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  1. As far as your September cruise, based on my rolls of the dice you are a certainty, Dave. I'm still holding onto a July 1 and an August 16. Feel rather certain on the Aug and pretty good on the July. But my fallback is that the FCC that would be issued for July if cancelled can be rolled into the Aug towards final payment, which is May 18. Would think the July would be decided by then. And if by some worst case scenario they both should be canceled, then I would apply both to a planned NYE cruise. And I say I'm not a gambling man....
  2. ...and most are also offering the FCC in an amount greater than the amount paid and to be refunded as an incentive to take the FCC.
  3. Confused. Not sure I follow the correlation to lack of US status with cruise lines and Norwegian Air as they are not US based either. And Norwegian Air has been in financial trouble for a few years now and facing potential bankruptcy, in particular selling aircraft and cutting routes through 2019. This current situation is likely only accelerating that issue to a more rapid probable conclusion. As a result, I would think booking with them would be a risk to begin with. Hopefully it will work out for you.
  4. Just so you are aware, paying in full prior to final payment is not an issue and is seen by RCI as simply a full cost deposit. Final payment is not final until May 4, so a full refund is available up until then. We, too, are looking at a NYE cruise and are seeing the same high rates now. We did one last year and over the course of the year the rates decreased and it was surprisingly affordable by the time we made final payment. But that was then and who knows what will be this year with all that is going on - I know for certain my crystal ball is broken! I clearly understand your dilema. Hard to predict what will happen with Thanksgiving fares as well, but hopefully pricing will remain stable for another few weeks if you decide to hold on to your current booking until final payment to decide. I guess for me the decision would be based on which itinerary and time frame I would prefer, but if both are essentially even and with the potential uncertainty of August still there, the Thanksgiving option would certainly show less risk. Again, I hope it all works out for you - hate to see all this uncertainty with all of us now. And I'm only trying to offer information to help with the full picture in case you may not be aware - but I'm sure you are aware of all this and with your TA can work out the best solution. Again, enjoy your cruise either way! 🙂
  5. Again, if you still prefer to take your August cruise I would wait until maybe the week prior to final payment due date with RCI to see what the cruise status is at that time. (Typically TA's will add about a week to the RCI final payment date for valid fail safe reasons but the actual May due date with RCI is what matters). Let your TA know ahead of time what your intent would be with transferring should that be the choice and they can take care of that without issue. Hopefully you are not dealing with a TA that adds separate fees not imposed by the cruise lines for originating, changing, or canceling a booking made through them. Many do and I would avoid them as many - even if this climate - do not. But either way transferring and existing booking v cancelling and rebooking a new onw is the better option. Enjoy your cruise, whatever you decide.
  6. I think that is good advice. And there is a distinction between cancelling a booking and transferring the booking to a new reservation. The latter is the better option IMO. Hope it all works out - for both of us! I'm fairly certain that our 8/16 cruise will be OK - a little bit more of a gamble for our 7/1, but if that gets cancelled we can use the resulting FCC on the 8/16, so it still would be a win of sorts. BTW our August 16 has had one recent price decrease and our airfare has had two. Hopefully you will see similar.
  7. This is the Ask a Cruise Question board, which is a general topic board, not the CCL board. Since you reference them, if you want to post this there, here is the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/133-carnival-cruise-lines/
  8. If you book with a refundable deposit then there is no $ risk with any future cruise, and if the pricing is attractive, then why not take advantage of it? Should things continue to affect that future booking you can cancel prior to final payment with a full refund of your deposit. If you book through Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, or Princess I would also suggest booking the air through them as they all have airfare programs where you select the flights and flight class based on fares that are the same as or less than booking direct with the airlines; there is no separate deposit required; the airfare is refundable up until final cruise payment; the flights can be changed; and if lower fares are offered you can capture those discounts; and as it is tied into your cruise booking, it is not due until final payment for the cruise. Booking a cruise and air in this manner mitigates all future $ risk with booking a cruise. If you have not yet booked your August 2 cruise you can still do so in this manner as well since final payment would not be due until early May, which gives you a few weeks still to monitor the situation. And clearly a much longer time frame for things to settle out with Thanksgiving. If it already is on the books with a refundable deposit, wait until final payment and decide then. (BTW we have both a July 1 and Aug 16 cruise on the books and are hopeful for both to occur - have to wait and see). The cruise lines are also offering future cruise credits for cruises cancelled by them post final payment that can be applied to a later cruise should they cancel your cruise, and most are offering you the option of cancelling up to 48 hours prior to sailing without penalty to also receive a future cruise credit (FCC). Most FCC's offered now are also in values typically greater than the amount actually paid with a new booking time frame typically through 12/31/21. In any case I would also suggest working through travel agent as they would be the most knowledgeable on the current situation with each cruise line and would be you advocate for any cancellations or issues that would arise v working directly with the cruise line, which can be confusing and more difficult in these times.
  9. I believe in the UK it is driven by legislation. But I am hoping - as previously stated - that one of our UK posters will clarify or confirm.
  10. As you are suggesting, refund policies are not immediate to begin with, typically taking several weeks or longer to process before the refund is actually transacted and would hit the credit card used with the deposit. And with some lines it is stated as longer. Given the current situation I would expect all may be on the longer side of the policy. However this is their SOP in place long before the current situation and is not new or driven by current cash flow concerns. But you are correct that they are not likely to alter that standard policy to make refunds immediate given today's climate. That certainly could have longer reaching negative consequences.
  11. Yes. While I cannot say for certain what the US refundable v NRD options are with Cunard specifically as I have never cruised with them, in general with most cruise lines in the US any booking made can be made with an option of either using a refundable or NRD deposit. The fares will be different with the NRD option typically being lower, which is the reason some will opt for this. But the option to choose which one prefers is there. Not so in the UK with the same bookings.
  12. That is exactly what I am suggesting. They would be booked as NRD's. And it would apply to all cruise line bookings made in the UK. But the NRD rules in the UK are not at the discretion of the cruise line, but are a result of UK policy as I understand it. Perhaps one of our UK posters can confirm.
  13. Sorry for what in my previous post for the most part is a repetitive post to other's comments. For some reason when I started my response 10 minutes ago the only post shown was the first one by the OP, to which I was responding. By the time mine hit the thread all the others were there as well, including the OP's double post. That being said I will qualify that my information was relative to US bookings only. As to whether or not UK (or other) bookings with a standard NRD policy should be waived to allow for a full refund, as I understand it that is not up to the cruise lines as it is a Country based policy. If so, the cruise lines hands would be tied, correct?
  14. Not sure I completely understand what you are saying. As you are discussing deposits, Most cruise lines offer an option for a refundable as well as a non-refundable deposit (NRD) with their bookings already that are fully refundable up to final payment. Those currently booked with a refundable deposit have no $ risk. Are you suggesting that they should waive the NRD policy for currently booked cruises with a NRD and make them all fully refundable? Most have already relaxed the penalty policy and are allowing the full NRD to be transferred to a new booking. True, that is not an immediate refund, but if you do that, with most lines you can then rebook the new fare as a refundable deposit thus providing the refund flexibility with the new booking. You can then cancel if desired and receive a full refund. Many are also extending the deposit period relative to final payment date to provide greater flexibility. And with any new booking being considered, you would have the option to book the cruise with a refundable deposit this eliminating any risk of deposit loss, making your concerns moot. What are the surveys you mention? IMO as you indicate that it is with reference to future bookings - again, for which you can book with a refundable deposit with no deposit risk- not sure how that relates to current bookings deposits. Not being critical - just confused.
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