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  1. We cruised Crown ti the British Isles this past August. Loved the updates to the pizza place and grill in deck, those cheesy fries were addicting!! The ship is in great shape, it's been updated to Ocean Medallion and MedallionNet suoer fast internet, both if which were great! Super easy to use. Whether the price, with the inclusions, is worth it to you, only you know. We went with an Oceanview cabin on that sailing as it was so incredibly port intensive, only one sea day. Balcony seemed a waste to use - our friends had a balcony cabin, and didn't use it at all beyond sailaway... YMMV.
  2. Email can take a while here. Beyind the normal internet droos around here, Joy's is akso a small business, where they're working all day in their tours and email happens at night, and sometimes takes a few days to get through If you need immediate answers, best to call.
  3. No, MSC (nor any other line) has an email portal to contact specific crew members. If you didn't get their contact info wheb you were aboard, you're out of luck. Unless you find someone who happen to know that crew member. The cruise kine is not going to give out crew member info...
  4. No. Your service charge is included in the price of the drink package (if a promo or bought beforehand, if bought aboard, you'll pay 15% on the entire cost of the package).. Theres nothing extra on any covered drink. Any drink over $6 menu price will be charged at full price plus 15% service charge
  5. $30 onw way for up to 4 persons. 25-30 minute drive, with no traffic.. If you want to take the bus, be prepared for some walking and waiting. Best bet is to walk to the Gros Islet bus stand, which is behind the Castries Craft and Food market, 10-15 minute walk, depending on pier you're at ( not counting time it takes to get out of the port area) Then board bus, and wait for it to fill up.. once full, off you go. Ask driver to drop your at Rodney Bay, you'll be dropped off right at the end of the strip, near JQ Mall. From there, it's a 10-15 minute walk to Reduit Beach, you'll pass a fair few Restaurants and bars, shops, etc cost is about $3.50xcd ($1.25 or so USD) or so I think (it's been a while). Bus do not leave on any schedule, they go when they're full. They'll stop all along the route to drop off an pick up all f the way which can add a bit of time. Should take, minimum, 30 minutes, usually closer to 45, once the bus actually leaves.
  6. Yovan and Zishan. They were to the left best the windows at Christmas and New Year's. Alan, wherever he's stationed. Was front and center over Christmas and New Year's.
  7. Sure, you can book a water taxi for yoir group. There's no regular service though. A private one will run around $75usd or so one way. Check Shashamane, Solomon's, Israel's, Son of Man, etc. I know a few have Facebook or Instagram pages, others can be found with Google or St Lucia Yellow Pages. (online) As an aside, a land taxi will run $30 one way for up to 4 persons.
  8. Yes, all four of you at "entitled" to one large (1 liter) bottle of water, whether flat or sparkling. Whether they'll bring 4 bottles at once, or multiple small bottles, or one large bottle at a time entirely depends on the staff at the time. We've had it go multiple ways. Sometimes, waiters bring a couple small ones, and when we've queried why not one big one, they point out it works out to the ssne amount of water, so what's the problem? No skin off my nose, if they want to keep going back and forth for smaller bottles instead of just bring two large ones (two of us, both aith package ) more power to them. And other times, they've brought one, then brought the other when the first finished. And still others, they've brought both at once. YMMV In the end, the only difference it makes is in how much single use plastic I used, two small bottles versus one large. And how many times a waiter may have to go for a bottle. Either way, you get the same amount of water In the MDR, order all the small bottles you want. There's a full service bar servicing the MDR.
  9. Embarkation day Patter will have the itinerary and dress code schedule. So, you'll have that in print, regarles of Medallion, apps, whatever. Otherwise, think of it as old school. You can get some heads up from cruise staff, etc but otherwise, you're left getting the Patter the night before for the next day, or using Princess@Sea for daily program (does not give cruise long schedule, just daily). You can check account, Excursions, reservations, and so forth all via Princess@Sea, same as before Ocean Medallion was introduced.
  10. Yes, same Medallion either way. Name, dates, etc all on them, whether shipped to you or picked up at port. Ssme pkastic holder, same lanyard. Accessories can be bought on the ship. Check-in lines at the port won't be any longer because of the Super Bowl. No on going to the SB is checking in for a cruise at the same time they're supposed to be at the game (or tailgating) And if you're arriving after 12:30 to the port, shouldn't have any lines at all, typical of any cruise. Absolutely no one can predict your flight, weather delays, or traffic. What time are you supposed to be arriving at FLL? Remember, you have to be checked in and aboard no later than 60 minutes before departure. Ifyou're arriving same day as the cruise, it's just the risk you're taking. FLL to Port Everglades is generally a 10/20 minute drive, tops. The Super Bowl is being held 20/30 minutes away, and doesn't start till late anyways, traffic from that shouldn't have any affect on your cruise.
