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  1. Well based on the OP's description of preferences in a cruise and what they want to avoid I would think Carnival would be their last choice.
  2. I would also suggest Celebrity as a main stream cruise line consideration. I would not suggest HAL or Viking based on the OP's age, unless they don't mind traveling with a predominantly older demographic. Agree as well with avoiding RCI, NCL, Disney, and most of all Carinval. Princess would be OK but probably not a first choice IMO. If budget is not a constraint, I would definitely also look at Azamara. Longer, immersive itineraries off the typical beaten cruise path with a good cultural and geographic experience. Actually this would probably be my first choice recommendation. Here's their website link if interested: https://www.azamara.com/ Also agree with talking with a cruise specialist travel agent for all alternatives - as others have mentioned, it's really difficult for us to choose for you. A live TA can work with you in discussion of your expectations, budget, likes and dislikes, etc., and be in the best position to help guide your decision.
  3. ...check's in the mail, Dave. And ditto your comments to you.....
  4. As you were with Carnival at the time then certainly that would be valid information. Just surprising that both Carnival and RCI would have the same determination at the same time with the same names.
  5. And to add theses shorter cruises tend to be more party cruises typically with younger crowds on board. But if you go to any of the mass market cruise line's websites they will have search filters for length of cruise, desired cruise regions, and departure ports which will provide information about the ships and itineraries that will fit your criteria. Or you can talk with a cruise specialist travel agent and let them make recommendations for you.
  6. We were on RCI's Grandeur of the Seas inaugural cruise in 1996, which was coincidentally just announced will be retired from their fleet in early 2021. There is always the chance that not everything will be 100% completed or all venues fully operational, but that was not the case with us. The then President of RCI was on board for the first half of the cruise and we noticed that the crew was somewhat subdued while he was on board, but relaxed and became more animated once he left the ship. They may have some sort of celebration on board or, in our case, a commemorative gift recognizing the sailing was provided, which was a hard bound book detailing the build and launch. I'm sure you will get varied responses from positive to negative and likely all will be correct from the experience of those reporting it. But we did not have anything particularly negative or overly positive - it was a nice cruise on a brand new ship on which we were among the first cruising passengers.
  7. Are you referring to RCI or Carnvial? And where are you getting this information? With RCI, Freedom refers to the ship class, of which Freedom, Liberty, and Independence are ships launched in 2006, 2007, & 2008 respectively.
  8. ...and there is RCI Freedom and Carnival Freedom, and RCI Liberty, and Carnival Liberty - and I'm sure there are others across the industry. The "distinction" is the RCI ships have "of the Sea" included in the names.
  9. Well just to clarify, "Central Park" is the only NY neighborhood theme. Boardwalk and The Royal Promenade are their own theme. (The Royal Promenade also appears on Voyager and Freedom Class ships, and first appeared on Voyager Class). Oasis is also the first Oasis class ship with RCI - there are now four total - Oasis, Allure, Harmony, and Symphony (and a fifth coming). Symphony of the Seas is the newest and is well worth trying as well as it has some enhancements and different restaurant venues since Oasis was launched in 2008. But Central Park is unique and very relaxing, and agree that Oasis class ships - even with over 6,000 passengers - is less crowded in most venues than many smaller ships with less passengers.
  10. Size just for size sake would have no bearing on our choice of ships. Cruise line (and their target demographics), itinerary, service level, on board venues, entertainment, who we are traveling with (family, friends, alone), etc., would all be considered as determining factors for ship selection. Also a factor is how our cruising style has evolved over the 27 years we've been cruising from our early days where we did virtually everything offered on board to our current days where we do very little other than relax on board. As a result, there are a number of different ship sizes or classes that appeal to us. In fact, over our cruising years we have sailed on at least one (and more typically several different) ships in each current ship class with both RCI and Celebrity and have enjoyed each one for different reasons based on the criteria previously mentioned. Now our plan over the coming years will be to also include other lines to expand on our experiences, in particular with different and more unique itineraries. Ship size, while certainly being a resulting factor, will not be a deciding factor in any of those decisions.
  11. If you are interested in an all inclusive resort day pass, you may want to consider Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa. The package includes round trip transportation between the dock and the resort, along with lunch, a drink package, massage, and beach access with chairs and umbrellas. We did this on our last cruise there and were very satisfied with it and will go back again. Would definitely recommend it. You book directly with them. Here is their link with info on the day pass if you are interested. https://www.baygardensresorts.com/locals/resort-playpass
  12. MGM. And the association is a marketing relationship with reciprocal loyalty program casino benefits. There is no financial connection between them.
  13. Very glad you enjoyed your cruise. I actually looked at the Bermuda webcam and saw your ship in port so I knew you at least got some time there. Appreciate as well your attitude towards this as you are correct that weather happens and safety for the ship, its crew, and its passengers always will come first over risking a port of call with bad weather. Far too many people fail to realize this, and the fact the missed ports of call are not only addressed in the cruise ticket but, unfortunately, are a rather common occurrence. But many people blame the interruption to their cruise on the cruise line and expect compensation for something that is out of the cruise lines' control. If a cruise is shortened due to the weather or other issue, then some sort of refund or future credit might be issued. But not just for missing a port of call or part of the scheduled stay in port. Thanks for your follow up!
  14. Yes - to confirm as I said in my original response it is credited indiscriminately to your on board account as charges are made, regardless of the charge. (Other than as a deposit for a future booking made on board). But, again, as it will be non-nonrefundable, if your on board charges are less than your OBC, you will lose that unused balance - it is not credited to your credit card or refunded in cash. Actually very simple.
  15. Cruising provides a great opportunity for me to do exactly as my CC screen name suggests....
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