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  1. As I noted, they can only be made aboard.. Yes, the DINE line can do it for you. Planks and Steamers alternate nights. Embarkation day Patter will show which one is open that night, so very very easy to work out the remaining schedule for the 2...
  2. Require? No. Recommended? Yes. Can only be made aboard.
  3. FWIW - dining styles are changing on Princess, as of June 17 - with the changes taking place September. There will be set dining times for same table, time each night and anytime dining,neither with reservations or without, available every night. Same as it was about 6 or so years ago. If you're cruising after June 17 - you'll need to wait to make reservations until then. And then, you can choose set dining for same table/time every night or make reservations for different times/table size every night - or no reservations at all. As it seems you want large shared table, same time, every night - the addition of Traditional set dining back to the program will fit well for you (assuming the times suit). Currently, on Sun - the only current ship not affected by the change (as they already operate this way), times are 5&7:30 for set dining.
  4. The corresponding South Pacific sailing roll call is essentially closed as Grand is being redeployed to San Juan. All the sailings Down Under on Grand have been cancelled and rescheduled to Caribbean sailings from SJ. You can definitely start a roll call for your sailing. I expect it'll take a while for word to filter through the Princess universe that they are going to be sailing San Juan again,even with the press releases and sailings on sale. Heck, lots of the Princess universe still hasn't gotten the memo that Princess will be sailing from Port Canaveral shortly either, and instead choose to "correct" those asking about hotels, transportation, etc. Go figure. Have a fabulous sailing!!
  5. Not yet, but the Sun forum I'm on has been incredibly helpful. The "all day" Diner spot is deck 8 of Horizons. It's not actually open all day, from what I understand, but set hours for each meal - it's the menu that is an "all day" menu with breakfast and brunch items, burgers and sandwiches , mains like ribs and such, available at all three meals. The main diner menu doesn't change, but each evening does include 2 or 3 items from the other MDR menus (the standard MDR where menus change nightly, etc). So, you have the casual walk-in option to try something from that MDR also while others in the party may prefer the Diner menu. I could have my understanding incorrect, I'm happy to be set straight . Enjoy!
  6. Casual dining is unrelated to the buffet. And most reports I've read of the buffet are actually fine, especially when people figure out they can go further aft to The Catch and Butcher's Block areas for more options and seating, plus outdoor seating, etc Casual dining is class of dining on all Princess ships - sandwiches between included and specialty It's table service, three course prix fixe, ie fixed 3 course meal, albeit with choices within three choices. Appetizer, main, dessert. Sun has 2 casual dining venues. Alfredo's and O'Malley's. O'Malley's is only open for dinner, ie around 5pm, til 9pm (food service, bar service hours are longer). Live music within this venue also Afredo's is open 11am-11pm. Casual Italian style pizzeria. I wouldn't upgrade to Premier Cruise Package just for the casual dining - but the other items, I would strongly consider. The unlimited photos, the reserved production show seating, 4 device WiFi, higher drink cap (drinks are more expensive on Sun than other Princess ships), and the 2 specialty meals would make the decision for me. YMMV
  7. Yes. You'll get a minibar set-up for each leg /segment of a cruise, whether book as two (or more) individual sailings or booked as back to back or as one king sailing.
  8. Tipping extra is up to you. The cover charge includes gratuity. If you were to win it via Princess Prizes or some other complimentary offering - you're not charged anything additional..
  9. It's available on every Princess ship. You don't book it via the app. It's via the Cruise Personalizer on the website. The app doesn't include all the options available on advance.
  10. Correct. Only the theater production shows aka Arena singer and dancer shows. Currently, Vallora - A Pirates Quest and Fiera are the 2, out of 4 advertised, production shows.
  11. Not doable. It's 60 minutes, minimum, one way to the mud baths - that's assuming no real traffic, minimal cruise traffic, that you're the very first off, that there's no delays in docking or clearance, etc. The mud baths themselves, 30 minutes, minimum, to get in, spread the mud, let it dry, get back in, rinse off, etc. It's basically not doable. You need 4 or more hours to comfortably make it there and back, along with actual time at the mud baths... You'll just have to come back again!
  12. Suite guests get a complimentary first night specialty dinner. Love by Britto is experiential dining, at $149usd pp, same as 360 or Spellbound. None are complimentary for Suite guests.. You'll have your choice of Crown Grill, Sabatini's, Butcher Block by Daria, The Catch, Umai Hot Pot, Kai Sushi, Umai Teppenyaki.
