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  1. Carpet, door(s) storage, shelves, closets. All pretty standard.😀😎
  2. You just get with the "photo dept." once you get on the ship. They will set it up and arrange it for you. You might not get a "Sea Day", they will try and work with you however, they book what they can.
  3. Just remember that any type of "Private sitting" for photos will cost extra above and beyond the cost of the photo package. Not sure of the current cost for this. I know it used to $75.00 and then you purchase the photos...
  4. Not always the case. We were on a cruise in December (Oasis) and were a family of 6 that were in 3 different cabins. I had the photo pkg. and we were in all of the photos that were taken (almost 150). I understand that a lot of it has to do with who is in the "Original" photo that is taken when you first embark the ship while still at the terminal (you know the ones showing a picture of the ship, etc...) This is because they use facial recognition software to sort all of the photos that they take. If your family members are all in that photo, then most if not all photos may show up in the folio of the main person who purchased the photo pkg. I can't say that as a fact. However, that is what we experienced..
  5. My answer to your question is yes. We are not HUGE drinkers, however we do tend to drink more while on a vacation (don't have to drive.....). It is just easier and more convenient to not have to worry about a HUGE bill after the cruise is over. It also makes it easier to try different drinks that we might not normally try. If we don't like them, oh well, order another. We always get some type of discount on the overpriced packages. We are Diamond+ so every penny discounted helps out.
  6. Yes, it is when you have fully completed your on-line check-in ahead of time. You are then directed to the "expedited" line where you will be checked i. They examine all of your paperwork and identification and you then proceed to go on your way to board the ship. It keeps you from having to go and wait in those long lines at the pier. My experience was only for "Port Canaveral". it is also located after you go through "Security"....
  7. We always use "Italy Limousine". They are a very professional, accommodating company that provides excellent, first quality customer service at a fair price. (they are not the cheapest, but they are the best, IMHO)..https://italylimousine.com/ Have a great cruise.. KJM
  8. You have several options available to you. 01) Rent a car 02) Uber/Lyft, etc... 03) Hire a company such as "Cocoa beach Shuttle", they do a lot of transportation to and from the airport, cruise terminal, etc... Many options available to you. Just do your research and you should be fine.
  9. We will be on "Enchantment" this weekend and have reserved the "KEY". When My DW originally asked me about getting it. I said "we are not getting the KEY". She somehow she heard "We are getting the KEY" and booked it. 😎 Will let you all know how it goes.
  10. I think you are getting 2 different scenarios confused. If you are flying from Canada to Cuba you get one type of visitor visa. However, when going to Cuba on a cruise, you will be flying/driving to a US port and then going to Cuba. All cruise lines charge the $75.00 USD per person. No way around it. Just enjoy the cruise and don't worry about the small stuff. You will have a great time...
  11. Really? This is the "BIG" issue that the OP is having on vacation. WOW, I hope my life does not get that complicated. I will be on Enchantment next weekend. Now I have to bring scissor (oops, not allowed).. {Naughty room here I come} "STOP THE INSANITY".......😎
  12. You will pay the CDN $$$$ amount that you were quoted when you booked. The only time that the dollar exchange rate would effect a person would be if they booked in USD and then made payments in CDN $$$$$. (that is not what you did). Have a great cruise......
  13. My 3 nieces and nephews {18, 20 & 22} (and I, The Uncle, {a young 50 years old} did the "private" flow rider last December on the "Oasis of the Seas". I had done it before many years ago as a regular free cruise option and wasn't that impressed by my lack of "ability to stay vertical while riding the surf board". This time however, I really benefited from the one-on-one personal attention and had an absolute "BLAST".. So much so that I will attempt it again on my cruise in December this year on the Harmony of the Seas". If you can afford it, I say go for it. It makes a "HUGE" difference IMHO!!!!!
  14. Yes they dd. Only it used to be called a guarantee cabin. Been that way for years....
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