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  1. We never plan on the Haven/Suite tips. By the end of the cruise we know just how much we would like to tip, it just sort of happens based on our experience. We have tipped the butler anything from $50 to $300 and the concierge about the same spread. We always tip the Steward over and above the DSC. If I could cruise right now I would probably be so happy I would overtip!
  2. Thanks so much for your Fun Friday Videos! They really help to lighten the mood around here.
  3. The Haven on the Joy is Heaven! Bon Voyage!
  4. Both times we did a Courtyard Penthouse on Deck 17. 17124 to be exact. That's a bit different because it is an Accessible Suite and it makes a big difference for us. As far as location, we loved it for the access to the pool, the lounge, the bar and the concierge desk. It's just a short elevator ride to the Haven Restaurant.
  5. All the suites we have been in lately had Nespresso. I enjoyed making those lattes as well! Love the Star! She was our Honeymoon ship, so we got emotionally attached!
  6. I thought you might get a kick out of this post! It's one of my favorites.
  7. If you are sailing on a ship with the Haven, you will have a private dining room for all your meals. We love that Haven!
  8. You will have LOTS of opportunities to post for the photographers. They are everywhere! Congratulations to the Big Loser! 🙂
  9. We loved that "suite". They no longer include concierge service nor a special room service menu. Have a wonderful cruise!
  10. Our first mini (now Club) suite experience was on the Sun for a Panama Canal cruise. Boy! Were we ever spoiled! In those days on the Sun mini suites came with concierge service and a special room service menu. The stateroom has a walk-in closet with vanity that leads into a great bathroom with a big tub. We expected the same on the Star but no menu and a tiny tub. Still had the concierge and when I asked about the special menu I was told that because the Sun has far fewer suites and mini suites they can provide them on that ship. Then he asked what I missed from that menu. "Those little Scandinavian sanwiches!" and he immediately sent up a tray. Those were the days!
  11. Oh, and the mixers and sodas in the mini bar are included as well. Unlimited Pepsi products! When I asked about priority seating at the shows the concierge said, "You get priority Everything!" 🙂
  12. Yes! Butler just asked what we wanted. No list in those days. We also got the real champagne!
  13. Stayed in the 2 bedroom one before the refurb in 2018, I think. Spent time in the one bedroom one on a cabin crawl. They are gorgeous! Did not miss the balcony. The two floor plans have different feels. The two bedroom is more cave-like and deeper. The 1 bedroom more spacious feeling. The second bedroom is handy. The service is extra special since they are DOS. Bon Voyage!
  14. I was truly surprised by the care and attention from the people who organized the crawl and participated in it. Many had snacks! And in each cabin there were envelopes and you would choose one at random. Each envelope contained a card and at the end of the crawl you tried to make the best poker hand. Everyone had contributed to a pot and that went to the winner, who turned out to be the people who had organized it! We were in the Deluxe Owner's Suite on the Star and when we saw the hands they refused to take the money so it went to the next best hand. So much fun! Thank you for this great idea for a post, so positive and goodhearted!
  15. Oh, yeah! First NCL cruise when she was doing Hawaii and I discovered that Spa. Free, no less! I fell in love with the hot and cold plunges in the men's wet room. And that view. And now she has the heated tile loungers so it was worth every penny for the Panama Canal cruise.
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