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  1. Sthrn Gary Good for you. You may well get a response and results. By the way, I grew up in Birmingham and graduated from Bama in 1960. Roll Tide!
  2. Aloha 1 I contacted Casinos at Sea. Good news. Oceania now has 3,4,5 times odds. Craps players now have a chance.
  3. If you are a craps player, you might want to be aware they have single odds. Unlike other cruise lines and casinos all over the world.
  4. I would have been sailing to Cuba on Insignia on July 11. I am sorely disappointed that I won't be doing so. I can sail to Russia, China even Vietnam, but not Cuba. Our trade with Vietnam is up 40% despite having lost over 58,000 American lives there. Where is the proportionality in our policies?
  5. To their credit, Oceania allowed me to cancel with a refund. Hopefully in the future they will be able to take me to Cuba.
  6. Very disappointing! We are on the July 11 sailing. We have been to Belize once, Roatan twice, Costa Maya twice. Not too many good options since we can't cancel without a large penalty. I can't blame Oceania,. I doubt Frank Del Rio, the founder of Oceania and now head of NCL will be visiting the White House anytime soon.
  7. The xenophobia on this site is becoming absurd. I am booked on a cruise to Cuba in July. I don't consider myself unethical or un American. Give it up folks.
  8. From Shawnino " I shall reply once and once only to the politics and try and tie it back to cruising. " You have already refuted your previous posts. I echo Rob the Cruiser.
  9. It is ironic that we treat Cuba a a pariah yet we encourage travel ( ie) cruises to Vietnam. I do recall over 58,000 Americans were killed there.
  10. Great posts Bob During my US Navy career, I was lucky enough to visit Darwin and sail the Great Barrier Reef Passage to a port visit in Brisbane. One of my best experiences at sea. Roll Tide!
  11. There is a great country music song : "People say I have a drinking problem. I have no problem drinking at all"
  12. I guess they could somehow intuit my survey would be negative. It appears this email survey method may be unique to NCL. It would certainly be more useful to the ship to receive real time feedback; as was done in the past..
  13. I received my post cruise email today after I had written my review. Here were my choices: 1.Rate and Review a Shore Excursion that you recently experienced, and help other cruisers better enjoy their vacation. 2.We love to hear all about your travels throughout the world with Norwegian Cruise Line and this is your chance to tell everyone. 3.Need answers? See questions that have been answered by past cruisers or post a question of your own. No where was I given an opportunity to comment on service during the cruise. This hardly seems like a valid critique. My wife and I are not demanding people. We never banged fists or berated the servers. I'm glad some guests got good service. Our experiences were different. Oceania did not have this itinerary this year. I would have gladly paid more for a more pleasurable experience.
  14. My wife and I completed the British Isles cruise this past Sunday. The service in almost all the dining venues was very poor. Our first night we dined in Le Bistro. There were very few diners, yet the service was spotty at best. We hoped this was an anomaly, but the next night we dined in Alizar and once again the service wasn't good. The next morning we decided to have breakfast in Osheehan's. After waiting 15 minutes for our order to be taken , I inquired about the service. Almost immediately, Dusan, a maitre'd intervened and personally delivered our breakfast. He later intervened to assist us on two occasions at other venues. We acknowledged his professional service onboard. One morning , we decided to have breakfast in the Grand Pacific. We noted the food service for all guests in our area was slow. Then our waiter began serving the guests, and we observed meals being delivered to guests behind us who arrived ten minutes after us. It turned out our breakfast was delivered to those guests. The waiter then realized this, and apologized profusely. Dusan was on duty and again delivered our meals. If this feels rambling, I apologize. Things didn't improve much on the rest of the cruise with one or two exceptions. This despite sometimes half empty specialty restaurants. My wife and I have sailed on five Oceania cruise, Oceania is owned by NCL. The service was almost always impeccable, and the food exceptional. Perhaps NCL needs to borrow some of that expertise. It seemed to be a coordination problem between the galleys and servers. On previous cruises, we received evaluation forms one or two days prior to the end of the cruise. When I inquired at Guest Services, I was told, I would receive an email survey. I have yet to receive that survey . I highly doubt the results of these surveys can correct shipboard deficiencies, since they can't be timely. We chose this cruise because of the wonderful itinerary. We enjoyed the port visits, and good service by our steward, and bar personnel. Sadly, the cruise was marred by the food service.
  15. Oceania Cruise line which is owned by NCL includes Hendicks Gin in their beverage package at no upcharge. They also do not charge gratuities on the beverage package which is $59.95 a day. Quite a better deal than NCL.
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