite Plus perks more or less redundant. Not complaining, just an observation! We still enjoy an Elite breakfast or two each cruise and occasionally go to one of the events...If you do decide to book a RS/PH to get there fast, Beware! You will then want the higher suite perks each cruise.... Like Chezmarylou, we will never get to Zenith but we intend to have fun trying! Our son might....
  4. Go for it...Tuscan Grill is a very special venue first night we always book it and on numerous occasions have recommended it on CC. We book it as it opens and ensure a window seat. You sit by the window watching the port slowly disappear as you sip on a glass of wine and peruse the menu....Light turns to darkness, the wake of the ship shows you are moving from real life into your fantasy cruise life...We have done this many times, always magical! Hope you have a fantastic honeymoon cruise!
  5. Agree...Unless you are not leaving your cabin until lunch or constantly are leaving the ‘sleep’ sign on the door your cabin should be done at more appropriate times... I don’t think we have ever not had our room serviced by 10/11am and that has usually been when we have had breakfast in the room, so our fault... I wonder if they are really short staffed and are paying staff overtime to do some rooms after they have done their ‘real’ job? I would be tempted to have a word with your neighbors to see if they are having the same issue...If this is the case then it still is not acceptable, management need to sort.
  6. When we cruised on Reflection either the Lawn Club Grill or Porch or both were open for lunch, cannot remember which! So more pay for options. In our experience the buffet lunch area is much more pleasant after rooms have opened (1ish) so why not board and enjoy a drink in a nice relaxing bar then head for Oceanview as it becomes quieter. They really do have a nice selection in there, look out for the Indian options, very tasty! They also have theme days (will say in your Today) so look out for them during your cruise.
  7. Blu is never open at lunch. If you prefer a light lunch look at the Aqua Spa Cafe, often not busy on boarding day and a choice of a soup, wrap and one or two other options.
  8. Why not suggest to your friends that they quickly join the roll call for your cruise? Although a bit late they may make some additional contacts... Agree with ‘setting expectations’...I suggest you maybe pre cruise agree to one speciality meal together, one excursion and maybe first and second night of the cruise agree to meet for pre dinner drinks at a set location. Committing to meeting for pre dinner drinks is less intensive than a dining commitment.... Don’t be apprehensive of using phrases like ‘We don’t like to commit ourselves too much, we like to see how we feel on the day’ or ‘We may go shopping in port but we will decide how we feel on the day, you go ahead and ring us early evening and we can meet up for a drink before or after dinner’... If you are not particularly close to these friends you are doing them no favours by letting them just ‘tag on’ to what you are doing as they may not enjoy...Encourage them to look at the ‘Today’ and simply join up together as and when appropriate...There could be occasions where you encourage them to go to a show or event you have done and enjoyed but see as a ‘once’ experience... Sometimes meeting up with friends and acquaintances is a real enrichment to your cruise but it can also misfire and take away that feeling of being away from everyone and everything and the freedom of doing just what you want when you want...
  9. I would think there would be reluctance in an accessible room to have a sofa bed as it could present a tripping hazard to a mobility impaired guest.
  10. Sincere thanks for a great review...We have never really considered a TA, perhaps it is time we did! We did get the flavour of the ship being to some degree the destination...
  11. Fill up my hot water bottle and add cognac to my hot chocolate (we were in Norway at the time).
  12. We try to be as healthy as possible before we fly. We avoid tiring schedules/difficult flight times. Try to balance busy days and rest days. Clean our cabin and hotel room remote controls and door handles. Wash hands all the time. Use rest rooms outside our cabin/hotel room as little as possible. We have occasionally been sick on a holiday but we have also been sick at home...worry too much and you wouldn’t leave your house. All about sensible precautions, having decent medical insurance (just in case) then just enjoying your vacations....
  13. Agree. I think many guests before this change would simply head to Oceanview and ‘camp out’ with their hand luggage. Once no luggage guests are happy to explore!
  14. It is great, very easy boarding and definitely a bonus to get rid of hand luggage.
  15. Bedroom has new bedding, bathroom new towels. In the lounge a light coloured sofa and new chair are the only real changes. The balcony now has two reclining chairs with rounded footstool (no cushions, uncomfortable) and no cushions on the new upright chairs. No lounger and as the added plants weigh a ton hard to move the furnishings around. The general layout and design of the RS remains a winner but the balcony furnishings really are dismal. Our butler ‘aquired’ some cushions for us from the retreat deck which made the seats slightly better but they are not of the quality or comfort that you should expect with a RS...We did make our feelings very clear and hope others do too...
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