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  1. Sadly after 14hrs or so out of Honolulu at sea there was a serious medical emergency causing us to return to Honolulu. We all sincerely hope the gentleman will have a full recovery. That put us 24 hrs behind schedule. We were due to arrive in Papeete Tahiti Oct 7th followed by Moorea the 8th and Bora Bora the 9th. We are now told we will go directly to Bora Bora the 8th and no further plans given. Private tours in all ports now in jeopardy. WHY would we not just skip Papeete and go directly to Moorea and Bora Bora on the planned days. ?????? They are all right next to each other. I know there is a reason but the Captain is not telling us. Again we all wish the best for the ill gentleman as that could be us one day! 😥
  2. Always remember those sandwiches on Oasis and Allure at Park Cafe.Do they have them on Ovation??? Maybe in Cafe@ Two 70 where they have sandwiches and paninis??? Thx
  3. Trans Pacific soon on Ovation. Bought internet plus streaming for 2 devices. My husband said he saw something about not using WhatsApp. Were they just referring to making calls? Hoping we can still use the message chat. Has anyone used it lately on board?
  4. Have 19 day cruise coming up this .month. Thought we'd bring a few extra bottles of wine and pay the corkage fee. Current fee??? And do they mark the bottles so that we might take to dining room?? Thx
  5. Our next cruise boards Ovation of the Seas Sept 30th in Honolulu but does not leave port till 10p the following day. How will they monitor whether you brought your 2 allowed bottles of wine on either at time of check in or as we plan...purchasing the next day in port on the day we actually leave??? It seems like technically (of course not me) one could bring on their 2 bottles the first day and the second day again. Do they have a plan for monitoring this? Asking for a friend...
  6. Going on Ovation of the Seas and was able to online book Anytime dining for 730p every night for 19 nights. My question is....it did not specify which of the two Anytime dining venues it would be for. Can we go to either??
  7. Sailing later this month and would like to try a cabana or just a sun bed in Retreat area. I understand that calling and booking ahead is only is you book the whole week. So if we just want 2-3 days should we rush up to the area after boarding? We have a Neptune suite and wondered if we could book through the Concierge in the Neptune lounge. Thanks
  8. So now that Ovation is in Alaska and out of the Asia venue for now, did they convert the Kung Fu Panda Noodle Shop back to Johnnie Rockets?
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