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  1. Really??? What is the difference? I'm a Canadian and I am more impressed with a cruiseline promoting A WOMAN to Captain regardless of her nationality. The qualification for being a captain is not your citizenship. I have cruised on RCCl ships in the past when Captain Karin piloted the vessel. Never felt like she was inferior to any other captain male or female from any country.
  2. Call your airline up and tell them (nicely but in no uncertain terms) that the flight that they rescheduled (earlier) will not work for you and that you need to be re-booked on a later flight. Don't take no for an answer, Remember, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER!!! Many times people just sheepishly accept what they are told by the airlines, not being aware that you can ask and usually get another option.
  3. I do know that the "laundry" chemicals that they use are from a company called "ECOLAB". Not sure which ones they use.
  4. I have seen HUGE "wheels" of Gouda cheese being brought on the ship by passengers when we have docked in St. Maartin (not sure of the spelling).
  5. We did it May, 2017 a couple of different night's. If I remember correctly, one time we had a reservation and the second time we did not. We were a group of 9/10 and had no problem getting a seat. Food was very good and I would recommend that everyone try it at least once. KJM
  6. I can only speak to our experience on the "OASIS" in December. We had 2 connecting rooms and once the cabin steward unlocked them, we were able to open and close them as much as we wanted. We just couldn't lock them as the cabin steward had the only key.
  7. Like you said, those 2 special words..... Wait for it "CRUISE CONTRACT". Yep, it is what it is. Just enjoy your cruise with your family. The Allure has plenty to do to keep you all occupied, if you chose to. Happy sailing..
  8. I do not believe that I have ever seen a free "drink pkg." on any RCCL sailing. As I understand it Uk passenger play by a different set of travel rules/requirements than US/CDN requirements. I think if you try and work out the math by comparing the same cruise (ex. ship, cabin, itinerary, dates, etc..) and you work out the cost of the cruise with the "FREE" drink pkg. included and without the pkg. included you will find a hug difference in the cost of the cruise. Nothing is truly FREE. Especially when dealing with RCCL. Their sales are not sales, etc....
  9. It cost an extra $19.99 per person per day. For clarification. my lunch in Chops was average. However, for my wife's lunch she said it was great. No, I could not get that "AWSEOME" breakfast in the dining room. It is a special and different menu for the "KEY" customers. Jury is still out as to whether it was worth it. My wife says yes, so I guess it was....
  10. This is not a new thing. I have seen posted it on CC several years ago. Sounds like fun.
  11. As I stated before, I'm not sure it was worth the $20.00 pp per day. We were on the "Enchantment" which does not have the flowrider. I guess it all depends on the person and what they hope to get out of it. My wife liked it. It was only a weekend cruise so it wasn't that big of an amount. Not sure I would do it for a week long or longer cruise. I could have gotten a regular breakfast menu for the last day. However, as I stated earlier the "Key" breakfast was awesome.....
  12. We used the "KEY" on our "Enchantment" cruise in March. Lunch in Chops was average, boarding the ship was easy and quick. Luggage carry-on drop-off was smooth and painless. Made it to our room before we did at 1:00 pm. We never used it for the shows or any other perks. Disembarkation breakfast was "FANTASTIC" (Crab Cake Benny was out of this world) got lead right to the front of the line and we were through customs and on the road in less than 30 mins. Overall my experience was mixed. However my wife wanted to try it and she said it was worth the extra money. Me, I'm not so sure...
  13. Our niece (23) and her daughter (4) have cruisedwith us twice over the past 2 years. Each time she brings the passport of her daughter and her copy of her papers showing that she has full custody of her daughter (the father is not in the picture at this time). I don't recall RCCL ever asking for any documentation other than her passport. Both have different last names (one name is similar). They travel from Canada and I think the only time that they were asked for the other document was when checking in to board the flight to Florida.
  14. had the "crab benedict" on the "enchantment" in march. MMMMMMMMM YUMMMMMYYYY.....
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