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  1. I am sure it is CG approved. The ship has two capacities, one which is based on double occupancy, or two passengers per stateroom, and maximum capacity, which is based on the total passenger lifeboat capacity. That is why many standard staterooms are configured for 3 and 4 passengers. Having someone sleep on a couch, while IMO not very agreeable, would certainly be vetted and approved by the CG or it wouldn't be offered. Too much at stake for the cruise line otherwise. And they will only book as many in this manner as the maximum capacity number will allow.
  2. Had that a few weeks ago on Eclipse - very nice. Also fit with the Premium package without an upcharge. One of the few that do.
  3. Wow. Not a fan of that. Although the sofa beds are no real luxury as well - lol.
  4. So are they now all sofa beds that fold out, or are they just making the standard sofa into a bed on top of the cushions?
  5. From the RCCL website FAQ's: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-happens-if-a-guest-with-kids-booked-a-dining-package This would suggest that children would be provided a separate menu at reduced prices. Note that it is age specific and that children over 12 would be considered adults in the venues. I would guess that with children under 12, choosing from the standard menu may result in a full adult charge for them?
  6. I believe all planner purchases are closed two days prior to sailing. If things you want are still available now and you want to purchase them, I would do so as they won't likely be any cheaper on board.
  7. To add, the GTY would normally be assigned to match the number of people listed on the original booking that was entered. If they indicated 3 on the booking, a stateroom for 3 should be assigned. If the GTY category selected would for some reason not include available staterooms to accommodate 3 it would not likely be accepted. As suggested by another poster, if a stateroom number is issued, and a check of the deck plans for Symphony doesn't show the correct stateroom capacity, I would contact whomever I booked with to have them confirm.
  8. We have been on Grandeur several times, including her maiden voyage. We always enjoyed our cruises on her. But our last was a number of years ago and she now is the oldest ship in the RCCL fleet. I believe her last refurbishment was in 2012, although she has been well maintained. You indicate wanting the old cruising experience, which is what you likely with find on her as she has very little of the bells and whistles of the newer, larger ships. Although she does offer three good specialty restaurant options with Chops, Giovanni's, and Izumi. As to the key, you are correct in that it is a personal experience and decision. That being said I find very little value in any of it for the per person per day price. In fairness, much of what is offered we have through our C & A tier level. But that not withstanding, it would not be a purchase we would make. And typically the Voom packages can be reasonably purchased individually through the planner or on board. As you are in a suite, I think you would enjoy the benefits as part of that experience that IMO would not make the rest of the Key attractive enough. Again, JMO. Also, keep in mind the the Concierge is busy with current guests on the present sailing and would not have much time or opportunity to answer your questions individually, and pre-cruise planner questions may be difficult for them to address. As mentioned, they will typically reach out to you the week prior to your sailing to introduce themselves to you and provide an outline of their services to you for you to respond to help coordinate. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Not sure how that relates to the deposit amounts for refundable or non-refundable deposit fare based cruises, which is the basis of this discussion. The information in that link relates to the cancelation policy for canceling cruises and cruise tours post final payment. At that point, deposits (refundable or non-refundable) are moot as final payment for the cruise has been made. There is no debate as that is not the topic. Post final payment cancelation penalties have nothing to do with pre-final payment deposits, their amounts, or whether they were refundable or non-refundable Sorry, but you need to get your information straight.
  10. Sorry, but this is incorrect. I have booked over 50 7-9 night cruises in 32 years with RCCL/Celebrity, most of them with refundable deposits, all of those that were in standard staterooms (non-suites) at $250 pp. Never a higher deposit to make it refundable - not as an option or a requirement. Only a resulting higher fare with refundable since non-refundable was introduced. Have also booked some as non-refundable, and also transferred many refundable to non-refundable. All with a $250 pp deposit. The only time the deposit was more was with longer cruises, which require a higher deposit. But that was still the same amount, refundable or non-refundable.
  11. I mentioned it is a $250 pp deposit but glossed over the fact they are traveling solo, which may indeed result in double that amount. But the point I was making is that it is the same deposit amount whether it is a refundable or non-refundable deposit fare base - even when, as you correctly point out, it is scaled by length of the cruise.
  12. First, the amounts for refundable and non-refundable deposits on standard staterooms are the same - both are $250 pp. Only the fare base is different, with refundable deposit fares being higher. That may in fact be the $500 difference you are seeing. Second, with a refundable deposit you can change or cancel a booking without penalty. This would include moving it to the non-refundable deposit fare. So having this with your booking is a good thing. Third, the rep was correct in advising you that by keeping your refundable fare booking you would be protecting your deposit should you cancel. This also would allow you to take advantage of a possible lower refundable deposit rate should one occur later with your original booking. But you can capture the lower fare without canceling your current booking. If you want to retain your current stateroom, you can preserve your booking number and change to the lower non-refundable deposit rate to get the $500 savings. But that is a one way move and any future changes in the booking would incur a fee, and a cancelation would result in loosing your deposit altogether. The rep can assist you in doing this. Lastly, no he was not lying. You were actually incorrect with your deposit assumption and he was doing his job by trying to clarify that and explain your options.
