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  1. After spending over three months at home I have been amazed by the very responsible behaviour I have seen on my two recent car trips out...Most people are genuinely concerned about the ongoing situation and are taking appropriate actions to keep themselves and others safe. Agree! There will always be a few who either do not take the situation seriously or feel that rules and regulations are for others but not for them but as Cat4158 says, if you do go somewhere and it is crowded don’t stop. After finding out the high level of covid safety our favourite touring caravan site has had to provide to open again I clearly understand why they are advising against cruising at present, just too many shared spaces...
  2. We were in a RS in 2016 on Solstice and part of our balcony had some of the blue X on it, I don’t think it will have had the X removed since then... Just out of curiosity I looked at some pictures as you said ‘white’ and I distinctly remember ‘blue’...Seems like port and starboard are different colours, cruised her twice and never noticed that! Do you know for definite your room is part of the X? Try looking at recent reviews of your room number.
  3. Agree. If you do want to get to hotter places. However, sometimes you can find some lovely ‘homes from homes’ not that far away from where you live. Whilst here in the U.K. many apartments and houses do not come with outdoor pools many do come with hot tubs. There are some fantastic lodges in areas like the Forest of Dean where you can enjoy relative luxury but with a feeling of being in the wilds...Amazing historical properties are for hire too like a light house on Anglesey or an apartment in Agatha Christie’s house in Devon. When we have toured parts of the US we have been amazed by the fantastic locations of many lodges/villas available for hire. We have also been amazed at the value for money price, especially if you go as a family group. One mistake I think we all make, regardless of what country we live in, is to sometimes ignore the beauty and interest of places near to home... During what would be a usual cruise length vacation you could drive to a couple of diverse fantastic locations. Shop once at each and that would be all the contact you would need to make with others and at many locations you can arrange a home delivery so you don’t even need to do that...Yes, you will be still doing some cooking but lots of time to relax and enjoy looking at different walls, gardens, views and features...
  4. Been, seen and enjoyed all inclusive resorts but to be perfectly honest I think a luxury villa with private pool and great views can offer so much more and certainly at a cheaper or comparable cost depending on size/luxury level of villa/occupancy... Private villas offer an environment where you are not sharing spaces with strangers, you can eat out if you want to but you don’t have to...The pool is all yours, no need to reserve sun beds. If you have worries about Covid, this option is the nearest you can have to a real holiday but keep in control of the number of people you mix with.
  5. I assume you are before final payment... Firstly would you be comfortable committing to an Italian Cruise at present? Possibly limited and expensive flights... Then you are committed to boarding a ship uncertain of many things like the rules and regulations on board. If you play the waiting game and the ships do come across you have to be willing to board. Check your present insurance, does it cover cancellation due to Covid and medical cover for Covid? Celebrity may not cancel until after final payment so you could tie up a significant amount on a cruise that you are fairly sure will not happen to get a refund or FCC at a higher amount but 125% of this year’s cost may not equal the prices next year. We have simply moved our October this year cruise to September next year...just not worth the uncertainty and committing more money for a holiday that may not happen and may cause anxiety rather than excitement as the time draws nearer. If you are Elite or above you can move your present deposit to any cruise, any time, free of charge. If you are not Elite the cost to change to any other cruise is £75 for guests one and two. If you simply want to push your existing cruise forward one year look at the ‘lift and shift’ programme...a direct swap should cost you no more... If you are booked through a TA they should be able to go through all scenarios with you if not phone Celebrity and discuss. From cruises we have been tracking 2021 (especially from Southampton) booking is fairly fast as people are forgetting 2020 and looking to 2021... Holidays for us are about planning and enjoying leisure time and I simply can’t see anything relaxing in the present scenario...Now we have made the switch we can relax, we still have a fabulous cruise to look forward to in 2021 but we are not ‘news watching’ about flights/airport/districts open... Hope your TA/Celebrity can help you to make a decision... Whenever you get to cruise next hope it is a wonderful time!
