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  1. Thanks for the clarification. The dollar signs misled me into thinking U.S. dollars.
  2. So what I'm beginning to understand is that the "select house wines" won't appear on the menu at all, but are available. I suspect the chardonnays available will be along the lines of La Terrible or Turning Stomach. But hey, they'll get you relaxed. This is my first time on MSC. I've figured out that on Royal/Celebrity, the wine you get with your package (no matter what package you have) is whatever they have open.
  3. So basically, the only beverage on this menu you can order is Heineken? No wine choices at all?
  4. That can't be the whole wine menu, can it? All they serve is sparkling wines?
  5. That has certainly been the case in the past, and mention of wine remains on the comparison page. However as noted, there is no mention of wine in the description of the Easy Package main description page. We can agree that it would be astonishing if MSC dropped wine off the Easy menu entirely, but I'm kinda used to be astonished by cruise line policies. I'm also a little concerned that there is language that says specifically that Premium/Plus can get drinks on Ocean Cay. Would it make sense to say that if Easy also gets drinks there? I'd be willing to consider upgrading from Easy to Premium, but cannot find an option to do so when managing my booking's beverage package choices.
  6. I am a bit concerned about the easy package, as there is now no mention at all of wine for the easy package on main description page for the packages. However, it still does say on the comparison page that it includes select house wines by the glass. I don't mind drinking cheap wine, but I only drink wine so would be remarkably upset it I can't get it at all.
  7. Alas, that was the first thing I did after realizing I didn't have the staff info sheet. Also looked for a name with the Ask the Captain event. But there was none. One might wonder why I'd care about who the captain was on a cruise I've already taken. Well, because I have that info for 50+ previous cruises, and it would drive me crazy. Oh, and if you are wondering why I don't ask in the Roll Call, it is because I can no longer find it, and there was almost zero posts in it anyway.
  8. Does anyone know for certain who was at the helm for the October 9, 2019 sailing of Majesty? I neglected to bring home to staff info for that cruise, and I can find no mention of him in any of the Cruise Compass newsletters.
  9. We stayed in a Boardwalk balcony on Oasis when it first launched, and we disliked it so much that we've never set foot on an Oasis class ship again. I want to look out my balcony and see the ocean, not Johnny Rockets. And for some reason, people don't have a clue that there are others that can see right into your stateroom. It was like a Walmart atmosphere. Never again.
  10. Having someone squirting hand sanitizer as you board the ship on embarkation day is just silly theatre. As if, yes, now I'll be germ-free for the entire cruise! Squirting as entering MDR makes a little more sense (and I do cooperate - I'm OCD about germs!) but it still is mostly for show. The effect of it pretty much goes away when they hand you a menu cover that's been handled a thousand times without ever being wiped off.
  11. My favorite part of marketing hype (and this is not limited to Celebrity) is all the fuss about "Once in a lifetime deal", "Your last chance", "These deals are ending soon", etc. All of which means you will not see deals like these .. until next week.
  12. I used to wear a tux on the formal nights back in the day because I enjoyed that, but over the years came to the practical reality that it doesn't make sense to carry that stuff on a cruise. "Smart chic" really doesn't mean anything to me any more. I wear what one might call business casual on every night of the cruise. If you want to dress up on certain nights, you should. Do it because you want to, or you have a goal of having some formal pictures. But don't do it because you think anyone else cares. They simply don't. And unless we are talking extremes like shorts and t-shirt, no one should feel out of place. You do you. [European and exotic itineraries may be different]
  13. Onboard Edge now staying in an IV. It has pros and cons. However, the lack of a curtains at the folding doors is such an obvious flaw, with such easy fix, that I predict it will be fixed in a year. The main problem for me is that there is no way to have filtered sunlight in the room. For example, in port now with another cruise ship docked beside us. I have two choices: 1) Have a view out my balcony at the balcony opposite us (and vice versa), or 2) lower the blackout blinds and have no sunlight at all. This isn’t going to work for many people. But easy to fix.
  14. It isn’t getting any better. In the Fine Cut Steakhouse on Edge, how many different Chardonnays by the glass does the purchaser of the most expensive drinks package have to choose from? Answer: Zero.
  15. I stated that I would report back on how things are on the Edge. And again, I’m focusing on the issue of getting a premium level wine outside the main dining room. Ordered a Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc from the menu. It didn’t taste at all like a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, so I kindly ask if I could see the label. You guessed it.
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