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  1. Why put yourself through this? Even if everything goes according to plan your pre cruise experience will be an anxious one... We are U.K. citizens who regularly cross back and forwards across the pond....We have had many perfect scheduled flights, some with anxiety and a couple of very close shaves and that is working with the proviso of at least one and preferably two overnights pre cruise. As JFontaine says, the more connections to your journey, carriers etc ups the possibility of issues. Totally agree. Yes, your plan could work to clockwork. Equally you only need a delayed/cancelled flight, missing baggage or a motorway pileup and you could miss your ship. Plus landing and boarding same day will leave you jet lagged day 1/2 of your cruise. Cruises are not cheap vacations...Just forwarding your plan 24 hours and booking an overnight in Southampton would take so much stress from you. Alternatively why not fly in a few days earlier still and drive down via Salisbury Plain, visit Winchester and the New Forest, home of some wonderful pub/hotels? If you really have no flexibility in your schedule then check your first port of call and ease of connection there and if your insurance will cover. Sorry if I sound ‘doom and gloom’ but honestly I would never risk an across the pond journey without at least a cushion of 24 hours...
  2. Just to add ‘top suites’ do not have DVD players in them. However, the guests before us in the PH on Eclipse had asked for one and the butler had ‘found one’ for them. I wouldn’t want anyone to board expecting something that isn’t there!
  3. Murano’s is wonderful. Tableside flambé service of certain items, lovely menu choice, you really feel you are enjoying a special occasion. Tuscan Grill, steak and pasta. Better than Chops in my opinion. Fabulous wake views. Le Petit Chef, fun rather than fine dining but a lovely experience. Sushi on Five, does offer some none sushi options. If you are only going to do one I would recommend Murano’s but why not look at the cost of a package and enjoy them all! Other free alternative evening options are....Oceanview cafe offers some fresh cooked items along with regular buffet fare, great option on days you are exhausted after an excursion. Room service, no charge until 11pm and you can order from the MDR menu not just from the room service menu during the hours the MDR is open. Enjoy!
  4. Did anyone ask to meet with the suite manager re slow service in the Retreat? I know he wasn’t visible but should have been available on request. Certainly not acceptable to be waiting ages for a drink or having to go to the bar to get it...One of the things we have always enjoyed in Michael’s has been the service level. Re the podium. What about the many older less mobile guests who can’t stand long?
  5. Great news we board soon! I had been worried about fitting in those tiny chairs at the beginning of the cruise and was sure I would have no chance by the end!
  6. It isn’t just about the food it is also about service and ambience. The MDR is always a bit chaotic first night....servers don’t know your water, drink, food preferences. New cruisers may want explanations of menu.... We always dine in Tuscan first night. There is just something so magical about looking at the wake view. Sometimes we are lucky enough to see port or ship lights in the distance....we know at last we are at sea. We will slowly sip our first drink, peruse the menu we know very well and just switch into cruise mode.... We board soon, yes we are booked in...
  7. We board in just over a week...I am getting fidgety that we will then only have one booked, we usually have 3/4 lined up. Totally agree... My husband always says I look ten years younger by day three of the cruise but that could just be his beverage package kicking in....
  8. Ask your butler to arrange it for you. Good manners to ask the day before and not request peak dining time. If you just turn up (anytime) they probably will just seat you but not really fair on Aqua guests.
  9. Whilst I generally don’t exit the ship with a cold I do find I my nasal passages really dry out on a cruise...Also I can wake up with a tickly throat. Probably a combination of air conditioning, pool water, sunshine....I usually use a mild nasal spray which is part cleanser and part allergy. Since I have used it far less symptoms... It can be hard to differentiate between ‘cold’, ‘allergy’, ‘sinus infection’....May be worth discussing with your doctor. By the way most of the pillows on Celebrity cruises have a feather component, could that be part (or all) of the problem?
  10. I just wish Luminae would add an extra entree or two then guests wouldn’t need to supplement the menu with something from the MDR...
  11. I have no personal issue with this as we rarely watch tv. However, I feel it is morally wrong that many regular Celebrity cruisers may board soon and be disappointed. I do understand that movie time can be down time for children. I do understand that many guests enjoy ‘nodding off’ with an afternoon film. I do understand that many guests (especially after a full port day) enjoy a crash out in room film. If Celebrity communicates the change to customers then they do have the option to load iPads, buy cables....but with no warning, only disappointment awaits. Going to guest services and registering a complaint will not help them on their present cruise. Many guests will have expected free movies as a part of their cruise experience and it is no longer there, no one told them and for some of them it is important. As I say, not important for us, but I cannot just dismiss the issue as I genuinely think it is important to many fellow cruisers. I do understand that company policies and priorities change but Celebrity need to be far more proactive in ensuring their guests do not board and find their experience is less good than expected...
  12. You know this is perhaps the most annoying thing...At least those of us on CC that know there are no longer any free movies can work on plan B...How many none CC readers will board and just find something they expected (and possibly valued) has gone?
  13. In our experience on Celebrity you can usually wait until boarding and still manage to book the nights you want at the time you want. However, if you pre book individual restaurants pre cruise then you will pay full price. You can pre book a package. If you do this you will save (more the bigger the package you book). On boarding you will find a card in your room with a reservation for night 1 or 2. If you don’t like your reservation simply visit one of the speciality restaurants or stands and change it and at the same time make the rest of your bookings. I strongly suggest you do make your bookings at this time. If you leave it until later in the cruise you will probably still be able to get in but may not get your preferred time. Alternatively you can board and look for offers. On some cruises guests report good discounts above the saving made by booking a package. If you enjoy haggling, are not particularly bothered about specific times or days then this could be the way to go! Personally, we love the speciality restaurants but don’t like haggling and have previously booked a package. Murano’s is by far our favourite restaurant I suggest you give it a go, Tuscan has wonderful views and Le Petite Chef is great fun! Hope you have a fantastic cruise, we board in just over a week, can’t wait!
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