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  1. Actually, you do get more things in Princess as you go along. 21-30 cruises gets $25obc per cruise, 31-40 gets $50, 41-50 gets $75 and 50 and up gets $100 additional. Hit 500 nights and you get the suite perk specialty breakfast as a perk regardless of cabin booked. And so on. They do have unlisted extra perks for more cruises beyond the 15.. FWIW
  2. Yuo. St Lucia Distillers, which produces all our rum products, is about 35 or so minutes from port and offers tours with tastings. Details at their website.
  3. 20-35 minites from oort depending on traffic. The beach isn't spectacular, but it's lovely snd quite. The resort itself, splendid
  4. Whether you'll be able to see them from the cruise ship itself entirely depends on your sailing route both on arrival and departure from St Lucia. If you're arriving from Barbados, and then departing north, that would be a No on either side Of arriving from points north, ie Martinique or Dominica, and then heading to Barbados, that's a strong maybe on departure - as often the ship will sail down the west coast then through the straight between St Lucia and St Vincent on the way to Barbados. Sometimes though, it goes north through the Martinique passage instead. And even if you do go down the west coast, you'll be far out to sea - the Pitons will be small on the horizon, and often clouded over with rain clouds or hazed over at late afternoon early evening. If heading south to areas like Grenada or ABCs, then you'll take the west coast route, but again - see above. You're best bet for seeing them is a small boat trip, up close and personal. Don't count on being able to see much at all from the cruise ship itself.
  5. Yes, Crown On Demand TV programming. Disembarked yesterday: Bohemian Rhapsody, Avengers, Dark Phoenix, The Upside, Green Book, Fighting with Family, Old Man with a Gun, to name a few. All available the next day On Demand
  6. Nope, traffic back from PI should be minimal, no problem...
  7. Seaside is sailing Saturday Aug 31. Albeit earlier than scheduled - you should plan to be in port by 9am. Details updated at their website As San Juan didn't Experience much damages, and the storm is well to the north, I'd expect them to port there as normal. (Yes, well aware there was some major flooding and some damages elsewhere in PR, but not around San Juan).. St Thomas is anyone's guess as there was some flooding, power outages, etc. But still not as much damage as was anticipated Whether they'll stay with the Eastern, which should have some great weather for the next few days, or switch to a more Western route remains to be seen. There hasn't been any updates on that as yet.
  8. Basically means that if you bought a package a la carte, ie didn't come with your promo or Experience, it will be good in Ocean Cay. Obviously this doesn't apply to Aurea or YC (or a promo where a package is included), because you didn't actually buy a separate package - it's included in your fare If you have a package included - whether as a promo or part of your Experience - it works at Ocean Cay. You're excluded from buying the one day package or buying a separate package. The wording could be better - but essentially if you have Easy included whether as part of All In or Aurea or whatever - you're covered for same drinks at OC. You don't have to buy anything separate or extra. (Same for YC but their "package" isn't really a package per se. )
  9. As for Salty Dog Grill - absolutely no difference in wait times aboard Crown or Caribbean, both of which have the SDG versus old Trident Grill. Ordered cheesy bacon fries from the app to be delivered to me in buffet while I ate there, took about 12-14 minutes (the app does say allow 20 minutes for delivery). The wait staff that brings it is roving staff from the different areas, not the ones working behind the Grill. You shouldn't notice any difference. During peak times, normal lines moving at normal speed. Other times - walk right up and order
  10. There will be taxis and tour operators at the pier for trips. It's enough time to get to Soufriere and back to see the Pitons and volcano, but not much else - you wouldn't have time for beach or such. You could opt for Pigeon Island up north, national park with ruins, small beach, great restaurants, hikes, etc.. Or Rodney Bay for Beach and shopping. Not sure what type of shopping you're looking for- St Lucia isn't s shopping destination like St Thomas or St Maarten, we don't have Mike's if jewelry and clothes and linens and electronics and name brands and such like said places. And little bargain hunting like said places. Enjoy.
  11. It depends what beach they stop at. It's very likely either Anse Chastenet or Anse Cochon, both of which are black sand beaches.
  12. Yes, Dorian hit us - it was a direct hit on late Monday night/Tuesday morning/afternoon. Dorian was a Tropical Storm at the time, and we sustained minimal to no real material damages. Some rain, that's about it.
  13. We used Value Cabs for our tour, picked up at port. Loafs of cabs available at port. Excellent driver, clean comfy car, £240 total (per car not per person, we had 4, larger party would work out even cheaper), hit two castles, a gorgeous Bay used in GoT (Princess buses can't get down there), driver bought us some snacks, Giants Causeway for several hours, rope bridge views and so on. Worked out significantly less than a Princess tour would have been, and returned us with time to see the Titanic or GoT exhibits if we'd wanted.. Shuttle into City center was £16 return. No port shuttle offered. Disembarked Crown today
  14. As I noted, you can cab it, water taxi it, or take a tour, whether ship's tour or independent. Depends on what else you want to do, where ship's tours go, budget, time in port, etc It's at least 60 and often closer to 75 or 90 minutes from port to most of the beaches, and a cab to Soufriere runs around $90usd one way - depending in where in Soufriere.
  15. There are lots and lots of black sand beaches in St Lucia. Most all visitable from port .. Which one do you want to visit? The most well known is Anse Chastenet, in Soufriere. You can reach via cab or water taxi or tour. There's Ti Kaye, Soufriere beachfront, Sabwicha, Anse I'vorgne, and so forth. Most are - at least - an hour from port. Maybe check them out via Google pics, etc and then narrow down which you may want to visit.
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