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  1. Absolutely. My grandfather, Benjamin died six months before I was born, so my parents wanted to name me after him. My aunt was watching a Ronald Coleman movie the day before I was born and suggested the name. I hated it as a kid- Benita Banana and Chiquita Benita were terrible nicknames, but I grew into it.
  2. I just bought a cruise package from ATT. Unlimited Talk and text and some included data package. $100 for 30 days and it also includes use in almost all the Caribbean ports. Days of being unreachable are over (darn)
  3. In honor of Oceania outrunning the pirates near Somalia, I chose the name Oceania Flotilla. By the way, I won third prize about 10 years ago in the Design the Oceania itinerary contest. Won two weeks in a PH suite for two on the Marina, including airfare. Hoping this name is not too warlike and I will win again!
  4. Thanks for the updates, Orv. My husband and I are joining you tomorrow and staying on until December 15.
  5. Yes, D+ were allowed in the suite lounge. It was called the concierge lounge -- and it was for full suites (not JS) Diamond + and Pinnacle. I don’t mind that they excluded us, just wished they told us, so we were not embarrassed when our cards did not open the door. I guess RCL thought the change of name was enough notice.
  6. We are on the Navigator. With the new renovations, they eliminated the Concierge lounge on deck 9 and opened a Suite lounge on deck 14. Diamond plus not allowed in the Suite lounge and when asked about our “eviction” the staff refuses to acknowledge that this is the case. A rose by any other name is not a rose in RCCL language.
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