  11. We disembarked January 4. We had a make pianist, and a female pianist with violinist. All were excellent, we enjoyed the female duo more as they seemed to have a wider reportoire, and a little more interaction with the guests. None were overly loud or intrusive.
  12. Yes, they're included/complimentary, which is why I listed them as such. Cancel and get your money back!
  13. On ships where the onboard currency is USD, 18% is added to the menu price of a drink, across the board at any bar, dining venues, etc. On ships where the onboard currency is AUS, the price listed on the menu is the total price, there's no Gratuity added on at purchase. AUS ships are based in Australia/NZ. All other ships, regardless of where they're sailing, are in USD..
  14. $200 a person sound pretty right on, if not fairly cheap for roundtrip water transportation from Castries plus the entrance fee for the hike, which is $50us per person. So, it's basically round-trip transport for $300, which is quite reasonable for water taxi from Castries. Any other water taxi companies or private tour are gonna be similarly priced. Check Shashamane, Tribute to the Lion, Solomons, Son of Man, Joe Knows, etc.
  15. You really don't need a transfer company. A taxi is a set rate to the airport. You can grab one anytime... But if you really want a specific company: SAS, Go Airport, Prime Time, Super Shuttle, Dolphin Limo, etc.
  16. Share is our favorite specialty Restaurant across all the lines we sail, with Solarium Bistro on Oasis class ships a close second. The food, every time we've eaten there, has been fantastic. Maybe a little out there for some, but for us - it's amazing. The dock confirm is flipping amazing. The pork ravioli in coconut cream is out of this world. I truly wish Princess had expanded it to more ships.
  17. Yes, Ocean House Restaurant is the YC only Restaurant, with it's own menu, different from elsewhere, complimentary. Limited hours, only 12-2 when we were there. Chairs, towels and Umbrellas all complimentary in YC area. Loads if photos of the YC area, menus, etc in existing OC posts.
  18. The "priority" for dining time is highly overrated. Like any line, if the time assigned doesn't suit, go see the maitre'd and they'll change you, if there's space. Being moved to the early times is way easier in MSC than being moved to later times, given the general more European make-up of passengers, and the general tendency for Europeans to eat later than North Americans (obviously generalized, but you get the idea). 5:15 and 5:30 dining times are the easiest ones to move to. Something to consider in the future, if your plan works out. Bella would save you even more, if the room service thing isn't a big deal. Happy sails.
  19. Neither the Land, Sea tour nor beach break include the banana plantation. They travel to Soufriere by speedboat, no stops at the banana plantations. You'd have to do the West coast delight or other tour by land to see the banana plantation.
  20. To us, no they wouldn't be worth $3200 extra. You could easily buy the Thermal Suite, Premium Plus package, and specialty dining packages - and still have money left over for another sailing For my personal curiosity - why Fantastica over Bella? The cabin itself is exactly the same, the only "perks" Fantastica gives are cabin location, " priority" on choice of dining time and no delivery fee for room service... Seems you could save even more going Bella. Personal curiosity, that's all... The YIN is the same, whether Bella, Fantastica, Aurea or YC. (Obviously, accessible cabins are different, and YIN has somewhat different decor, but bathroom, closet, layout, one chair, etc all the same regardless).
  21. When built, those weren't aqua class rooms - Aqua class didn't exist yet. That was introduced in 2008 with the launch of Solstice ships... So, when they refurbed the Millennium class ships to add Aqua, they went with what's available.. and those decks tend to have larger balconies, particularly the aft facing ones.. there's minimal or no noise from the public spaces - they're actually properly sound proofed. Room service is free aka included in your fare, from 5 or 6am till 11pm. There's some "free" food abd some items with a charge, regardless of time. There's a delivery fee, for ant of it, after 11pm. Sounds like you really want to try Oasis, even with all the positive Summit reviews - so go for it. It's an amazing ship, and you won't regret it. Sounds very much like the additional dining options really matter to you - and Oasis has some amazing dining options. Go for it, do the two story suite and enjoy!!
  22. Vigie Beach. Everything you're looking for 20-30 minute walk from port, or 6-8 minute drive, $10 one way. Small boardwalk with local food and drinks, chairs, tons of shade, calm water, easy entry, clean bathrooms, etc. Great spot.. PS: As an aside - it's helpful to ask new questions in new posts, older posts that are unrelated don't often get new questions seen.
  23. Royal Class ships, of which Regal is one, do not have tiered/layered/we'd cake type sides. They're straight down, balconies all the same size straight down, all covered by deck above There are some exceptions, such as aft facing, which is tiered. Some on Emerald which are extra large. Forward facing are larger. The midship, angled ones are larger - on all decks. Best is entirely subjective. Best for what?
  24. 1) reservations can only be made once you can access ship's intranet, whether via app, screens around the ship, etc. 2) yes, the app has a chat feature, at least aboard Seaside, Mera, Belissima, Grandiosa. Not sure about older ships.
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