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  1. I cancelled the cruise. I didn't want a $700 FCC which I might never use.
  2. I just received a $700 refund to my credit card not a FCC for my $900 deposit.
  3. My wife and I were booked on an Oceania cruise to Cuba this June. It was cancelled . We had to cancel a Celebrity cruise for July. Not our year to cruise, but I am optimistic there may be a change in our policy on cruises to Cuba. We will be on Oceania if that transpires. Anyone joining?
  4. Ge RCl 29.94 today. So much for the RCL bulls.
  5. Pattyhoo I think Davidson 10 clearly said that.
  6. As a craps player, it is sad to miss the joy of playing $5 craps with 3,4, 5 odds. When the table is full the house benefits. I have been at Binions in Las Vegas and observed a player lose a million dollars while other players were making $3 bets.
  7. Very disappointing. My last cruise with Celebrity some time ago, the craps minimum was $5 with 3,4,5 odds. I am on the Reflection in July. I won't be playing craps with this setup. Very informative blog by Davidson 10.
  8. We sailed in this obstructed view cabin. We were told the window washer would move frequently. It never moved the whole 12 day cruise.
  9. Sthrn Gary Good for you. You may well get a response and results. By the way, I grew up in Birmingham and graduated from Bama in 1960. Roll Tide!
  10. Aloha 1 I contacted Casinos at Sea. Good news. Oceania now has 3,4,5 times odds. Craps players now have a chance.
  11. If you are a craps player, you might want to be aware they have single odds. Unlike other cruise lines and casinos all over the world.
  12. I would have been sailing to Cuba on Insignia on July 11. I am sorely disappointed that I won't be doing so. I can sail to Russia, China even Vietnam, but not Cuba. Our trade with Vietnam is up 40% despite having lost over 58,000 American lives there. Where is the proportionality in our policies?
  13. To their credit, Oceania allowed me to cancel with a refund. Hopefully in the future they will be able to take me to Cuba.
  14. Very disappointing! We are on the July 11 sailing. We have been to Belize once, Roatan twice, Costa Maya twice. Not too many good options since we can't cancel without a large penalty. I can't blame Oceania,. I doubt Frank Del Rio, the founder of Oceania and now head of NCL will be visiting the White House anytime soon.
  15. The xenophobia on this site is becoming absurd. I am booked on a cruise to Cuba in July. I don't consider myself unethical or un American. Give it up folks.
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