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  1. We just sailed the BA a few weeks back. Hands down the best cruise. I was truly worried about the size of the ship, especially just forward and aft elevators. First cruise out of Miami. Very organized. It can be a circus in New Orleans. i will say the food was awesome on this cruise. I would compare it to what it was like 20 years ago.
  2. I just got off the Breakaway Sunday. I bought 4 CruiseNext at 250.00 each (1000.00) i received a 500.00 OBC. That was the deal. Nothing about anything extra.
  3. We just got off the Breakaway Sunday June 9th. I had seen so many bad reviews i was thinking what have we done. I somewhat have walking issues but i did fine walking all day long. Actually the layout is better than the smaller ships. i will say after about 10 NCL cruises in recent years the food was awesome. I swear the choices seemed to be more than in the recent past. None od us had a bad meal. My cabin was kept clean morning and night. Only negative i can really complain about is the fact we had to snake all through the casino to debark. I am a former smoker and it irritates me to be around smoke. My eyes burned. They had the air purifiers going and true nobody was smoking but it was still an issue. Then the NCL workers was constantly rerouting people off the ship. Basically putting people in front of people that had been in line for over an hour. NO THIS WAS NOT IN THE PORT. WE WERE STILL ON THE SHIP WHEN THIS HAPPENED. We had plenty of room on the ship because we had awesome weather. I guess it would be a mess if all those people were pinned inside.
  4. I have read mixed reviews of this app. I cant get it if you are using your WiFi minutes when using this app. If so you would pretty much have to do the unlimited WiFi plan to cover this. Some seem to think the app is the greatest and some not so much. Maybe it depends on the ship.
  5. Correct! I was told I could do a name change at NO CHARGE (was told because we didn’t have our insurance with NCL) problem is family is sailing with me already and I don’t have anyone I care to room with. It is granddaughters graduation cruise so I want to spend time with family and not be obligated to pal with someone else.Plus a flight from New Orleans to miami added to the mix. I am very willing to forfeit all the money spent. Just don’t want to pay more than what I already paid. When NCL told me if we cancel my husband I would be considered a solo and it would be an additional 1000.00 on top of what I already paid for the 2 of us.
  6. I am so sorry for your families heartache. What a decision to make.(to go or not) my case is so minor compared to yours. Guess at this point i will just tell them he isn’t sailing. This is the first time i paid tips ahead of time and booked excursions. It would all be so simple if they didn’t penalize you by charging a grand more for going alone and already paid my husbands fare. Well i know not to book anything that involves a flight. Lesson learned. sorry again about your son.
  7. I still cant wrap my head around this. To me since it is paid for i could just go and loose his money. Nope they did the math and said it would cost another 1000.00 my daughter keeps doubting what i was told. Believe me i repeated how is that possible, we are paid in full. All i can say is before you pay your cruise off i would ask if you just cancelled the whole thing and then booked you only what is the price. Also ask what it would cost to cancel him and charge you as solo. our air fare is not thru NCL. Booked direct with airlines but we booked non refundable. Even is they gave us a credit we wouldn’t use it. Flying is the reason he is not going on this cruise. I have been on a plane once in 53 years. good luck with your plans. Maybe my mess has helped open your eyes to what might be a problem for you.
  8. For everyone else with suggestions, thanks. Yes because i do not have my insurance with NCL i can change the name (no charge) but we are looking at last minute flights. Also we are just 2 weeks out. Already have available family going on this trip. BTW i do have a very good insurance with my trip but just not wanting to go isn’t an option. Well aware no money back, just didnt expect to pay even more. will ride out the next 14 days and if nothing pops up on solo he will just be a no show. Then when someone ask i can tell the story first hand.
  9. Now that i know for sure how NCL handles a cancellation i wanted to hear from someone that actually went this route, not just hearsay theories. Yes, i have read there is a huge upcharge for someone not traveling but i read a lot of stuff, doesn’t make it fact.
  10. It does not make sense to me that we have paid for two people (myself and husband) now two weeks before cruising he has decided not to go. To cancel him would cost another 1000.00 (besides what we already paid in full) so him being a no show is the only answer. My question is who has done this and at check in did you just play stupid or did you say “oh that idiot ain’t coming” there will be family on this trip so i am fine going alone. surely someone can shed light on what i should say.
  11. Ok i did call NCL and yes, they pull some sort of deal (still doesn’t make sense to me) but if i cancel my husband it would cost another 1000.00 besides what we already paid for his ticket. I know with 16 days to go there is no refund. Can check for a solo rate in the next two weeks before leaving. So yes, no show is the answer if that doesn’t happen(sale on solo) I am going to start a new thread and see if anyone actually went by themself and partner was a no show to see how that panned out. i will never figure out why a person has to pay more to cancel a person. It has NEVER been an issue that i thought we would get a penny back. They have the money for 2 people in a room.
  12. Ours are non refundable;e f;fights so i know there will not be a refund. Also fairly certain they will double dip and put a stand by person in that seat.
  13. That is what i was thinking. I know there will be no refund so why feed their pocket even more.
  14. I guess i will find out. I can see if we were getting a refund that would apply. To me it would like paying for 3 people and only one going in the scenario you describe. All this would of been avoided if he had just told me before i got busy booking everything.
  15. I have seen questions regarding this subject but most was wanting some money back. We are booked for 2 weeks from now. Everything is paid (fare, tips, excursions), non refundable;e airfare and pre flight hotel (non refundable) well my husband has deceived he doesn’t want to go. Will be others in our group so i am going. My question being is there an advantage to one or the other for no show or cancel. I have understood taxes and port charges are refundable. Also i feel certain the tips and of coarse excursions. All being said that is the confusion to me on no show vs. cancel. i plan to notify the airline. Will sorta aggravate me that they will sale a ticket and stick someone in his spot, yet my fare is non refundable. And no.... this was not a cheap last minute flight. Flights to miami was fee and far between when we booked (last august) so we took it. The bright side to all this is he is saving us 585.00 in dog boarding fees and saving my daughter 800.00 thanks
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