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  1. so they say POA is sailing. but WHEN?? Is it sailing now? i keep reading that it's a go on POA. i thought ALL cruises were cancelled
  2. stupid question. I have 28,000 points. how many $$$ is that? $280? I'm pretty sure it's not $28,000 lol
  3. I do it all the time. I see a balance and I pay it. too much shock waiting for the bill lol
  4. I am hoping to cruise when I DON'T have to wear a mask....I hope that this December's cruise is postponed. I reeeeaaaly want to cruise when it's back to normal sigh
  5. and, THAT answered the question lol Points are awarded on your statement date... not before... so your total will only be available on your statements. Your statement will include a line item giving you a summary of points for the month, bonus points, and your new total. Until you get your first statement, you officially have NO points 🙂
  6. 🙂 cool. another question about World Points...I have charged a few things on the card, but show no WorldPoints. Guess they might when they do the statement?
  7. I have looked, looked and read my material when my card came. Can I use it to charge anything, or does it have to be used to book cruises, and excursions?
  8. so not THAT much less......hmmmm....I had googled, but couldn't find much, thank you for finding it
  9. I won't be comfortable cruising till next year some time. I would like to cruise with just a mask, at the very least, although a less crowded ship sounds cool too 🙂
  10. the timing is suspicious. during a great promotional time that only lasts 30 hours😡
  11. yup.i think it's MADDENING they're doing this during the promotions. my PCC won't even return my calls😡
  12. trying to get ahold of them to take advantage of the Promotions and we only have 30 hours. 😡😡
  13. when I click on it o get a 404 page not found message....? Sent from my SM-G973U using Forums mobile app
  14. I read a review that said the pools close at 6 PM...is that right? why would they close so early when a person is gone m most of the day for excursions? Is there a "spa pass" for the week? and didn't there used to be a section here for each ship? I can't find it :')
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