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  1. If you go under the 20.00 limit you can bet your sweet a$$ there will never be a credit. yes, it would get my goat to get a bill for 1.00
  2. We have been there twice. One of the cleanest places we have been. Plenty of little shops and best part.....no hassle. Plenty of ice crea stands, restaurants,etc. look around before making a choice. We didnt find it was too overpriced. The beach area and pool is huge. More chairs than you could count/. They had those clam shell covers and almost certain no cost/ we did the zip line and that was awesome. Next time my husband and i did the electric boats. Keep in mine we are over 70 so a lot of things are of no interest. Only reason i did the zip line was we had grandkids with us.
  3. Few questions about GSC. We have been many times to harvest caye and loved the cleanliness and things it has. Yay zipline. So is the beach nice at GSC? Surely it is free. What about a pool? Do you have to book parasailing ahead (excursion) or even the kayaks? Or can you just pay at the island. Cash , credit card or sign and sale card. i understand there is a buffet at no charge there, also your drink package covers drinks there. Does that include soda? seems before we went to harvest caye there was so much info (maybe because it was new) but not real clear on GSC . thanks on any info
  4. This is our itinerary for June 2 on breakaway. My husband and i could care less for Nassau. Been there done that. Daughter and family is going and with two 17 yr old and 15 year old they already got the excursion for half day at Atlantis . They went before and loved it even though it was a pricy excursion. If it wouldn’t piss my daughter off so bad i wold tell her there is an excursion in to the new port to swim with pigs. That will get her going.
  5. Never had a buffet in cagney’s For lunch. Always menu items. To be honest i personally didnt care for the items listed. Enjoyed the quiet, slow paced atmosphere.
  6. Yes you can. Either put it on your sign and sail card or if you have beverage package.
  7. I have only been to one cruise ship wedding (son) and it was fairly small. I thought the option to have the amount of people you wanted and pay extra per person. I will say the venue was small and i cant see a huge group being comfy. also had a niece get married on cruise ship. We didnt attend. This is the thing you need to keep in mine, when you give the number to them you better have a firm answer from guest because that is how many you pay for and no shows still cost you.
  8. We don’t sail until June 2/breakaway. One day they had 28 excursions listed the 36 appear and the vey same day it dropped to 11 excursions. Little crazy.
  9. Sounds great. I know the teenage kids will enjoy this.
  10. We will be on breakaway and they have all that. I am sure the grandkids will spend plenty of time checking out all the fun.
  11. Thanks for the info. Is it very expensive? what about rock climbing, ropes or that plank that looks fearful.
  12. Do you have to reserve a time to ride the carts or do you just wait in line. How long do they allow you to ride them?
  13. We have the same picture for our June Breakaway cruise. To add insult to injury we also have a noon-7pm Nassau stop.
  14. I usually go with NCL but our upcoming cruise will involve a very expensive flight and hotels so i got something else. NCL want cover these (we booked our own flight and hotels)
  15. Maybe carnival is reading cruise critic and see;s the advice of many people that says “oh go ahead and smoke on the balcony, i did it and nobody ratted me out”
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