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  1. Nope, has to be booked onboard. There will be folks in the atrium upon boarding to take reservations - just tell them it's your black card dinner (or not, you can tell them when you arrive at dinner too), or head to the Specialty restaurant to book, etc. Do it quickly, as prime times fill up fairly quick.
  2. Just show your boarding pass/E-ticket on arrival, they'll direct you to the correct Black card check-in lanes.
  3. Awesome. When we sailed Seaside back in Jan, we were told no Hot Stone when we went to sign up. The info on the site states no Four hands. So, I guess this is more of that MSC inconsistency I keep reading about? Lol. .
  4. Aurea does not include prepaid gratuities/service charge nor any specialty dining privileges, etc. None of the Experiences do. Everyone's on the same footing with gratuities/Service Charge or specialty dining. MSCs daily service charge is $12.50 per adult, half for kids and bone for 2 and under.. details at their website. Aurea massage is basically any if the Bali massages, sports massage, etc . Doesn't include four hands or hot stone. Have two or three you're interested in just in case one isn't available. There's no hard sell - you won't even get a receipt to sign for the massage to add a tip or such! Enjoy
  5. Yes, the PBP works on the private island port. It has the same exclusions as on the ship..
  6. With regards to Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, MSC has reversed course with regards to food there. The Seekers Buffet is now complimentary. The other venues still have charges. The YC section isn't slated to be open till February - that's been fairly well publicized for a while now. There's still speculation about what it will include - but the general counsel seems to be the YC section will have no extra charges, ie food included, drinks included. Remains to be seen obviously.
  7. Yc is an experience level on MSC - the only way to access YC benefits is to book a YC cabin. It's not open to top tier Voyager's Club members or anyone else (they do sell day passes, so I've heard, if YC isn't at capacity- howvwer it's pretty much always at capacity). YC benefits include Top Sail Lounge, One Pool deck, YC restaurant, butler service, free room service and pizza delivery, minibar items, concierge, and drinks in the YC lounge - virtually any and everything with a few exceptions of connoisseur items (serious top shelf whiskey or champagne, etc). All your normal too shelf brands included inside YC and outside YC, it essentially covers the same things as the Premium Package (all drinks $12 and under, which is pretty much everything but connoisseur selections again). YC does not include specialty restaurants - although the UC restaurant is sort of like it's own Specialty restaurant as it is only for YC. Yes, YC has priority boarding at ports and embarkation, in that a butler will escort you towards the front of the line and there's "priority" disembarkation at ports in that butler will escort you towards the front of the disembarkation line. One some ships there's also priority elevator service. You'll have plenty of food choices, there's steak and chicken available, lobster at least one night, shrimp and such. And if there's something you want that's not on the menu - they'll do their best to provide it, if available.. There's tons of Haven versus YC reviews on here, I'd suggest scrolling through and reading them to see the comparisons..
  8. Thank you so much for your fabulous review. You really did bring us along with you and I, for one, truly appreciate it!!
  9. You'll note I'm not the one who made the comment about manager saying anything. They sent security to the neighbors cabin pretty much immediately, and whatever they said - it stopped and never happened again. So, in our case - calling was effective, and there was no pushback or anything of the sort from managers. .. it happened faster than we've experienced on Celebrity, FWIW. As noted, there's lots of inconsistency in MSC and how they handle things on a case by case basis.
  10. Smoking is prohibited on balconies - however, some guests still do it. And whether MSC enforced their own rules seems to vary We had smokers on the balcony next to us on our sailing back in January - we ended up with butts on our balcony one night. We reported it immediately - 2:30am! Security actually went to their cabin and spoke with them. (Yes, they were up and out there smoking then). They never did so again. So apparently, like muh with MSC - YMMV. LOL.
  11. Your cabin has cabins above and below, so should be quiet. You are a bit forward, so extra walking from the forward elevators. Work off the extra calories! Some people prefer being more midship - it's totally personal preference. As for the Aurea spa treatments - those can only be booked once onboard. The spa staff will give you the list of treatments to choose from (basically any massage by hot stone or four hands) and what times are available. Obviously, sea days get booked up fastest. Once you do board - head directly to the spa and book if you have a preference for your times. If you don't care when it is, then don't worry about it so much, you'll have less options the longer you leave it, but does have to be booked by the second day aboard. Seaside is amazing, very different from Princess, in very good ways.
  12. IMO - ANY night is great for Share! We absolutely love it and eat there twice a cruise, at least. And definitely wish it was on more ships.. You can ask to see all the menus for the week upon boarding and make your decision then. Or decide day before by asking for the next night's menus and choosing then. Enjoy!!
  13. Why would you do that with a free perk though? Considering all the various options to use it up - including simply giving the items away to others you e met aboard.
  14. Anything other than the trolley tour!! Lol. I've seen it - and it looks like the pretty much most boring thing around - although it does go to Vigie Beach for a very brief stop, which is beautiful.. the city isn't anywhere near as interesting as they make it sound, and the sights - while interesting - are really not worth $40usd pp. You could hire a taxi driver to drive you through Castries, including Morne Fortune lookout, etc (so more than the trolley) for that amount per car - not per person.. Definitely the waterfall tour. LaTille is beautiful and the rasta who runs it is one of the most interesting people around the island. His entire set-up is amazing. Well worth the visit.
  15. It's the 500ml bottles of either Perrier or San Pellegrino. No large bottles. Except - one large bottle in specialty restaurants.
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