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  1. I don't know if it's ship dependent, but on Seaside, rooms were available at 2pm. They had a carry-on holding spot at Shine Bar, with security and claim tickets, etc so you could drop it there, explore, get s bite to eat, etc then pick it up when rooms were ready. (YC rooms were ready earlier) I imagine it's quite different in the Med with the multiple embarkation/disembarkation ports.
  2. From my understanding, you're only upgraded the cabin, not the perks. And as MyChoice dining is an Aurea perk, it wouldn't apply to you. I could be wrong, obviously. But don't hold your breath. You'll very likely have your original assigned dining.
  3. 20-30 minute walk or$10 5-7 minute cab ride.
  4. JS: note that JAGR says Venchi martinis are $11 and "still comp" as is gelato. Meaning no, not paying for Venchi drinks. On Seaside. Basically, no changes to Seaside - yet
  5. According to the dailies so far for Ocean Cay, you won't be having your dinner ashore in the YC Ocean House Restaurant, as it's only open for lunch. It appears, so far, that only the food trucks and the pay Restaurant are ooen after lunch hours. Ocean House shows 12-2:30 Seekers Buffet 12-3:30. So, decision has been made for you - dinner on the ship, or food truck, or pay.
  6. All those things are charged on princess also. Princess Cays - no umbrellas unless you rent, same for clamshells, cabanas, etc While older Princess ships have some free steam abd sauna, they all also have charged steam abd sauna area. And their newer ships only have for fee steam and sauna.. IME - MSC nickel and dimes much less than other lines we've sailed (Princess, Celebrity, Cunard, RCI and Carnival), and with the different Experiences, you can choose what you want included and are willing to pay for to have included, instead of everything being extra. YMMV
  7. Actually, you were directly comparing your Sure duplex suite to Haven. That's what I was responding to.. sure isn't equivalent to Haven, it doesn't include anywhere near the perks or privacy, etc. It doesn't include the mini-bar, although I'm fairly certain neither does your Haven suites (please do correct me if I'm wrong). If you wanted similar/ equivalent to Haven, you would need to book Yacht Club. You booked Aurea, which has its own set of perks. None of which are the mini-bar. As you've upgraded your drink package to Premium Plus ( I hope as you keep mentioning Premium, which does not include the mini-bar, but there you go). You seem to have what you wanted the most -- the mini-bar! I sincerely hope it's everything you've built it up to be in your expectations. Below is quite from your earlier post, comparing your Aurea suite to Haven, for reference: "I find Petty because I'm in a duplex which is a two bedroom suite! I am a Norwegian Haven frequent Traveler so I find it a little strange how MSC sorts out its cabins..."
  8. Yes, that's how it works. Upgrade to Premium Plus ans the mini-bar is included. I'm not sure what the big draw is, single serve Pringles, some peanuts, lousy beer, couple sodas and some minis (Dewar's and Absolut mainly). But it's there, and available for anyone who wants to pay for the individual items or upgrade to PP. Hope it's everything you want it to be!
  9. Yes, beer and diet Coke. No changes on Seaside from what you experienced last year. At lesst, no changes yet!
  10. Yes, but Aurea isn't equivalent to Haven .for that you'd need to book in Yacht Club. Aurea is same as "rest of ship" on either MSC or NCL. It's got some extra perks, by the mini-bar isn't one of them, just like it's not in non-Haven (or Haven, from my understanding) cabins...
  11. Let me reiterate - Premium for NOT include the mini-bar. You would have to upgrade to Premium Plus Aurea includes Easy drink package. It's also not petty to not include the mini-bar even when you can get sodas or waters - or booze or food - elsewhere on the ship as covered by your respective drink package. The drink packages don't include the mini-bar except for Premium Plus, neither does any room Experience (except Yacht Club). It's the same on virtually all cruise lines - the mini-bar items aren't included except in very specific cases on pretty much all lines, such as specific suites, or top end lines that are all-inclusive. Neither Princess nor Celebrity nor HA nor Cunard nor Carnival, etc include the mini-bar in the room (yes, certain circumstances such as Elite or full suite on Princess and so forth). Petty? If that's how you want to look at it. Normal business practice is more like it though. If you want the mini-bar included, you'll need to upgrade to the Premium Plus beverage package or book a YC cabin (and even that perk is being tweaked).
  12. Nope. You likely had the Deluxe drink package, which included the mini-bar. The Aurea Experience doesn't include the mini-bar, and didn't back then either.
  13. If you're wanting the mini-bar, you have to upgrade to Premium Plus, as I noted above. Premium does not include the mini-bar.
  14. Yes, you have to upgrade your drink package to Premium Plus to have access to the minibar, regardless of Stateroom experience booked - it's not included for any (except Yacht club).
  15. There's no pool in the Top 19 deck are. There's hot tubs, bar, seating and tanning areas. And it's much quieter and less crowded than the main deck. I think you're talking yourself into disappointment. Aurea is great, and Seaview is gorgeous (sister ship to Seaside). The dining room is lovely and being able to go in your schedule is a plus. Your room is quite spacious, with larger balcony and such than any YC room except the Royal Suites. You have room service delivery charge included. You have robes and slippers, priority embarkation and disembarkation, etc. You have anytime access to the Thermal Suite with it's hydro pool, steam and saunas, two massages (YC doesn't have this), etc.. I can't imagine why you would be thinking of cancelling and taking a penalty when you have a pretty darn great cruise booked. Your kids still have all the same access to the waterslides, zip line, arcade, pools, kids club, etc - all of which they'd have to leave YC to use anyways. YC is great, but it's not a significantly substantially different world over Aurea. Ship still goes to the same place, etc.
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