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  1. You will get a straight up review from me, no worries lol 4 DAY BAHAMAS CRUISE CARNIVAL ELATION: September 10, 2020 Total: $937.28 Stateroom: Suite #G12 BTW plenty of these cabins available.
  2. I think the limited startup with a few Carnival branded ships from Florida and Texas will be the testing plan for new working methods for the whole Carnival corporation, the guinea pigs. The dates may get pushed back or new temporary stops to operations put in place, but I think the basic plan is sound. I am willing to be "tested" on in September on Elation.
  3. We have just moved our cruise to 2 weeks later because our fellow travelers cancelled on us and we decided to change to a more convenient time for us. We had a $150 deposit down, supposedly have to pay $100 service fee and/or ? being penalized $150 for cancelling the cruise. What I had wanted to do was move the date and pay the extra deposit required as per the new date and offer on that sailing. The rep I spoke to had little idea of what she was doing. Anyway, this is my experience of trying to cancel/move/rebook a new date on the same ship 2 weeks later....good luck. BTW, we will ware a face mask as required in busy public places where the 6 foot distancing recommendation is difficult or impossible to achieve, otherwise the mask will be off !!! Email from Carnival - RE: Non-Refundable Cancellation Confirmation. We are sorry that your reservation has cancelled. As you know, your cruise fare carries a non-refundable deposit. However, we’ve extended a future cruise credit in the amount of the deposit received less a $50 pp service fee. The future cruise credit must be redeemed within 24 months from the date of cancellation, for bookings available under the same currency, and can only be applied to your cruise fare. The future cruise credit is non-refundable, non -transferable, and any unused portion will be forfeited. After you have booked your cruise, please use the link below to provide us with the new booking information so we can process your cruise credit. http://www.carnival.com/cms/RequestForms/ReimbursementForm_CC.htm Please note ,should your new reservation cancel at anytime, applicable cancellation penalties will be assessed and the offer will be forfeited. If you receive a refund or any other compensation from any party or travel insurer, this offer will be void. Booking Ref: ABC123D CARNIVAL ELATION 08/27/2020 Guest Names KEV KIM Cancellation Date 06/01/2020 06/01/2020 Penalty Assessed USD 75.00 USD 75.00
  4. I doubt they will make money on a ship only half full, so they certainly won't want to run many ships half full. I think the early months are a shake down test and EVERYONE hopes the virus continues to die down to a manageable level. It's going to be tough for the next few months....will we slide into a recession ?
  5. This is also a good point of view, it should be the other plan Carnival are talking about for this ship. They should clean it up though, it looks like a wreck in the picture.
  6. Triumph was junk when I went on it, 3 weeks before the engine room melt down lol. But I really did enjoy the Paradise last year.
  7. I have been peer pressured into booking out of Port Canaveral in late August. If it goes ahead I know I am going to be a guinea pig during the restart but it's a chance I will take. It was a cheap enough booking in a suite. I have also booked Armonia out of Tampa in December, I am more hopeful that will be the sweet spot for timing between hurricane and flu season.
  8. It will be quietly renamed and sent to Alang, they have way too much capacity now. Sometimes you have to spend money to save it, a $100M penalty for breach of contract will save them $100M. I am not being a rear end orifice, it's a sound business decision.
  9. I just booked on the week before, fingers crossed for all systems go.
  10. I would not book anything more than 2 weeks ahead, and that would be when there have been several cruises with no issues.
  11. They are doing this because they know there will be trouble if they mess with the governments money, that is a big nono.
  12. We were in the exact same situation for next week, my girlfriend paid for a wedding cruise for her daughter . She is $4000 down if the dodo hit's the fan so I am pushing her hard to find out where her refund is. We are very disappointed that the cruise and wedding were cancelled but will sail again when it is safe.
  13. It is the Commodore Caribe1 as it was back then.
  14. Saw the Divina arriving into port this AM on the webcam, it zoomed in close to the ship's side and let her sail past. Not a speck of rust to be seen, beautiful condition. Everyone even the critic's say they are in fantastic condition inside too and immaculately clean. I love them, but I am a foreigner lol
  15. I agree on the Fantasy class ships. Went on the Paradise last year and was very surprised about how much I liked it. Previous Carnival adventure was the Triumph 3 weeks before it "blew up" 🆘🤪
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