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  1. I just recently had to cancel a cruise and received the refund to my credit card in 12 days.
  2. We have done 2 river cruises with Gate 1 and have been totally satisfied. The price can't be beat and the ships were in great shape. I have not cruised with other river cruise companies so can't compare them but we have done many Ocean cruises with many different cruise lines and the service and quality of food was very similar. I would not hesitate to do another cruise with them.
  3. Just to clarify, can you get the pin number from an attendant at the LAX-it lot. From the posting about Uber at Lax it seems like you request your pin before getting to the lot.
  4. Hi Bayou cruiser. I live in the Saint John area. The drive from the cruise terminal to the airport is 20 to 25 minutes in good traffic. I am not sure the date you will be here but right now there is major road construction all over the city. Getting to the airport in the morning probably wouldn't be a problem but getting back into town in the afternoon could be.
  5. We have B2B cruises on the Emerald Princess for next February. After seeing the OP I checked our Feb 29 Panama Canal cruise which was booked at a $1.25 rate and now OBC purchase rate is showing $1.35. But our Hawaii and Tahiti cruse on Feb 1st which was booked at $1.30 is still showing a rate of $1.30.
  6. Just found this thread now. Does anyone know if this took place and is there anywhere to see the questions and answers?
  7. We did a Gate 1 Christmas Market cruise last year and loved it. Got a great price on a Danube cruise, Regensburg to Budapest for this November on Monarch Princess so are going back again. We have not cruised on any other line so nothing to compare it to but we were very happy with Gate 1.
  8. On our previous 2 Princess cruises back in 2015 we had left over OBC which we purchased before the cruise. On one occasion it was refunded on board, the other time we had a cheque mailed. Both times the refund was in US dollars. Back then when you purchased it in your cruise planner it said you were purchasing lets say $100 US OBC and it showed the price in Canadian dollars. I have 2 cruises booked for next year on the Emerald Princess and now in the cruise planner it says purchase $62.50 or $125.00 Canadian OBC which I assume means a $50 or $100 US on board credit but that is not mentioned. I did purchase one $125 Can credit and in my cruise summary it shows a purchase of OBC of $125. I wonder if this how they may be able to refund in Canadian dollars in the future?
  9. I got a Hometrust Visa Card last June. I had never heard of them but they were recommended on another thread here on CC.There was a backlog for being approved. It took about 6 weeks. I used it on a trip to Portugal last fall and am using it now in Florida with no problems.
  10. Hi guys. I know this has been answered before but I have been searching for 1/2 an hour and can't find the thread. We are sailing on the Sun on May 15th San Francisco to Vancouver. We have the $50 excursion credit and know we have to call NCL and book over the phone for this promotion. Can someone provide me with the dedicated phone# for doing this? Thanks
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