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  1. Its a completely normal standard mini-suite - looks just like any of the other minis (with the exception of a couple of the forward facing ones on Marina and Lido). Cabin decks above and below, so quiet. And not right next to stairs or elevator, again - quiet. Any photos/video of minis on Regal or Royal will show you what they look like. Set up for sleeping four: Hope that helps...
  2. Answers in read. This is our experience with MSC. Others may have had different experiences... Enjoy!
  3. To be completely transparent, yes - you can get into some of the grounds of the resort, even if not staying there, or only visiting for the day. The restaurants and spa are open to the public. You can make spa reservations for during your Beach Break and enjoy the facility (stunning!), have lunch or drinks at the Bayside Beach Bar and Restaurant, etc. You can't use the pool or roam the property at will, obviously, but they're usually more than happy to organize a short tour if you want to check out a couple rooms, and the restaurants/spa are available/open to the public. And yes, as noted in virtually every post about beaches, resorts, etc here on CC - ALL beaches are public beaches in St Lucia, by law and custom, up to a certain amount of feet from the high water mark. Hotel facilities aren't necessarily public, but the beach itself, and water access, absolutely is. Any and all beaches.. Enjoy
  4. They will have a partial covering from deck above. Partial covered, partial uncovered.
  5. Serenity TVL Island Man Taxi and Tours Real St Lucia Experience Cosol Tours Spencer Ambrose Tours There's lots of others, all excellent. All can arrange a private your to fit your wants..
  6. Entirely depends on your family, and wants/desires. For instance - can/will your 3 year old sit in a vehicle for a goodly while in a sightseeing tour - one that has lots of stops along the way, but also lots of vehicle time? Or, are you comfortable taking your 3 year old on a boat trip? Do you want more active or just relaxing beach day? There's lots you could do with a 3 year old, but definitely depends on the actual 3 year old and your family wants for the day... Help us help you - please provide some more info on what you're interested in doing - full day sightseeing, boats, helicopter, beach, hike, what??
  7. First cruise, obviously. Star Princess to Alaska. Cruise where I met my future husband. Regal Princess, 2005, LA to MX Round-trip LA to South Pacific, Emerald 2018. Baltics, Sapphire, 2019 Med and transatlantic, October 2017. 25 days of bliss. Amazing ports and 7 days of relaxation. Celebrity Infinity, March 2006 - first cruise with future hubby where he was a guest also. Amazing suite. Sorbet on parade. Midnight buffet. Gorgeous ship. Oasis of the Seas, transatlantic 2014. Perfect to enjoy all the ship offers with the longer cruise. Solarium Bistro is among the best specialty dining at sea. Ice skating while in the middle of the ocean is pretty darn cool. Family reunion Emerald Princess 2018. Brother's wedding, Caribbean Princess 2015. Alaskan round-trip Seattle on Celebrity Millennium. Most traveled passenger on that sailing, pretty amazing celebration... MSC Seaside, Feb 2019, Yacht Club. Absolutely breathtaking ship and amenities, terrible itinerary but the ship was the destination on this one. And totally totally amazing.. And so on. There's so many amazing memories on ships. 70+ cruises and counting since 2002!
  8. Similar to sailing solo on other lines. Much depends on how sociable you are. Most people are friendly and engaging and looking to have fun, make new friends, welcoming, etc. If you bump into some who aren't, just move on till you meet some friendlier folks. The cruise staff is phenomenal, very good at engaging the guests, etc and will be more than happy to include you in whatever activities if you're interested in participating. If you're Bella or Fantastica, they'll likely assign you to a table with other solos, to help engender conversation, etc. If Aurea or YC, you can ask for a table for 1, or ask to share - and if there's others willing to share, you'll be seated with them.. No worries, I'd sail Seaside solo in a heartbeat!
  9. We did the ATV tour, it was fantastic. The guide was truly a gen, a local man with lots of local color, stories, etc. The drive/ride was loads of fun, up and down the hillside, along the trails around the lodge, out to the edge overlooking the river, etc. We got twice as long as normal as we were the only tour booked - but even the normal time would have been plenty! We had a blast, and still had plenty of time to hike, relax, enjoy the stunning views of Mt Drum, etc. We loved Copper River!
  10. Super easy. There will be authorized taxi drivers right at the gate, happy to take you anywhere you want to go. Or you could arrange a driver/Private tour in advance if you prefer. Cosol, Serenity TVL, Real St Lucia Experience, GemXcursions, etc can all hook you up.
  11. Personally, I'd opt for a land trip, but if that's not doable, then a cruise is a great taster visit..you obviously won't see anywhere near as much, but then - you know that, so it's all good. As for whether it would go for Americans (or any others) in 16 months - who in the world could possibly know? The EU ban will be revised every two weeks - if the US gets their infection rates, etc under control (and probably when they also remove their ban on Schengen/UK travel ) then the EU/Schengen will almost certainly remove theirs.. it's not a permanent thing, at least not yet. If the US doesn't get it under control, or doesn't remove their ban, then all bets are off. If that's the cruise you want to do, out down your deposit and go for it. It's 16+ months away - the world will look very very different then, than it does now. And absolutely no one can predict what that may look like..
  12. Pretty sure thousands have stayed in said balcony cabin. Do you have specific questions about it? It's a standard Bella Balcony cabin. The interior will look like all the other regular balcony cabins aboard.. The balcony itself is an obstructed view due to metal railing covering part of the railing, instead of an all glass railing...
  13. Theres Jazz and piano players in Seaside Lounge Full band and a separate duo in Haven playing various dance music and for the theme parties, etc Usually a guitar soloist and a duo that plays in the atrium Garage Club with DJ for later night dance club. South Beach Bar also has DJ and after parties for the theme parties. Top Sail Lounge has pianist and violinist or vocalist. The theme parties are good fun - some bigger than others. White, 70/80s Flower Power, Neon, Cowboy/Western, Gatsby, etc. We never lacked for dancing or a party. Good fun!
  14. You're talking more than 8 months away. 8 months ago, could you have predicted you'd be in the situation you're in? Or asking the question you're asking? Absolutely not. No one did. It's unprecedented. There's absolutely no way to predict what things may or may not be like 8 full months from now. Or even one month from now. The Aruba (and other island) guidelines are for their phased opening - not set in stone for all time. And every island nation that's opening currently has different protocols. And none have released protocols dealing with cruising as none of us are open to cruise ships yet. It's a very fluid situation and protocols, etc are changing on an almost daily basis it seems.. All you can really do is monitor the situation. Princess won't sail to islands aren't that aren't open, or to those where the protocols are impossible to meet with a large ship. They'll either rearrange your itinerary to islands that are open for business, or cancel. You can only just keep an eye on things, pay attention to what the various islands are doing, and monitor the Princess site.
  15. There is an email address right on their website. Under Reservations, where you can either send a message via the form, or contact via email...or Facebook. WhatsApp using the phone numbers.
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