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  1. You really don't need a transfer company. A taxi is a set rate to the airport. You can grab one anytime... But if you really want a specific company: SAS, Go Airport, Prime Time, Super Shuttle, Dolphin Limo, etc.
  2. Share is our favorite specialty Restaurant across all the lines we sail, with Solarium Bistro on Oasis class ships a close second. The food, every time we've eaten there, has been fantastic. Maybe a little out there for some, but for us - it's amazing. The dock confirm is flipping amazing. The pork ravioli in coconut cream is out of this world. I truly wish Princess had expanded it to more ships.
  3. Yes, Ocean House Restaurant is the YC only Restaurant, with it's own menu, different from elsewhere, complimentary. Limited hours, only 12-2 when we were there. Chairs, towels and Umbrellas all complimentary in YC area. Loads if photos of the YC area, menus, etc in existing OC posts.
  4. The "priority" for dining time is highly overrated. Like any line, if the time assigned doesn't suit, go see the maitre'd and they'll change you, if there's space. Being moved to the early times is way easier in MSC than being moved to later times, given the general more European make-up of passengers, and the general tendency for Europeans to eat later than North Americans (obviously generalized, but you get the idea). 5:15 and 5:30 dining times are the easiest ones to move to. Something to consider in the future, if your plan works out. Bella would save you even more, if the room service thing isn't a big deal. Happy sails.
  5. Neither the Land, Sea tour nor beach break include the banana plantation. They travel to Soufriere by speedboat, no stops at the banana plantations. You'd have to do the West coast delight or other tour by land to see the banana plantation.
  6. To us, no they wouldn't be worth $3200 extra. You could easily buy the Thermal Suite, Premium Plus package, and specialty dining packages - and still have money left over for another sailing For my personal curiosity - why Fantastica over Bella? The cabin itself is exactly the same, the only "perks" Fantastica gives are cabin location, " priority" on choice of dining time and no delivery fee for room service... Seems you could save even more going Bella. Personal curiosity, that's all... The YIN is the same, whether Bella, Fantastica, Aurea or YC. (Obviously, accessible cabins are different, and YIN has somewhat different decor, but bathroom, closet, layout, one chair, etc all the same regardless).
  7. When built, those weren't aqua class rooms - Aqua class didn't exist yet. That was introduced in 2008 with the launch of Solstice ships... So, when they refurbed the Millennium class ships to add Aqua, they went with what's available.. and those decks tend to have larger balconies, particularly the aft facing ones.. there's minimal or no noise from the public spaces - they're actually properly sound proofed. Room service is free aka included in your fare, from 5 or 6am till 11pm. There's some "free" food abd some items with a charge, regardless of time. There's a delivery fee, for ant of it, after 11pm. Sounds like you really want to try Oasis, even with all the positive Summit reviews - so go for it. It's an amazing ship, and you won't regret it. Sounds very much like the additional dining options really matter to you - and Oasis has some amazing dining options. Go for it, do the two story suite and enjoy!!
  8. Vigie Beach. Everything you're looking for 20-30 minute walk from port, or 6-8 minute drive, $10 one way. Small boardwalk with local food and drinks, chairs, tons of shade, calm water, easy entry, clean bathrooms, etc. Great spot.. PS: As an aside - it's helpful to ask new questions in new posts, older posts that are unrelated don't often get new questions seen.
  9. Royal Class ships, of which Regal is one, do not have tiered/layered/we'd cake type sides. They're straight down, balconies all the same size straight down, all covered by deck above There are some exceptions, such as aft facing, which is tiered. Some on Emerald which are extra large. Forward facing are larger. The midship, angled ones are larger - on all decks. Best is entirely subjective. Best for what?
  10. 1) reservations can only be made once you can access ship's intranet, whether via app, screens around the ship, etc. 2) yes, the app has a chat feature, at least aboard Seaside, Mera, Belissima, Grandiosa. Not sure about older ships.
  11. Yes, you can request a table for two with Fantastica. If you're assigned to a larger table, see the maitre'd and they'll move you, if space is available. Same for your dining time.. and yes, Fantastica is assigned time/table. . Aurea has MyChoice dining, meaning go when you want during open hours... Yes, you can upgrade your drink package, regardless of what Experience you book. Price is the difference between whatever package you have, and whatever package you want. If you do it in advance, there's no Service Charge applied. If you do it on the ship, you're charged 15% service charge on total cost of upgrade..
  12. PS: as for Oasis - those are simply amazing ships. We've done 4 (5? I've lost track) Sailings on Oasis, including a 12 night transatlantic. The ships are simply marvels. Outstandingly organized, laid out, amenities are top notch, specialty dining is among the best at sea, cabins are remarkably good, entertainment is amazing - full fledged diving show while at sea is fab We wouldn't spend $10-15K for a week on them at all as those ships beg you to be out and about.. we do suites on some other ships, Sky or Aqua on Celebrity, suites sometimes on Princess, Yacht Club on MSC, etc. For us, what type of cabin depends on the ship and Itinerary. Oasis, a balcony cabin is good enough as we tend to be out and about more. Princess or Celebrity Caribbean, aqua or suite, as we spend more time in cabin. And so on. Only you know your budget and wants though.
  13. Have sailed all those ships except NCL Bliss. Regal is a great ship. If you enjoyed her, you'll almost certainly enjoy Summit. The Millennium class ships by Celebrity (there's 4) are almost perfect, in my opinion..great layout, spacious cabins (you'll love this part, although the closets leave a bit to be desired), good sized balconies (much larger than Regal), spacious venues, etc. Specialty Dining on Celebrity is excellent, and the pricing reflects that. Drink packages are great, no cap on how many drinks, etc. Service is generally very good. Lots more alike than different from Princess. A couple major differences: no self service laundry on Celebrity. No 24/7 free room service on Celebrity (delivery charges from 11-5), plus lots of items have a fee also. Pool deck food hours are much shorter. The buffet isn't open continuously all day/evening. It closes completely between meals for turnover. No 24/7 vebue like IC for smaller bites, snacks, etc. And Cafe Al Bacio closes at night too, for those specialty coffees. And a little more class separation than Princess, - suite only dining room and lounges, Aqua class only dining room, certain areas of the ship only for suites, things like that. It's not really all that noticeable on Summit, a little more obvious on newer ships. (And yes, Regal has a suite only small lounge also, most aren't even aware of it) Those are the main ones that come to mind. Not deal breakers for us by any means, but something to be aware of. Summit was recently refurbed and is in great shape, but she is an older ship, with all the creaks and such that go with that. The trade-off is an itinerary you want to do, larger cabins and less crowded public spaces, more deck space, etc. I wouldn't hesitate to book Summit, we love that class of ship. Been on Infinity 4 times, Millennium twice, Constellation twice and Summit once.
  14. You can get drinks while the bars are open (buffet,Seaview and atrium, if memory serves) they'll close around 9/9:30 for cleaning, restock, etc then open again around 11/11:30 and you can then get drinks, once back aboard You'll have to do immigration that morning, so you'll be off the ship for a while also. You can either leave during normal disembarkation and return when boarding starts, take an excursion, or meet with the group, and get escorted off, through immigration and back on, once regular disembarkation is over. So, there's a couple hours you won't be able to get drinks, both because bars are closed, and you're dealing with CPB regulations.
  15. International Cafe, dining room (cappuccino, mochas, lattes, espresso - not the whole specialty coffee menu), and Horizon Court, including bar right outside. I don't think they have the full barista, but cappuccinos and espresso, etc. For things like the double chocolate frappacino or things like that, IC is it.
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