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  1. On our Seaside cruise, we had to attend the second muster drill - because we'd changed cabins, and thus muster station . Those who'd booked into same cabin, whether as a 14 nighter or as two 7 night in sane cabin did not have ti attend the drill. The drill is remarkably short, so not a big deal either way, IMO.
  2. Best is in the eye if the beholder. For us, Crown Grill is best over Sabatini's as we like the menu options, decor, etc better than Sabatini's. Porterhouse or but never in veal chop, truffle fries and sampler dessert are best to me. Others like or find Sabatini's better or think it's best due to menu or decor or whatever. Only you know you're likes snd dislikes, what's "best" for you.
  3. The mugging was in late December, early January (there was a post about it then). Not sure how one (or two as there was an attempt a week or two later in a different area) incident translates into "crime rate up in Castries". It was a fairly common to anywhere crime of opportunity, where the perps were actually caught and awaiting trial - unlike common muggings in many USA or other country's cities. USA just issued their updated travel warnings for St Lucia - no change in warnings or cautions - a level 1 country, meaning low crime rates against tourists, generally safe, etc. - just use common sense, like you would anywhere. Serenity Park is lovely - small, so not somewhere one would be sending hours wondering , you can circumnavigate it in maybe 12 minutes - and see all the way around it from anywhere in the park. It's right off the main highway. Cute park for a short stroll. As noted in many many posts, Castries really isn't much of a city to explore for your average tourist. There's simply not much there, and it's fairly gritty. It's not a quaint village by any means. There's lots more interesting areas and sights to explore further afield.
  4. As described in the several Vigie Beach threads, there's a small boardwalk with several local food and drink venues - lunch, snacks, full meals, etc - anything from small bags of chips and such through piece of grilled or fried chicken, dahl, burgers, fish, and full meals with all the local fixings..
  5. There's not been any changes to older posts There's three courses on island in different locations. Rainforest Adventures has the zip line course and aerial tram. Among the fastest course, but not the highest or longest. About 35 or so minutes from port Treetop Adventures, with highest and longest course. Also has mountain biking, waterfall hike. About 45-1 hour from port St Lucia Hotwire, shortest course, and not super fast, but fun - and great views of the iconic Pitons! Treetop climbing, cocoa demonstration, and so forth in plantation - and lunch available. Located in Soufriere, home to Pitons, volcano, mud baths, waterfalls, and so forth - many of the experiences that set St Lucia apart. 1-1.15 hours from port
  6. It's absolutely beautiful. A truly wonderful addition. We were there for the opening - it's really great. Should be a big bonus for Tourist and local alike..
  7. It is absolutely walking distance. Around 20-30 minutes. Cab should run $10 one way for up to 4.
  8. It's the same as the rest of the ship. Long pants, not flip flops, nice shirts whether collared or not, etc. You'll see some suits and tuxes on formal nights, but not a lot in our experience. Dockers and polo or similar is the norm.
  9. No printable port guide that I know of. Castries isn't a quaint village - it's very much a gritty working capital city. There's little in the immediate area for tourism it sites of interest, etc. Mainly the Castries Craft and Food market is worth a visit - right across from the ports areas - can't miss it. Huge selection of local produce, meats and fish, food stalls, and crafts - everything from typical chotchkies on through local handicrafts. And a wide selection of local spices and such. Derek Walcott Square and the cathedral are lovely, about a 2-3 minute walk from port. Vigie Beach is a 25-30 minute walk from port. Otherwise, there's not much in the area.. definitely recommended to take a tour or hire a driver to get out if the area and enjoy all St Lucia has to offer
  10. Yes, it's very easily walkable, and safe/easy. It's around 20-30 minutes depending on which pier you're at. From La Place Caranage (the two story shopping complex dock are), hang a left after exiting the shops area, head up the road till it splits, hang a left around the waterfront, keep going up the road till you hit the airport, hang a right to the end/traffic circle, hang a left across the end of the runway and right into Rendezvous. From Pointe Seraphine (one story dock shops), exit the port area, follow the freeder road to the main toad, hang a left at the gas station, follow road to airport - abd directions as above. It's all flat, sidewalks/wide side if the road all the way. Enjoy
  11. Sabatini's/specialty restaurant breakfast is for full suite passengers only
  12. On our Caribbean msc Seaside sailings, all aboard was 30 minutes prior to sailaway.
  13. Yes, all resorts restrict day passes due to occupancy so that they can provide the level of services their guests require - same as any other AI. They most definitely still offer day passes, as with any resort, it's at the discretion of the resort and based on current occupancy. Not surprising Sandals didn't have any available recently given it's still high season, and they're always limited during the season Details at their website, still running $105usd for day, etc.
  14. Have you contacted then directly with regards ti their day passes? For years, if not decades, they've had several tiers of day passes, including one that was ideal for cruise visitors that was 10-3 or 4, for around $65-75 pp. At $105 pp, that adds up fast. Are you going to actually drink that much booze to make it worthwhile? (same question for Sandals for that matter).. What is it that's driving a day pass? Is it the activities, or the pool, or something else? If it was between Sandals or Rendezvous, Rendezvous wins for me, hands down. Closest by far, easy walking distance really, great food and drink, etc - but you'd have to drink a lot in your limited hours to make it worthwhile. I'd suggest also looking at Calabash Cove - no day pass per session but they welcome limited day guests and can use the pool, have food and drinks - and it's breathtaking...you'd have to contact for availability.. You could go to Vigie Beach, enjoy the same beach Rendezvous is located on, for free...small boardwalk with local food and drinks, cocktails, chairs for $5, massuese, and so forth. May be something to consider instead..
  15. Dragon - Sandals most definitely offers day passes still. There's been no stoppage or cancelling of those. If a sandal day pass is a must, La Toc is the nearest to the port. Several pools at different locations, nice little beach - although can occasionally be rough, good food, etc Sandals Grande is the furthest, best beach of the three. Some of the largest pools, all flat resort (unlike La Toc which is up a hillside so some fabulous cliffside views, pool up too, etc). Halcyon is rig in between, smallest of the three, most "quaint" and quietest. Least desirable beach, IMO.
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