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  1. That may be one way they cook the bacon. I have however seen it come out of a fryer.
  2. The Bacon on RCCL ships is greasy at times due to the fact that it is deep fried in a fryer, not grilled or cooked on a flat-top like one might do at home.
  3. Use the $20.00 and put it towards your next cruise....
  4. We just got back from "CoCo Cay" on Monday. As stated before they have long walkways of pavers that you should have no problem travelling over. Not sure how confined you are to your scooter, but if you are able to be transferred over to another wheelchair, they have wheelchairs with HUGE rubber tires that could get you to the sand as well. Either way, you'll have a great time.
  5. YES, you are worrying too much. You and your friend will be fine. Relax and enjoy the ride. Have a great cruise....
  6. Did you even try to check for a review? They are literally everywhere.
  7. Just be careful that you read the fine print or you might end up booking a cruise contract with either a non-refundable deposit or a severe cancellation penalty. Do not listen to what the "future cruise" representative tells you, only go by the contract. Trust me we have heard several horror stories (we own a home based travel agency and have had to deal with some very unhappy customers in the past).
  8. We are on that sailing as well. RCCL has been giving the "Donation" option on other ships/sailings. I think I read somewhere that they might even be matching the donations.
  9. The HOS has literally something for everyone. It is one ship that I have been on that even though it holds several thousand passengers I never felt crowded. You can do as much or as little as you all want to do.
  10. It could possibly be that they will still be planning stops in "Grand Bahamas/Freeport" for humanitarian aid. RCCL is currently having almost all of the "Mariner" scheduled cruises stopping there at least twice a week to drop off food, water, first aid, etc.. They are even picking up passengers (Elderly, children and infirm) and transporting them to Nassau. It may be that they have to reschedule the stop(s) to coincide with these 2 Bahamas stops. Just a thought.....
  11. Is this available for just US citizens or can green card holders (specifically a Canadian passport) use it as well?
  12. That is not the best advice to give someone. Not trying to scare them, just encouraging them to do the BEST option over doing the least option. While it is true that the odds of a person being stranded/left behind on an island cruise in a foriegn port. As a travel agent I can tell you from past personal experience that it CAN and DOES happen. Better to be safe than sorry...
  13. All digital and or All Prints w/digital. At least that what was available the last time we cruise in December.
  14. According to the PTZ TV website she has indeed departed Port Canaveral..
  15. Can someone please update us on who is currently on the "Harmony of the Seas"?
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