  13. You have your choice/priority of choice of disembarkation time. If waiting in the lounge, when your color/time comes up, the staff escorts you out to the lineup area to tap out of the ship...(Has been the case the few times we've bothered - we usually self walk off).
  14. You're not doing anything wrong nor are you breaking any rules. The solo adult can order all the drinks they like to enjoy themselves via app, room service or bartender. CCers really like to nitpick things that are non-issues. Absolutely nowhere in your questions were you asking about sharing, getting around any rules, etc. Don't worry about it. As for photos - the person with the photo package has to be in the photo - doesn't matter who else is in it.. they can download all their photos throughout the sailing - but sometimes the facial recognition isn't accurate, so they may end up having to comb through the photo prints to find all their photos, then the staff scans them in to their app and voila - they have all their photos! Enjoy!!
  15. Definitely tour the Thermal Suite before buying it. It's kinda dark and such. Not my cup of tea on Grand/Gem class ships. Too dark and somewhat cramped feeling for my preference... It's also more than $20! YMMV. The Enclave, however, on Royal class and newer ships, much more enjoyable, to me . Large hydro pool, better and more varies steam and sauna, aqua beds, various types of rain showers (a Siberian shower after the haman is delightfully refreshing), etc.
  16. Hasn't ever been an issue for me via app. Order several waters, 2 glasses of wine and a Pina colada. Stash the wine in the fridge while enjoying the Pina colada. Or a couple beers and a dirty banana. Literally not an issue.. and absolutely no one has questioned who the drinks were for. The delivery person isn't in there long enough to count noses. They don't care. OP was asking about ordering to the room. Ie app or call. At a bar, it can sometimes be different - although I've never ever been questioned by a bartender when ordering 2 different drinks at once. CCers really like overthinking these things. In reality, the vast majority of the time, bartenders don't care. They're too busy to play drink police on every single order. Of course, someone blatantly frequently violating the policies can be cracked down on - in practice, it's pretty darn rare. And someone legally solo in a cabin ordering two or three drinks via their app or calling room service, is a non-issue.
  17. The Thermal Suite is not remotely a part of the Sanctuary. 2 entirely different spaces. Thermal Suite is part of the Lotus Spa. Sauna, steam, heated tile loungers. That's it. Definitely tour it before purchasing. (Unless you're in a suite, where it's included). Sanctuary is an upper deck space. Adult only. Quiet. Dedicated lounger for your half or full day. Dedicated deck attendants. Afternoon Tea served during afternoon session. Small dedicated food menu (at extra charge) for Sanctuary only. Fruit and cucumber flavored water by the glass (included). It's essentially a quiet lounging space.
  18. Anse Chastenet is mentioned quite frequently when it comes to questions about where to snorkel on island As you can see from posts above, it's approximately 75-90 minutes by land from port, and 40-50 by boat. Loads of tours that include a stop at AC for snorkeling. Expect to pay around $80-90usd one way for land, around 3xs that for water taxi .
  19. I've sailed solo multiple times since the restart, buth as part of a larger group and strictly solo. Never once has a delivery person questioned who the drinks are for or who the food is for, etc. when ordered for room delivery. And I order 2 or 3 glasses of wine at a time rather than 1 at time for room delivery - easier that way. It's a complete non-issue. The delivery person couldn't care less. They're in and out as quickly as possible .. A bartender isn't coming to the cabin and mixing your drinks there, counting noses, etc. . The drinks are made /poured at the room service bar and a runner delivers them. SMH...
  20. Is it a solely 17 day cruise? Or is it sold in short segments also? That makes a difference to the answers... Assuming it's a single 17 day sailing, not sold in any shorter segments, etc : purely 17 nights: No, entertainment, menus, etc so not repeat There will be some menu items that show up more than once, but in different combination of menus. For example - you may see an appetizer 2 different times, but it'll be on two different menus... Guest entertainers will be different throughout the cruise. There will be the same production shows, but they'll only be once throughout the sailing. Different game shows, trivias, etc throughout the entire 17 days.. However, if it's a combination of shorter cruises out together as one sailing - yes, you'll see duplications.. menus, production shows, etc will be repeated as each segment is a standalone sailing....
  21. As you have a combined/linked account - non-issue. Your account (which is combined) will begin with a negative balance. It'll be used up by any purchases made by anyone on your combined account. Once OBC is used up, you'll start accruing a balance due. It's a very simple credit/debit account. You can track your account once aboard via the app, by printouts at the "ATM" style account machines by guest services or from printouts at GS ..
  22. Were you given instructions on where to meet for your land portion post cruise? It's very likely you'll get your various tags there.
  23. All reports are it's still awaiting safety inspections and certifications.
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