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  1. My favorite part of marketing hype (and this is not limited to Celebrity) is all the fuss about "Once in a lifetime deal", "Your last chance", "These deals are ending soon", etc. All of which means you will not see deals like these .. until next week.
  2. I used to wear a tux on the formal nights back in the day because I enjoyed that, but over the years came to the practical reality that it doesn't make sense to carry that stuff on a cruise. "Smart chic" really doesn't mean anything to me any more. I wear what one might call business casual on every night of the cruise. If you want to dress up on certain nights, you should. Do it because you want to, or you have a goal of having some formal pictures. But don't do it because you think anyone else cares. They simply don't. And unless we are talking extremes like shorts and t-shirt, no one should feel out of place. You do you. [European and exotic itineraries may be different]
  3. Onboard Edge now staying in an IV. It has pros and cons. However, the lack of a curtains at the folding doors is such an obvious flaw, with such easy fix, that I predict it will be fixed in a year. The main problem for me is that there is no way to have filtered sunlight in the room. For example, in port now with another cruise ship docked beside us. I have two choices: 1) Have a view out my balcony at the balcony opposite us (and vice versa), or 2) lower the blackout blinds and have no sunlight at all. This isn’t going to work for many people. But easy to fix.
  4. It isn’t getting any better. In the Fine Cut Steakhouse on Edge, how many different Chardonnays by the glass does the purchaser of the most expensive drinks package have to choose from? Answer: Zero.
  5. I stated that I would report back on how things are on the Edge. And again, I’m focusing on the issue of getting a premium level wine outside the main dining room. Ordered a Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc from the menu. It didn’t taste at all like a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, so I kindly ask if I could see the label. You guessed it.
  6. Please don't be misled by the wine "menus". They do not have all those wines on the Infinity (though they do have some of them). And the Infinity does not have a bar specializing in wines. There is a "Cellar Masters" but it is just a regular bar.
  7. I appreciate that we all have different data points, owing to different ships, different points in time, and even tastes in wine. I've posted my experience in using the premium package recently at the thread below. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2609729-premium-package-for-wine-drinkers-is-not-all-that-premium/?tab=comments#comment-56239689
  8. I understand your point (although better expressed before you changed it). What I meant to convey was this. Those that don't want to dress up should feel very comfortable, as they will be in the majority on most Caribbean sailings. Those that take pleasure in occasionally putting on the dog and want to dress in a tux, suit, kilt, uniform, etc., they should go for it and don't feel a bit out of place. Chic night really, really is you do you.
  9. I always wear a long-sleeve dress shirt to Captain's Club and dinner. For chic night, I add a tie. Still that makes me overdressed compared to others. That said, I'm taking the tux on next week's Edge cruise just because there is hardly anything else in the suitcase (3 nights).
  10. If you will get value out of cocktails, beer, smoothies, coffees, etc., then do it. If you are doing it to get access to better wines, don't waste your time.
  11. Was just on Infinity last week in deck 9 Aqua. We've been in the deck 11 Aqua previously. Definitely would avoid deck 9 Aqua in the future because of noise from the pool deck. Deck 11 Aqua was fine. Not what was asked, but I put little value in Aqua. Blu is good, but we like MDR just fine. We had two green apples in our stateroom day one that stayed there all week. Was brought canapés each day, but I figured out canapés is French for small unrecognizable pieces of food. The only reason we booked Aqua on this cruise was because there was a fluke in pricing for a few days when Aqua was cheaper than inside. We usually get veranda gty.
  12. I think you are right about the short sailings being a factor. But I also discussed the issue with a sommelier that had given us great service on a previous cruise on another Celebrity ship. He mentioned that "They are making changes" and shook his head as if to say they weren't necessarily changes a wine drinker would love. To be clear, the image I posted *was* the wine menu in the Constellation Lounge. Only a few of the listed wines by the glass were actually available.
  13. We all have different tastes in wine, of course. And I certainly have no expectations to find wines like I have laying down in my cellar, nor do I expect the same variety of wines to choose from that I get at the local wine bar. However, and this was the point of my post, paying the premium price for the package when you are interested primarily in wine may not be a good choice because 1) the wines by the glass in the premium price tier are scarce at the bars, 2) the lists of specific wines that you see in posts such as mine above, or even menus, I mean, guidelines in the lounges may grossly exaggerated what you actually have to choose from, and 3) the bartenders may pour a lesser wine of the same or similar varietal anyway. If your report is recent, that is very good news indeed that Cellar Master on Solstice class still survive. The data points that I'm reporting are from Summit less than a year ago, and the Infinity from last week. The bar in the Cellar Master area was stocked not with a wide variety of wines, but Scotch, Rum, Bourbon, etc. The few wines that they had were either room temperature for reds (which is usually wrong), or in a dish pan full of ice for whites (also usually wrong), and there's a tendency to be served what's open.
  14. Again speaking primarily about the generic bars here, I'm pretty confident that pouring similar wines to what has been requested is a lot more common than it should be, and many people wouldn't notice. Speaking to someone at Cellar Masters is what I would do except, as I said, on the Summit and Infinity at least, Cellar Masters exists in name only. The bar staff there and bar setup is primarily for mixed drinks and beers. I haven't been on the Solstice class in almost a year, but every time I've done those in the past, the Cellar Masters was really good and I signed up for several of the wine tastings. Best experience was when they did it on the lawn. It was essentially "all you can drink for an hour" for about $20. And they DID have some Old World wines. Will be interesting to see how things are on the Edge with Premium package. I'll let you know in about two weeks.
  15. As I said, what I experienced in the dining room was much better than at the bars and so-called "Cellar Masters". On the last cruise, it was just so-so in Blu unfortunately with the selection being very limited to a short list. But previous cruise we experienced what mmsJack said .. they didn't stick to the price tiers and were serving the by the bottles stuff .. and we were on Classic! So that further illustrates my point. I also don't disagree about the mass marketed wines, but in the bars, there simply weren't other choices. The chards were limited to the "special" wine KJ makes for Celebrity, and something rather thin from Chili. The Cellar Masters that actually had good wines, and Royal's Vintages are disappearing. They still call them Cellar Masters on Infinity, but it was a generic bar.
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