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  1. Just off a B2B in December and they also had a "Caribbean" night. A lot of flavorful dishes (ex, jerk chicken, etc..) Very Yummy.. As for the "Chocolate" night, I would line up early if you want to get any pictures before the VULTURES devour the displays. People go there first and get the deserts before they get there regular food. You will enjoy it.
  2. No it doesn't, not really. I am looking for copies of the actual Cruise compass. Someone out there must have them. Thanks for that suggestion though.
  3. You should, not guaranteed be able to get "Sprite Zero" in most bars/venues. I should, because they don't always have it all of the time. That being said if you are patient the often will go find some. That has been my experience.
  4. Good morning: We will be cruising on the "Harmony of the Seas" next week (December 01 - 08, 2019). We will be visiting "Coco Cay", "SanJuan", and St. Maarten. We are looking for any current copies of the "Cruise Compass" for all 7 days of that itinerary. If you have them please send them. Thanks.
  5. I believe that Harmony drink value is up to $13.00. Anyone know anything different?
  6. You earn C& A points based on the number of nights that you sail. Typically 1 point per night, except in suites then you get 2. It is not based on cabin categories. Happy sailing.
  7. We have gotten a 'Thumbdrive" in the past (been a few years ago). The cost is per stateroom, not per person. If you are travelling with more than one cabin of people, the most important thing that you want to do is make sure on "Embarkation" day that when you go through the terminal and head to the ship, when the photographers ask you to take your 1st. photo (before entering the ship) you must get everyone who is travelling with you to be in that 1st. photo. I can't emphasize how important this is due to the fact that they use "facial recognition" to capture and organize all of the passengers photos. If you are in that photo, you will be in that "FOLIO" (the file where all of the photos are stored). You will have a "FOLIO" number (based on your cabin #) that you can review the photos as the cruise goes on.
  8. We have sailed with our niece and her daughter on both the "Harmony" as well as the "Oasis". On the Harmonu she was just 11/2 years old. Had to spend a lot of time with a young as should be expected. Next time we cruised together she was 3 on th Oasis. She did a lot better. However she would not go into the kids club. She is around adults for a good portion of her week when at home and she is very close to her mother. So this time we all took turns keeping her busy. When she cruises with us we bring a small bag of beach toys (bucket, shovel, rake. etc.... ) for her to play in the sand on the beach with. Bring lots of sun protection (you will be in the Caribbean) and just go with the flow. You will all have a great time together.
  9. Yes, I agree "Bing Bong" Mark (cruise director) is awesome. As we live in Orlando, we have had the privilege to sail with him in the past on the smaller ships. We always enjoy cruising with him and we will be with him in a couple of weeks for B2B.
  10. I hope the OP now realizes that "RCCL" is not a "HIGH END". It is however a good option for Mass Market.
  11. RCCL doesn't offer 'Hendricks" anymore in the package. They may not have it on board anymore at all. I know because I drink "Hendricks". The last few cruise I have taken on RCCL ships (Harmony, Oasis, Mariner, Enchantment) they had replaced "Hendricks" with "Aviation". Not as good IMHO, but not really bad either.
  12. We had one 2 years ago when we sailed with our Niece (22) and her daughter (2 at the time). The little one loved hearing the "birdies" in the morning. We also just used our balcony to connect the 2 rooms that we had booked and dried our bathing suits on them. We didn't really use them that much. However, in 2 weeks we will back on her for a B2B, we have a boardwalk cabin and we will see if we like that any better or not.
  13. As a D+ on RCCL and a diabetic. IMHO, Royal Caribbean does a very poor job of offering either "Sugar Free" deserts, or if they do offer one, it always tastes awful. I believe they offer "No Sugar Added" most of the time, not "Sugar Free". I have sailed various other cruise lines in the past and I feel that "CARNIVAL" has the best "Sugar Free" deserts on the water (Just My Opinion). I have actually filled out several comment/survey cards with RCCL after my cruise is done and mentioned their sever lack of options or taste regarding their "Sugar Free" deserts and they have never even called/commented/emailed me back. They don't care..
  14. I was only commenting on the original dates that were posted. Their words, not mine... Please see them below I was on the RCCL mariener of the seas on this Jan,8 2016 - Jan,11 2016.
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