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  1. If you never been to LA or San Francisco I would go out go San Francisco. It has one of the best sail aways under the bridge. San Francisco is more compact. You can do a lot more in less time than LA. I generally prefer the Grand class ships. However I am not a big fan of the Grand because it has no Skywalkers and no middle stairway. But it is still a great ship. The Ruby is bigger, newer and has a Skywalkers. All things considered I would take the Ruby.
  2. I tried to apply a couple of gift cards to my on board account at the passenger services desk. The person I dealt with had no clue and said he could not do it. The next day I went back and got a different employee and there was no problem. It does take a while for them to enter the data.
  3. We are not taking ay chances. We booked a B2B. NYC TO Quebec City to NYC. LOL. Actually there are several ports we wanted to spend more time in than 8 hours. And I have family in Halifax and Sydney. The only difference on our cruises is that one has Newport RI and the other has Saguenay. Other than that I don't see much of a difference.
  4. You could probably do the Freedom Trail in 90 minutes. But why would anyone want to do that? I suggest you take your time and linger at several of the important historical sites. If the USS is open you could fit that in. We are doing the JFK Museum, and Library in the morning and taking a taxi or UBER to the Freedom Trail in the afternoon. But we are just going to concentrate on the first part of it. We had walked the entire trail several years ago with our kids. So this time it will be more of a review.
  5. I think a can costs $2 and then they add an 18% tip. I used to get the soda sticker. I don't do it anymore. The price got too high. I don't drink enough soda to make it worthwhile.
  6. When had to change a cruise I had to pay for the new cruise up front . They then refunded the amount of the cancelled cruise to my credit card. So it was wash. I had already paid for the cruise prior to final payment day. This was several years ago so things may have changed.
  7. We try to arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes early depending on the show for the early show. The late show could be a little less wait. We find arriving that early we can generally pick our seats. Arriving 15 minutes early you can usually find a seat somewhere. Arriving on time ... good luck!
  8. Never had a problem redeeming points. However I did have problems logging on to see my account. They only way I could do it was through my phone. This problem has been fixed after a couple of months.
  9. I booked a day pass at Prince Waikiki through Resort for a Day.
  10. I have taken 2 SA cruises with Princess. The Falklands was a highlight. But remember you have about a 50% chance of going ashore. That port is cancelled often due to weather. I think the Princess Island is visiting Antartica. I don't know about the Coral. If it does that would be big plus. I am assuming your cruise begins or ends in Buenos Aires. If so go early or stay on a couple of days. One of the great cities of the world. - but mainly for time to visit Iguazo Falls. I have been on over 35 cruises and this one is my favorite.
  11. Our two cruises do not have the same striating or end port. If both the cruises started and ended in NYC I could do it. But One cruise ends in Canada and the ends in NYC. For the first cruise all the flights home start in Canada, none for NYC. On the second cruise from Quebec City all the flights t are to Canada none to NYC. I think you could do it if both B2B cruises ended up at the same place. Maybe if you took a B2B cruise both starting and ending in FLL that might work.
  12. We have a B2B from NYC to Quebec City to NYC. I can't book a RT flight from NYC. I called Princess and the agent said I would have to purchase two one way tickets. That is not going to happen.
  13. We had the same problem with the Watts tour. We do not get priority tender tickets. I contacted Patrick and he said they would not leave without us but it was extremely important to get there as soon as we could. So we lined up at the MDR where they distributed the tender tickets about 40 minutes before they opened up. We were on on the first tenders But everyone with priority tenders got there ahead of us. On our tour with him they had about 5 vehicles that they drove to the point as a group. They only had to pull a car of the mud just once. The tour is well worth it.
  14. I would avoid LAX if possible.But there are more flights and the flights are usually cheaper out of LAX. So I am pretty much forced to use LAX. If I had my choice I would use Long Beach.
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