  13. Being an older ship, while still very nice, there is no similar dining venue on her designated for suite guests. There is a nice selection of specialty restaurants on board (Chops, Giovanni's Table, Izumi) if you are looking for more upscale dining. They are also smaller, quieter venues.
  14. JMO, but you're making the broad assumption that the issue was the result of booking through a TA when there is no evidence offered to conclude that. Transfers are issued by the cruise line and not the TA. If one was showing, that indicates that the TA processed the package with the booking otherwise none would have been issued. The OP also indicated that the TA had been in contact with the cruise line with the cruise line response that the missing transfer was indeed booked, but not updated in the booking. Updated booking confirmations are issued by the cruise line, not the TA. Not sure they are at fault here as it sounds like they did their job. The OP also indicates that they feel it was a cruise line issue.
  15. Thanks for clarifying. As I said, there was no challenge intended, it just wasn't clear how things unfolded and who knew what when. As mentioned before by others, you may well have a legitimate situation that resulted from the confusion that may be able to be resolved by RCCL with the change of TA's. Hope it works out to your satisfaction.
  16. @CuseJeff44, let me first say that I am not challenging the credibility of your concerns or the events that occurred. I am just a little confused with what was understood at the time of the booking and the subsequent timeline for wanting to make the change in the TA. I am only looking for clarity with what transpired on board. @Ourusualbeach, I don't disagree with any of this, and you are correct in what the process for correction would be if it is a NextCruise error. But what l would like is confirmation from the OP that they were not aware of the original TA assignment at the time of the booking. What they said was that the assignment to their previous TA was automatic, but that doesn't confirm that they weren't aware of who it was assigned to at the time. If not with the booking, when did they learn of the TA assignment? They also indicate that later they found a TA they liked better, and would now like it transferred to them. This can suggest that they did not have a different TA they preferred at the time of the booking. Again, I am just seeking clarity as I completely support the comments on how it can be corrected if the OP was in fact not notified at the time of the TA assignment. Thank you.
  17. While I can't answer with certainty, I'm going to suggest that it probably cannot be moved as typically furniture pieces are locked or bolted in place to keep passengers from moving pieces to the veranda (or elsewhere in the stateroom where it is not planned to be) and to prevent sofas, as example, as large and likely heavy pieces of furniture, from moving in heavy seas where they could pose a damage or injury risk. I'm sure its meant to stay where it is.
  18. The best I can suggest is to look at the attached PDF describing the two drink packages as this details the comparative alcohol brands included with each. Any drink that can be made from either packages' included alcohol brands is available. The types of wine that are included with each are also shown, and the brands will be commensurate with each package value. Just to add, when you book the cruise, there are two basic fare structures - "Always", which includes basic WiFi and the Classic beverage package, and "Standard" which is cruise fare only, but to which any package can be added separately. Both also are available with refundable and non-refundable deposit fare structures. Just be sure which you are booking as the fares vary accordingly. Hope this helps: Celebrity drink packages.pdf
  19. My suggestion would be to talk with a live travel agent who is well versed in cruising. They would be in the best position to listen to your concerns and cruising preferences, and guide you to the best cruise lines that would fit your travel criteria and budget. There are many cruise line options from different departure ports with different air options that would best be navigated by one who makes their living finding the best fit for people with diverse travel circumstances. They also will be able to provide the best fares available for these options. JMO.
  20. Generally no, at least not through RCCL. They cannot and will not touch a TA booking, in particular to transfer to another TA. You would have to demonstrate to the cruise line a viable business issue as a reason for them to assist with a change, such as misappropriation or mismanagement of funds, inability to communicate, or actions that jeopardize your booking, etc. Just saying you don't like them is not reason enough for them to get involved directly. You would have to do that yourself by asking the current TA to release the booking for it then to be placed with another TA. Not an easy thing to do. What they may offer at best to do is cancel the booking so that you can rebook with someone else, but they are certainly not going to give up a booking easily.
  21. While that may be true and there may not be as many bartenders floating around hustling drinks as in the past, this has never prevented us from getting as many drinks as we want. Just may take a little more legwork.
  22. I don't believe the couch is moveable and even if it was the only way I would feel comfortable making any adjustment to the layout is by way of asking the stateroom attendant, and not trying to do so myself. And as you've acknowledged, certainly not by bringing tools on board. Layouts are set for a reason. JMO
  23. @kk20, not a problem and the information with Infinity may have been similar. I was just confirming your post. But apparently from the OP's last response it may be moot as it looks like they are moving on with a different ship.
  24. rcldining@rccl.com is the email address. As suggested, mention your ship, sailing date, and booking number along with your specific request. Typically this should be sent 2-3 weeks in advance of the sailing. It will be read, but they may not always acknowledge it with a response. If you do not hear back just go to the MDR maître d when you board to confirm. Typically this email is used for seating or other dining room related requests. For other special requests or dietary concerns, you should contact the special needs department and talk with them.
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