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  1. No door decorations due to “fire hazard”. Yep...that’s what they said on the Amsterdam. Didn’t even think to ask about the “door mail” that we get daily. My paper/decorations will burst into flames but their paper won’t? Hmmm... My opinion? I really think it’s because some people were snitching other people’s decorations. There was a lot of that on the last world cruise that allowed it that we were on. Linda R.
  2. I did neglect to say that no, you aren’t cut off but it does slow down considerably. Plus, it was sounding like the powers that be weren’t exactly enforcing this either. At any rate, it does (in uncertain terms) that it is “limited”. Linda R.
  3. The internet is NOT unlimited. There is a limit to how many MB you can use per day and it differs from plan to plan. I got the Surf package on the world this year and I want to say it was somewhere around 250MB/day. I think the Premium was around 500MB. I looked up info in the Q&A section on HALs website and found this: "Each package comes with a daily volume of data for a superior experience. Volumes vary by package and subject to change. For a current listing of the daily volume soft caps, see the Internet Plan Selection page." This is the link and you go down to "Internet Access". https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq.shipboard-life.can-i-use-the-internet-mobile-phones-or-webcams-on-board.html Linda R.
  4. You actually got to dock in Cobh? On the WC earlier this year we docked across the harbor at Ringaskiddy. While we could see Cobh, we couldn't get there (unless you took a taxi but the trip would be a looooong way around to actually get there. We ended up going into Cork. So close, yet so far.... Linda R.
  5. Oooh, this may tone it down a bit!! Linda R.
  6. I've heard of these one day cruises. Also heard the above but for what leerathje wants to do it sounds like it would be perfect. Or for anyone that wants to check out a ship they haven't been on. We're getting on in Seattle for the Incan cruise...will be interesting to see how this plays out! Linda R.
  7. Found this online. Definitely looks like you will be "in it" for a bit. At least it's going west while you are going east! Time on this is for 1AM London time. Hang on! Linda R.
  8. I actually got that photo across the water as we drove along; we didn't stop. I was lucky! Linda R.
  9. I'll chime in here too with a picture of us in Akureyri last year. Rotterdam is on the right; I forget what other Dam ship was in with us. We did have some clouds here and there thru the day but for the most part, it was not what I've usually experience here. Linda R.
  10. Regarding swimming; I've seen people swim laps in the pool on the A'Dam. Mid pool, not the stern one. I've also seen people using that contraption where you are in a harness that you tie off and you can swim "in place". Google it and you'll find plenty of info. I don't remember what the costs were for the classes in the gym were. Linda R.
  11. From the article: "Capacity on the yet-to-be-named vessel, which the company plans to acquire secondhand, will be reduced to 425 berths. Staterooms will be enlarged, and there will also be solo cabins as well as residences aboard the ship." Hence the need for fewer lifeboats.
  12. This looks VERY much like the Maasdam!
  13. I'm editing since I went and looked at halfacts. I guess there is somewhat of a wall outside. But, you can still see out and will have light in the cabin. Below that cabin looks like it might be right at the back of the Wajang Theater. They have movies at night there with the late movie starting at 9PM. I don't know if you'd hear this or not but if you don't go to bed with the birds, it may not be an issue. I'd take this over an inside any day; I want light in the cabin. I really, really dislike insides as you have no idea what time of day or night it is (of course, this is my own personal feeling about this; some people don't care). Above that cabin is a the piano lounge (actually, the seating area, not the piano). It is at the end of the lounge area and close to the first shop. From my experience on world cruises, this is not an area that goes late into the night. This year that place was empty by 11PM. That might depend on the entertainer that they have; this years was not the best so it emptied out early. Linda R.
  14. Link to current Mariner Magazine: https://digital.cenveomobile.com/publication/?i=599916&p=&pn=#{"issue_id":599916,"page":0} Linda R.
  15. Thanks so much for taking us with you on our favorite ship! It's nice to see what she's doing when we aren't on her! Linda R.
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