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  1. Aw, man!!!! Yep, you burst my bubble, lol! Oh well. Thanks for the info though!
  2. I completely understand the total picture and would never belittle the bigger worries for HAL but, SOMEone has to be having something to do with the luggage situation. There are too many of us for them to totally ignore that situation.
  3. I tried to add this to my post but it was too late as the "edit" option had expired. Out of curiosity, I went and found Miramar on the map and it's not a large area. I went to satellite view and found one small area where there is a commercial section and found a large FedEx office and an even larger warehouse nearby with shipping containers at it. I would bet that this is where our luggage went to. It just looks too "convenient", don't you think? Anyone brave enough to call them? I'm kinda too chicken... 🐓
  4. ....and I had read somewhere that it was Miramar, which is in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Who knows where it is but it's crazy tht they can't get us SOME kind of info!
  5. Amsterdam, and location is far from your guess.
  6. OK, I'll play too! Where is the Amsterdam?
  7. And in '18. We've been there twice; once by car (all the way from Chicago) and the other time on the VOV in 2014 on the Veendam. Here's my picture from Saddle Island.
  8. Djupivogur, Iceland. I have pretty much the same picture. Editing to say that I went back and saw that this one was already guessed...oops!
  9. Red Bay! Were you out on that island off the shore?
  10. I had the wrong place...I was actually thinking about Curacao but since you say it's in the wrong part of the world, that wouldn't be right either.
  11. I don't understand the obsession that there will be some sort of "plague" in our stuff when we get it back. Why?? I'm not planning on doing anything like this. At the most, stuff will be musty...at least mine should be "plague free" since everything is packed first inside a heavy contractor "trash" type bag. Nothing will have gotten wet. That being said, it will be interesting to see the condition of our suitcases/bags/boxes.
  12. So, would I be correct in thinking that there are just 2 more ships that are yet to be named that will be leaving? I saw this too and figured it was just 2 left. Well...for now....ugh.... Linda R.
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