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  1. Thanks to all. 7AM is pretty early for me, I'm more of a brunch person. Enhanced enrichment lectures should be worth several hundred dollars extra for in the Aegean. Anybody have experience with waiting til a couple of weeks before sailing to book? I estimate I can book air, with plan B of putting together a land package on my own (probably do an add-on anyway). Doesn't sound like Viking gets many solos, but I'm used to traveling solo, unless Viking actively discourages solos.
  2. Heidi13 has got me curious about Viking Ocean. I've found an intriguing Aegean itinerary in January 2022, and I'm also interested in Transatlantics. The brochures have the usual PR hype but are sadly lacking in pertinent information. Balcony cabins don't interest me, especially in January. I don't use alcohol. I'm looking for entertainment that's a higher intellectual level than watching television, on a ship that doesn't go to bed at 8PM. So what positives can I expect? I found Crystal to be over-priced and inconsistent, especially lacking in entertainment. Whether I'll like th
  3. Thanks for confirming my recollection. That's why I ignore reviews. Entertainers prancing around is not why I pay to be on a cruise ship, and no passengers dancing, nobody who could tell the difference between a salsa, merengue or bachatta. I only tolerate drunks if they subsidise my cruise. I have no interest whatsoever being in the same room as liquor "sampling" or whatever. (I don't find Dubai much more interesting than Miami, although a lot more law-abiding, and yes, I've spent more than a week there.) I'd rather be with a bunch of fun-loving Italians any day.
  4. Celebrity was a very forgettable experience, but as best I recall: The total fare was considerably more than I pay on Costa. A dull, boring bunch of people, almost as bad as Holland America. The "midnight" buffet was at noon. Absolutely nothing else stands out, including whether there was anything much late. The band in the lounge only played one merengue, one mambo, one samba, etc. A single playlist all night every night. When I asked if they had other titles, the answer was "nobody has ever asked for anything different". How completely different from Costa! (If any o
  5. I don't see young lady explicitly stated in the post. How do you know (her?) definition of romance is the same as all the other posters?
  6. Assumptions won't produce good results, we need to know more. Male? Female? Gay? Straight? Heavy drinker looking for an enabler? Looking for a sugar daddy? Sugar mommy? Or????
  7. There's currently a study about masks from researchers at Duke University running around the Internet. I haven't seen the actual study, only media reports, but the results seem logical. Only properly fitted N95's are really effective. (That means "hard to breathe" and "irritates skin".) Other masks have varying degrees of false sense of security. The "face coverings" so beloved by politicians and which I see huge numbers, are worse than useless, worse at creating infectious aerosols than regular breathing.
  8. I always get "free" water on Costa, at a total fare that's a lot less than the nearly brain-dead experience I had on Celebrity.
  9. DWhit is correct. The centre of the room does work better in the typically much larger and less crowded US studios. I've seen charts showing that but can't find any original sources. International style also has many more Reverse (Left) figures, which move towards the centre of the room. (To over-simplify, many teachers tell partners to stare at each other. This causes the follower to twist to the right, making left turns difficult and opening out easy. Bad frame producing mediocre dancing.) It's the thought that counts. As long as someone is chugging along as best they can or being court
  10. mcloaked is right. The technical term for moving around the floor is "floorcraft". It can be fiendishly difficult, but any social dancer who doesn't aspire to it is not a good dancer. (Competition/showdance is a whole different beast, but is rude and obnoxious unless the floor is empty). The large groups I know about are generally mediocre dancers at best. American style, with much prancing and arm waving to hide mediocrity is partly to blame, but the good American style dancers I know can certainly practice floorcraft. The groups' "dance hosts" are usually teachers trying to sell lessons
  11. My cruise from Dubai to Savona (transfer to Nice) was cancelled, with a lot less than 24 hours notice. I ended up flying home, via Nice through Paris, after my flight through Amsterdam was cancelled when Netherlands closed its borders. You need to look at specific flights, on specific dates, with specific non-EU citizen rules to figure out what practical solutions were. The OP doesn't say what travel insurance is reimbursing, or whether they chose to self-insure. It took me maybe three minutes to book flights after I decided on the stopover Nice to salvage a bit of my vacation, even
  12. A recent article elsewhere said the Italian government is providing vouchers for internal travel to boost occupancy levels, don't know if that's a factor. I've already gotten my credit vouchers and applied them to 2021 (already booked) and 2022 (new booking).
  13. A lot can and probably will, change in a year, even without an AC/TS acquisition. The OP said clearly they want to return on Thursday, debarkation day. That rules out open-jaw and according to current information, that also rules out TS. It's RV that operates to VCE, not AC, also limited seasonal service, although who knows, next year. VCE is a small regional airport, checkin can be chaotic when thousands of cruise ship passengers arrive. I'm reluctant to recommend a same-day connection to North America for inexperienced travellers. My advice would be, how much do you need to re
  14. I've been booked on Diadema from Dubai to Marseille March 2021 for a while, staying in France for a few weeks after. Normally I'd be thinking about flights now but I'm holding off for a few months. I used my crdit voucher for the Smeralda March 2022 Dubai to Marseille again, now that Costa doesn't have a ship in Florida it's the only itinerary I'm sure of this far in advance. We'll see what the cruise experience is by then.
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