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  1. This came up a little while ago so you may want to check this out: For us, we prefer Holland over Princess. The food is better on Holland, the vibe on Holland is much more laid back which is what we prefer. We don't need to be entertained all the time; we prefer quiet places to sit on sea days. Not that we've used them but there are number of accessible cabins on each ship that people like when they get them (and need them!). Others may be able to chime in about the wheelchair experiences onboard. Linda R.
  2. Yes, they do. I happened to be tracking the ship on the prior cruise and saw the pilot boat come out and then do away from the ship. I had been wondering why she was tracking towards Port Angeles so kept watching. There's a webcam in the harbor there that I was watching too but the ship never got close enough to catch a glimpse. Linda R.
  3. Awesome, now I don't have to "get off the ship"! Can continue virtually! Have a great trip and looking forward to your postings. Linda R.
  4. I wish there was a way to discern what new cruises have been added. But, I go and look periodically just to see what's available. More to drool over than to book unfortunately.....missing cruising sooo much! 😭 Linda R.
  5. Thanks, I had seen those....the Elliot Bay one would be good if their cameras weren't so low and showing so much roof. I'll probably check out another one I found from across the bay to see when they sail by. https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=SALTY Better than nothing! We are all so spoiled by the FLL and MIA cameras! 😎
  6. Hahaa!! Too funny, Kirk! Hey Marty....more crocheting and less internet! Linda R.
  7. Is there a webcam at the dock where HAL is? I've looked around and can't find one. Would love to watch sailaway later today!
  8. The news story I read said everyone needed to be vaccinated but I looked at other stories and saw no mention of that. For "suspect" stories, I usually hunt around for more than one as these days, the media doesn't always get the facts correct. 🙄 I didn't this time...my bad! It will be very interesting to follow this and see how it goes. I'm more than happy to see how it goes for all the "guinea pigs" that want to sail before I do!
  9. What I don't understand about this is that the CDC had said if everyone is vaccinated, the cruise lines didn't need to do the "test" cruises. Has something changed? What does this mean for HAL? Will they now need to do these test cruises?
  10. I hunted around on the CDC site and I believe this link (updated today, the 5th) takes you to the current requirements for cruising. It doesn't address everything though....such as how will the safety drill be held but it has quite a bit of info in it. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-cruiseships.html
  11. Another thing to consider is that the 15% gratuity is included in the package price. Also the difference between getting the Have it All is that if you don't get it, basically what they give you back is half of what everything is worth. For example, I priced out what it all would cost if you bought each thing itself, internet, liquor package, specialty dining, etc. For a cruise (14 day) I'm looking at, it works out to about $1,200pp while if I don't get the Have it all, I will get about a $600 deduction. Linda R.
  12. I've been wondering if her longer than usual porting this time is a sign of her possibly crewing up!
  13. I just found this. Our wonderful governor....ugh.... While he's done some good things, there are other things...not so good. ============================== "DeSantis’ press office on Monday (4/12) asserted that his recent executive order barring businesses from requiring proof of vaccinated customers extends to cruise lines operating in Florida. “The Governor’s Executive Order provides that businesses in Florida are prohibited from requiring patrons or customers to provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business,” press secretary Cody McCloud said by email. “Therefore, the Executive Order prohibits cruise lines from requiring vaccine passports for their Florida operations.” ============================== So, we basically have to hope that the CDC requires them. That will nip all this foolishness in the bud. But, they have to get off their butts and finally come up with those guidelines the cruise lines have been waiting for since last year! Linda R.
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