  6. We were on Equinox last October. We were told that no further changes would be made until all the other ships in the queue for the Revolution had completed their changes. Generally the ship was in great shape in most area. We obviously cannot comment on all room types but our RS has same carpets and curtains that we remembered from last cruise but we had fresh bedding and a new sofa. No big deal.. The big limited change on Equinox compared to other Revolutionised ships is the Retreat Deck which on Equinox is one floor only and has no water feature (Jacuzzi tub). So if you are cruising generally this will not effect you but if you are cruising in a suite it is something to consider...The area is hot and windy, not ideal...
  7. Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary, it is ours in a couple of weeks. We had the PH booked on Silhouette to celebrate...Instead we are taking our touring caravan into Wales...Maybe not as glamorous, no dining out or butler service but we will be together! Re Iceland, Jane McDonald did a cruise just around Iceland on a former ferry called Ocean Diamond (series 2 episode 2). Reykjavik to Reykjavik so easy to add as part of a land tour. Obviously they did trips off at different points and certainly saw more of the wild side of the country. Could be a good option for you, she also saw the aurora borealis...Not done this but I saved the episode as it is something we may consider. Again congratulations on your anniversary, hope you have the champagne on ice!
  8. New stuff is Bigelow...Large refillable bottle in all rooms including top suites. We were not impressed, shower gel smelled and felt exactly the same as the shampoo, conditioner not bad. Worse problem is the bottles (at least in our suite) were not fixed to a wall so then needed to be held and pumped, not easy with slippery hands...Also as they are reused it was another thing for us to sanitize as we entered the room. Whilst we fully support the need to reduce plastic waste we were not impressed with this stuff and will be taking our own products next cruise...loved the Bvlgari!
  9. Like Luminae unfortunately the breakfast times are quite limited stopping at 9am port days and 9.30 sea days (I think that is correct for most itineraries, correct me if I am wrong). For us on port days we want a light breakfast in suite if we plan on exploring the port and on sea days we will often enjoy something from room service on the balcony rather than rush to dress and get to the restaurant. After saying that the sit down breakfast in both Blu and Luminae are very nice and very civilised and we do enjoy 1or 2 sit down full breakfasts per cruise.
  10. The big pro for Aqua class is the sit down breakfast and evening dining in a venue significantly smaller than the MDR. Obviously you also get access to Persian Gardens. If you plan on dining some nights in the MDR or speciality restaurants then the extra you are paying for Blu is questionable for value....Why not look at swapping to a standard balcony cabin and then adding a dining package with the savings made?
  11. Phil, I still have some body lotion...I am contemplating using it or keeping it to sniff!
  12. You can just turn up at MDR select dining and they will do their best to seat you but you could end up being given a pager...Much better to chat to the Blu M’D and get him to organise in advance. Also much fairer for those who have select as their dining option. If you are a social diner why not join your roll call and make some contacts pre cruise in Blu and other areas.
  13. Quite a strict ‘no’ I am afraid. However... If you make friends cruising in Suites they will be able to join you free of charge in arrangement with the M’D (as Blu can be quite busy they may ask you to avoid peak time). If your friends in Suites wish to reciprocate then you can dine with them in Luminae in arrangement with the M’D but this will be at a cost. If your friends are MDR select it is relatively easy for you to join them free of charge. If they are set dining you can join them but definitely run it through the M’D, don’t just turn up. Often in these scenarios the best solution is to see how things go...if you make some new friends fairly early in the cruise approach one of the speciality restaurants and see what deals they can offer you. Sometimes a group of 4/6 can get great deals for early/late dining. Remember if dining together is problematic you can always meet up for pre dinner cocktails, post dinner coffees and the sunset bar is always fantastic for late night drinks... Hope you have a great cruise!
  14. We have a cruise from Southampton booked for next September. In this scenario not being allowed to board would result in.... - just a missed cruise but as we could simply drive home no further cost. -free medical help if the raised temperature had indicated something nasty. Of greater concern are the two following scenarios... -getting ill ourselves on board and being offloaded to a port where, if our insurance did not cover covid, we could be responsible for medical costs and the cost of getting ourselves home. -someone else on our ship having symptoms (or diagnosed) with covid and not being allowed to disembark...One would hope in this scenario they would return us to Southampton and trust us to drive home and self isolate. Certainly lots of scenarios for us all to consider.
  15. Best wishes to you from over the pond... Health and happiness to you all!
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