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  1. Nothing on NCL website as of yet to indicate this to be true.
  2. My vacation is very important to me, not at the risk of others, but it is a very important. I do believe we all need to take precautions and be vigilant, but I do think it is getting very blown out of proportion. I know many may disagree with me, but it is my opinion. Only 3 ships to date have been quarantined out of how many that sail each and every day.
  3. This would take the sting out of my cruise being cancelled. Might be able to book two future cruises with those options!
  4. True. I just think if you suspend one line how can you justify not suspending another line, especially the way things have been going. NBA suspending its season. NHL likely not far behind doing the same thing. Limiting public gatherings to 250 or less.
  5. Hard to imagine that Carnival Corp would suspend Princess, but not Carnival at some point.
  6. That is great news!! So "no travel advisories for anywhere you travel" meaning USA, Mexico? I am not as concerned about the cancelling of the cruise or flights as I can use the credit for future flights and will book another cruise. My concern is health coverage while away. It is way to risky to travel out of Canada without it.
  7. I agree on the date to rebook limitation. It should 1 year from the date of the original booking, not from the cancellation date.
  8. Exactly! I am concerned about Blue Cross outright cancelling any health coverage that I currently have. My work Blue Cross has informed me that there are no changes as of today and it is 'unlimited travel coverage'. My extra travel insurance, also Blue Cross, I am waiting to talk to and see if there have been any changes to coverage due to the coronavirus. 🤬
  9. I hear you 1kaper. I am in the same mentality as you "if the ship sails' I am onit!" But I am now concerned about our travel insurance covering us(or not) if we do decide to leave Canada and head to the US to cruise. I am currently checking into it. That would be the deal breaker for me....no coverage, cancelled trip!
  10. I have a co worker whose parents are currently on a cruise(not sure which line) and they have reported that the whole ship smells like bleach. Which tells me the crew are constantly cleaning and sanitizing pretty much everything that could be touched and carry germs.
  11. Still planning on cruising on March 28 out of Long Beach.
  12. You really need to make the best decision for you and your family. There is no guarantee your ship will not be quarantined. I believe only three have been so far...one in New Jersey, one in China area and the last one in California. As for ports, for our cruise, if we don't dock at one, it will be disappointing, but we can still have fun on the ship. As of right now we are not cancelling our March 28 cruise and really don't think we will at all.
  13. Totally agree! Be smart, wash your hands, all about common sense. Do not let fear stop you from living.
  14. If I was in your situation I would likely cancel as well. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and it has really weakened her immune system. She would definitely be high risk.
  15. I cannot answer the question as to how many are actually cruising vs cancelling, but we do not at this time plan on cancelling our March 28 cruise on the Panorama.
  16. I agree, if people are choosing to cancel they should be given a full refund not FCC. This way their money is there to do what they want with it.
  17. Not likely. I just received mine Saturday and we sail March 28. Our friends on the same cruise have not received their email as of yet. The OBC is automatically put oto your S & S account. Not sure how to handle the cancellation part of it?
  18. I agree, 6 months from now this will all likely be a distant memory.
  19. We are on that same cruise. I agree the bigger hassle would be the rescheduling of flights if we were delayed getting off the ship. We fly out on Sunday so that would gives a little wiggle room. Right now we have no intentions of cancelling.
  20. OBC. We sail on March 28 out of Long Beach on the Panorama. We also are flying into LAX the day before. We have not even considered cancelling.
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