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  1. Thank you for calling them. Definitely not something I want to spend the time doing to just see the outside but good to know going through the ship you'd still get inside and a tour.
  2. Some really good suggestions here. Was wondering, in the port, are there any places that have live music by chance? Would love to catch that and maybe have a drink or three to relax. I saw that Royal has an excursion for $80 to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Not sure if anyone has done that previously and could recommend?
  3. I'm curious as well. Based on what I read on the official government site yesterday it sounds like you can take a self guided tour in low season but that's about it. No actors to interact with or tour guides. We'll miss it by a week or so on our 10/15 sailing unfortunately. Might just stay in the port and meander about instead.
  4. For the mail boat tours, is it best to book in advance or wait until day of to see what the weather is like? Not sure how full these get. I'm definitely interested in checking it out but imagine it's a much better experience if the weather cooperates.
  5. We've decided to do the same thing and rent a car from Enterprise for our cruise in October. Avis, which is right there at the terminal did not have a car available so went with Enterprise instead. I imagine we'll just Uber up to their office, pick up the car and head on over to Bay of Fundy/Sea Caves. Low Tide should be happening around that time if we get off the ship and get moving quick enough. Looking forward to going at our own pace.
  6. Do you need reservations for Becky's or Portland Lobster or just walk up type of places?
  7. Thanks for the discussion here. Maybe a 1pm flight home would be best. Give time in case there's a cluster at the port or airport.
  8. We return on a Sunday so hopefully the commuter traffic wouldn't be that bad.
  9. Never flown into or out of Boston or cruised into or out of Boston. For those familiar and who've done this before, what's the earliest you'd book a flight home? Looking a map it seems the airport is very nearby but also given traffic and other factors I'm sure it can be deceiving. I'm responsible for 5 of us getting home so just trying to get a feel for what flight times I should shoot for! Thanks in advance!
  10. Appreciate the feedback in this thread although I'm not the OP. We're cruising for the first time in years and the first time ever out of Boston in October and were wanting to book flights and had options before noon but was not sure we could make it or not. Sounds like an 11:30am departure should be good to go for us.
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